Who Am I? The answer is simple; I am the CEO & FOUNDER of woodthinker.com, and my name is (XYZ). I am a Professional at home remodeling. I love working with Wooden materials, which is my passion and profession. Also, I like to work on home improvements.

Every passion has a destiny, and my destiny started with my uncle’s shop. My uncle owns a small woodworking store, and I’ve worked there since I was 21. I am 32 years old, I own a professional shop, and now I am a successful businessman.

However, you already understand that I have ten years of experience in this field.

Why Should You Choose Woodthinker First?

Without goals, you cannot achieve any success. That’s why Woodthinker was created with a simple goal to help tradespeople and improvers solve their problems.

Most publishers only have one author publish their article and call it good. On the other hand, Woodthinker produces articles with 10 expert article writers who have a lot of knowledge about home decorating and home-related wooden products.

Above all, we never stop until our customers are satisfied. We always strive to improve the quality of what you see at woodthinker. Moreover, we keep track of visitors’ feedback on each article. If an article doesn’t make sense, we rewrite it with details. Also, we update each article 6 times per year.

Why Did I Create Woodthinker?

Woodthinker is a home improvement tool created to make the home improvement process more efficient and easier. We offer an easy-to-use platform that provides users with all the information they need to make smart decisions regarding home repairs.

We believe everyone should have access to quality home repair services, so we strive to make our tool as accessible as possible. We also offer a variety of pre-made plans and tutorials that make the entire process easier for users.

We hope that Woodthinker will help make the home improvement process less stressful and more manageable for everyone.

Whom Do We Want To Help?

Time is very precious to everyone. We want to help people who don’t have time to research products (home decor related) through e-commerce sites. In the advertising age, it is difficult to ascertain which product is good and which is bad.

Also, the price of the same product varies because some manufacturers spend a lot of money on advertising and promoting their products.

Fortunately, we already do market research to save you money and time. At the same time, we try to find and solve problems related to tools (home decoration equipment) to benefit DIYers.

How Do We Choose The Best Products?

Market research has no substitute. If you want to buy the best product, you need to do extensive market research. We have expert marketers to accomplish this task.

Generally, we divide products into three categories.

  • High-value – This is our top tip. These products are of high quality and useful for more serious professionals who plan to use this equipment regularly.
  • Mid-price – These products are generally for the discerning buyer who wants to buy good quality equipment at no cost
  • Low cost – There are many low-cost products in the market. We filter out and pick the best.

We are here to help you make the right decision with woodthinker.com. Most importantly, your satisfaction is our priority. For more information, please contact us.

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woodthinker Pvt. Ltd.
410 Aldo Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95054