Best Brad Point Drill Bits – Detailed Guide

Suppose you are a professional on drilling and get the task of drilling anything, mostly wood and concrete. When working with drill machines, you must know the attachments you need here, including brad point drill bits. You will get to know about some of the best brad point drill bits with their specifications, pros, and cons so that you can easily choose among them.

Once you identify the best thing for your drill, you will have many advantages. For instance, you can have perfect holes created without any splinters, and the drill machine will provide the perfect finishing.

Best Brad Point Drill Bits - Detailed Guide

What Are the Best Brad Point Drill Bits?

What Are the Best Brad Point Drill Bits?

Drill bits are essential for a drill machine, and you should choose them from renowned brands to have the best service. If you check the features of the drill bits, you will find them interesting and different from each other. The products you will know about in this article are:

  • Dewalt Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set (21 pieces).
  • Fisch Chrome Vanadium Wood Twist Drill Bits Set (29 pieces).
  • Viking Drill and Tool 42031 Type Brad Point Magnum Super Drill Bit Set.
  • Fisch 10mm Set of Chrome Vanadium Drill Bits FSF-134893 and FSF-328094.
  • Fisch FSF-364740 Metric Brat Drill Bit Set
  • Fulton 12″ Long Brad Point Drill Bit Set
  • WoodRiver Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill Bits Set (29 pieces).

Best Brad Point Drill Bits Reviews

Best Brad Point Drill Bits Reviews

These are some of the best-seller drill bits set in the marketplace; you can check their features and choose among them.

Dewalt Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set

Dewalt Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set


  • Metal: Titanium
  • Finish Type: Titanium
  • Tool Flute Type: Spiral
  • Size: One pack

The first item of the list is the titanium pilot point patterned drill bit set from the Dewalt brand; let’s find out its details and if you can consider it as the best brad point drill bits or not.

Dewalt has always been the best tools manufacturing brand that launches amazing tools for cutting, shaping, or drilling.

Thus, Dewalt Titanium Pilot Drill Bit is one of the bits set; this package comes with 21 pieces. Some of the sets may come in fewer items, but it has all things that you need. As you know that the drill bits are made of strong metals that are long-lasting; these set bits are made of titanium.

The finishing of the bits is also made of titanium, a significant metal; it gives the set a shiny golden look. The cost will be within $20-$50; no matter where you find the bits, you can transfer the products overseas. The tools are spiral or twisted; they have a difference in size. The dimensions are respectively 8.75 inches, 8.75 inches, and 1.38 inches.

You will also find good storage in the package; the origin is China. The package yellow weighs 1.01 pounds. Now you can make the drill bit pattern of DW1361 used for multiple purposes.

Highlighted Features

  • You can run the drill set on wood, metal, and plastic, not on other items.
  • You will have big storage for the items at the back of the package; moreover, it has a clip-notch security system.
  • The clear feature helps you have a look at the things in the working area besides screwing or drilling the bits.
  • The drill bits are pretty easy to install, and the removal of the parts is also quite straightforward.
  • The pilot point of trim accelerates the speed but has a good hold as well.
  • The web tapes are good for the increased rigidity and decreased potential to prevent breakage while working.


  • Some smaller or thinner bits sometimes fail to drill through the metal or wood, but you can change the pressure or speed.
  • The sharp bits are easily caught and oxidized by water, and you must keep them dry.

Fisch Chrome Vanadium Wood Twist Drill Bits Set

Fisch Chrome Vanadium Wood Twist Drill Bits Set


  • Material: Stainless Steel (Vanadium Chrome)
  • Recommendation: Hardwood, plexiglass, laminated wood, and MDF.
  • Bulb Voltage: 0 volts
  • Drill Bits Size: Imperial

You can get this drill bit set for yourself, but before buying, you will check the details about the package.

The manufacturer is the Fisch brand, and it has been the best choice for normal, even household uses; stainless steel is its prime material. The drill bits set is recommended for wooden surfaces, but not others.

You will find the package heavier than the previous one, and it weighs around 2.44 pounds. The dimensions of the whole package are respectively 7.5 inches, 2.75, and 4.75 inches; the part name is FSF-364757.

It can be a little expensive because no matter which site you’re choosing, the price range will be between $130-$160. You can purchase the pack while any festival or reduction sale on the websites.

The bits sizes are pretty versatile here; for instance, ½”, 1/16″, and even the smallest one or thinnest bit is 1/64″.

Moreover, you can use it as both corded and cordless while working with a speed range of 2000-3000 rounds per meter.

Highlighted Features

  • The Austrian drill bits don’t require any external energy source like a battery.
  • The sharp steel bits are pretty long-lasting from this package.
  • The outer part creates a way for the main drill to go through.
  • The drill bits here move with a great speed and cut wood smoothly yet fast.
  • They can go through beveled cut edges and don’t leave any dirt after cleaning.
  • If you are looking for work accuracy, count the model in.


  • Some of the bits may not drill to the center; so, you should be careful while using those.
  • The metal sometimes remains unpolished, and you can either polish it or return it per the policy.

Viking Drill and Tool 42031 Type Brad Point Magnum Super Drill Bit Set

Viking Drill and Tool 42031 Type Brad Point Magnum Super Drill Bit Set


  • Material: Special Hi-molybdenum Steel.
  • Structure: Precision ground point and burrout points
  • Components: Drill bits
  • Tool Tolerance: Premium

Viking Drill may have launched many drill bits, but the 42031 typeset is the best of all the models; let’s know more about it.

The model from the brand Viking Drill and Tool is another level product in the drill and tools industry. It is not made of a single type of metal; it’s a mixture of molybdenum and steel with some more metals.

It may not contain 20+ bits inside, but all the 14 pieces are worth having, and they all have versatile uses. The dimensions of the whole package are 7.13 inches, 4.25 inches, and 1.31 inches, respectively, and it weighs 1.55 pounds.

The brand’s origin is the USA, and the drill bits set doesn’t require any battery for itself; moreover, the part number is 42031. Thus, the drill bits are strong enough, and it saves a lot of energy here.

Highlighted Features

  • The Viking drill bit set will assure you of better quality and consistency in service.
  • Mixture raw material, such as the special molybdenum, makes the toolset stronger and durable.
  • The body, flute, and total diameter of bits combine to provide the user accuracy in the drill.
  • Burrout points attached to the bits cut and smoothen the circumference of the holes.
  • The drill bits are appropriate for piercing both household and professional, heavy uses.
  • This set is available at a cheap rate compared to others but provides the best service.


  • It may take a long to prepare the machine for drilling; so, you have to be more patient.
  • Some customers find the number of bits less than other packages, but it’s okay as the model is inexpensive.

Fisch Chrome Vanadium 10mm Drill Bits Set FSF-134893 and 328094

Fisch Chrome Vanadium 10mm Drill Bits Set FSF-134893 and 328094


  • Materials: High-grade steel
  • Measurements: Metric for Vanadium Chrome
  • Finishing Type: Chrome
  • Tool Flute: Spiral

As expected that the Fisch is one of the most prominent drill manufacturing companies. Its other model has proved itself as a package that’s worth choosing.

This version of chrome vanadium is well-known for various-sized bits with different radius; the radius can vary from 3mm to 10mm. The whole set consists of 8 pieces, and you will find one of them with only 1mm metric unit.

Moreover, the price range is pretty reasonable, $10-$30, and the package is quite lightweight. The dimensions of the one-pack drill bit set are respectively 6,8 and 8 inches, and it weighs only 8.3 ounces.

The plastic holder firmly keeps the bits well stored; it will have separate options of either cordless drilling or drill pressing. You will find the speed of 2,000-3,000 rpm like most other Fisch Chrome Vanadium drill sets.

The lightweight helps you operate the drill bits well, and the reasonable price is notable, and it’s amazing when you get the features in this pack.

Highlighted Features

  • The precision design of the spiral makes the drill well-organized while working.
  • The center ground here improves its overall performance.
  • You can cut the surfaces in innovative ways.
  • The high-quality metal easily goes through the woods without causing breakage.
  • Good for both hard and softwood.


  • The sizes may sometimes vary from the stated ones, but you can solve that with your eye estimation.
  • The drill bits are not suitable for plastic and metal; the dedicated woodworkers can purchase the set.

Fisch FSF-364740 Metric Brad Pt. Drill Bit Set

Fisch FSF-364740 Metric Brad Pt. Drill Bit Set


Materials: High-quality stainless steel

Measurements: Matric for vanadium chrome

Finishing type: Chrome

Surface Recommendation: Wood

The Fisch FSF-36470 is a durable and flexible drill bit perfect for every situation that you can possibly come across.

It is a 25 piece drill bit that is a perfect unit to have in your hand. The product is well known for operating on soft and hardwood.

It has a drilling speed ranging from 2000 RPM to 3000 RPM and provides a fast and easy cutting experience.

Bevel cuts are clean, and you are provided with a 1mm to 13mm drill bit set with 0.5mm increments.

Moreover, the chrome vanadium steel tends to last longer and gives a satisfactory service for longer and fewer tear-outs while cutting.

The package is especially good for edge cutting while making holes, the drill bits variety may look impressive, but the bad thing is all of the 25 bits are not used for drilling.

Highlighted Features

  • The product comes with every required size for a perfect drilling project.
  • It is accurate and gives fewer tear-outs while using.
  • The external point’s sharpness reduces any chance of slippage.
  • Its drill sizes are marked preciously.


  • The plastic case that the bits sit-in is not sturdy.

Fulton 12″ Long Brad Point Bit Set

Fulton 12" Long Brad Point Bit Set


Materials: High-speed steel

Shank type: Round

Tool flute type: Spiral

Surface Recommendation: Wood

Searching for a drill bit that can easily cut wood, drywall, plastic or composite materials, then it is a perfect choice?

The manufacturing brand of this package is Fulton, and it is like others, that doesn’t need a battery inside.

It comes with 7 different-sized drill bits in one package; the dimensions are 15.27 inches, 4.8 inches, and 0.75 inches.

The model and parts number are 916, and no matter what the radius of bits are, you can find all of the bits’ length 12″. The lightweight package weighs nearly 1.39 pounds, and they are easy to deal with.

You may find it not good that the package doesn’t have a lot of bits, but all of them are different in size. Another thing I didn’t like about it is it doesn’t work well on other surfaces as woods.

Highlighted Features

  • The seven bits are of the most common sizes that workers mostly use.
  • The bits are sharpened enough that prevent walking of the drill.
  • Specially designed and a complete package for woodworkers.
  • Famous for its firmness and accuracy.
  • Bits have their size engraved on them.


  • Sometimes it may be difficult to drill through hard and thick wood, but it is possible.
  • It may sometimes break little parts of wood but can be prevented if you control the pressure.

Drill Bit Construction

Drill Bit Construction

There’s nothing more frustrating than drilling a hole and having it start splitting or warping. That’s why it’s important to like the right bit for the job and ensure it’s properly constructed.

A Brad Point Drill Bit is a drill bit that creates smooth holes in soft materials like wood. It is the bit for you if you want to install new cabinetry or fixtures in your home.
To ensure you get the most out of your bit, follow these simple steps: clean, sharpen, and heat treat the bit before use. With a bit like this, you’ll be able to drill holes with precision and without any problems.

So what are you waiting for? Give a Brad Point Drill Bit a try and see how it can make your grilling experience much smoother.

Twist Drill Bit

Twist Drill Bit

The best Brad Point drill bits are the perfect option if you’re looking for a drill bit that can do it all. Available in various sizes and shapes, these bits are designed to remove material from thick materials like wood, plastic, and fiberglass.

Remember these tips when using a twist drill bit: torque the bit correctly, use slow speeds to prevent wear on the bit, and stay safe while working.

Brad and Pilot Point Bit

Brad and Pilot Point Bit

A Brad Point Drill Bit is an excellent option for drilling holes in wood or other materials. It has two points – one for drilling and the other for driving.

This bit is perfect for drilling holes in wood or other materials, as it’ll save you time and hassle. Before choosing a bit, please read our detailed guide on which bits are best for different applications.

Choosing the right bit is key to a successful drilling experience so consult our guide before getting began.

Woodriver Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill Bits Set

Woodriver Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill Bits Set


Material: Carbon steel

Manufacturer: Woodriver Dust Connection

Amount of Items: 29 in a package

Shanks: 10 mm or smaller diameter

The last on this list model comes from the Woodriver brand that has a lot of drill bits inside; let’s know more.

29 pieces of bits are different in size, but most of them have a sharp edge and are less than 3/8″.

However, the package dimensions are respectively 4.55 inches, 7.85 inches, and 2.35 inches; it weighs nearly 2.49 pounds.

The product’s model number is 151040W; you can use the bits especially for versatile woodwork. The heavier weight may be a matter of worry for some workers who prefer to use small ones.

Moreover, some of the customers consider the weight as it comes with 29 bits made of strong carbon steel.

If you order the package overseas, you can get it via mail because its dimensions are okay to be inside a mailbox. Anyway, most of the space in the package is due to its storage system.

Highlighted Features

  • Carbon steel makes the bits strong and durable.
  • Storage is indexed
  • Its parts are available in the manufacturing plants
  • Well-controlled speed


  • Excessive items can break the things inside, but the packaging team can be careful.

Why Use Brad Point Drill Bits?

Why Use Brad Point Drill Bits?

Before answering the question, you must know do you need a set of brad point drills or not. The answer will be yes, much to your surprise; however, if you’re a woodworker, you will often need a bunch of brad drill bits.

Now that you know that drill bits are necessary, you may think why the brad-point ones, not others. The reason for recommending brand point drill bits over other ones is they perform better in working areas than others.

The performance and finishing of the work have to be perfect, and you can’t neglect the proper outcome.

Moreover, the effects of a drill bit or screw-like item on a wooden piece or anything else should be another factor; brad point drill bits pass here too.

Anyway, there must be some advantages that make each model mentioned here popular among people, and customers willingly keep these bits in their collection.

Let’s see what advantages do brad point drill bits provide and why one should purchase them.

Benefit #1

Suppose you are repairing a kitchen cabinet or a bookshelf at home where you need to create some holes according to the pin or screw size. What if any professional help is not available around you at that moment?

You will have to start working independently if you can’t get any expert’s help, and the brad point drill bits would be more helpful.

It is not always necessary to be a professional for running a drill set with this type of bits; they are user-friendly.

Benefit #2

The brad point bits have been proved to be the best among all for woodwork. This is because they can easily make holes and cut woods, no matter which type (hard or soft).

You won’t have to pressurize extra on your workpiece with a hand or drill machine because the pressure and speed are enough for the bits.

On the contrary, if you pressurize the wood with your handheld tool, it can damage both surfaces.

Benefit #3

You will find the perfect finishing using a set of brad point drill bits because they create holes quite smooth and clear.

Moreover, you will not find any dusting or tear on the wooden surface after drilling with the bits.

You will get zero spoilage on the wood and even inside the holes; therefore, you should use brad point drill bits.

Benefit #4

You can create holes inside the wood per your desired size; you can always control the radius and the depth. But you will not always need the same sizes in holes, and it will vary.

That’s why most of the best brad point drill bit packages come with a huge number of bits, and each of them is different from the other in size.

The bits are smaller yet expansive, so they are suitable to drill bits to create space inside the wood. While making space inside or deepening the hole will not break the wood inside and make it weak.

Benefit #5

The twisted bits are versatile, and you can use them on plastic, thin glasses, or even plywoods, or other artificial materials.

But the twists are better here than the twisted bits because there are fewer spirals than the dedicated twisted ones, allowing it more functions yet being good for the workpiece.

Well, these were the advantages that you will have after using the best brad point drill bits, but everything has some demerits. Brad drill bits also have some disadvantages; let’s see some of them and how to sort them out:

Benefit #6

The bits of the sets are extremely sharp that leads them towards running through the wood or hole. But the sharpness will slowly decrease as it’s universal that every surface decays.

Once the bits lose their sharpness, it becomes difficult to sharpen those again; that’s why you should use those in such ways so that the sharpness stays longer.

If you fail to sharpen the bits well, the shape will become uneven, losing all its usability. That’s why you must find out a professional way to sharp the bottom, master it, and lastly, you will apply the method.

These are not problems that will discourage you from buying a brad drill; all you need to do is choosing the best brad drill as your preference.

What Are Factors to Consider Choosing a Brad Point Drill Bit?

What Are Factors to Consider Choosing a Brad Point Drill Bit?

When you find or look for the good quality of drill bits, you should know which kind of characteristics that a perfect set of bits should have. Let’s see what things you should look for in a brad point drill:

  • Material
  • Finishing
  • Structure
  • Deviation
  • Bevels or cutting edges
  • Spur optimization

Let’s see the detailed qualities of a set of brad drill bits:


First of all, you should know that your drill bits should be strong enough so that they can go through any hard surface without creating or getting damaged. The first preferred material of the brad bits is high-speed steel.

You all know that steel has different qualities, and stainless steel is the best; high-speed steel has also been another kind of stainless steel. You can cut or drill PVC, fiberglass, hardwood, metal, or plastic, but the steel of drill bits will remain strong.

The next popular and preferred item for using on brad drill is carbide; the workers who work with harder items than wood, such as tiles, can choose such bits.

Black oxide is another material that provides you with corrosion-free and strong drill bits. The bits made of black oxide are also versatile as steel and easy-going like it.


A set of drill bits has to be of good finishing because lack of proper finishing will weaken the bits. As a result, the bits won’t correctly drill the desired surface, and the bits will easily break if the finishing is not right.

Anyway, you can ask how the finishing of brad drill bits; the answer is structured. The first condition of a fully finished drill bit is to be made of strong and high-quality metal. The second thing you should look for is the main and finishing metals’ combination.

For instance, if the prime material and the finishing metal are the same, it would be the best bit in the marketplace.

If it’s impossible to have the same finishing metal, you should look for the nearly same or alike metal finishing on the drill bit set.


The overall construction of a drill bit is also known as its structure; for example, most of the best-seller brad drill bits are slightly twisted or spiral. But they are quite sharp and thin on the bottom.

This is because the specialty of brad drill is to drill to the point and not tearing out the surrounding surface.

If you are a woodworker, you will know the term ‘walking with a drill bit.’ That means the sharpness of the lower point is dull, and it can’t drill the workpiece on the exact spot.

Therefore, walking with the drill is not allowed while piercing or screwing the area, and that’s why you have to look for the structure.

If you consider other flaws like size, you can, but you should always be particular about the pin or its sharpness.


The deviation means how smoothly a drill bit cuts a hole inside the wooden hole or any other hole on other materials. It is necessary to keep the round hole smooth without leaving any particles inside or remaining breakage.

A brad drill bit is supposed to smoothly drill holes through the wood or any other material without leaving anything.


The bevels are the portion you can use to cut edges no matter their size; brad drill bits are no different. The slopes of brad point drill bits usually design the edge while creating holes inside and how good your edge is shaped depends on it.

Therefore, you can test the drill bits before you buy them; you can run them on a test basis.

Spur Optimization

This feature is which controls the speed of drilling or bits’ rotating. If the spur of the drill bits is optimized, the machine will work quite quickly.

The drill will quickly rotate, and the bits will swiftly twist and drill through the working surface, mostly wood.

How to Use Brad Point Drill Bits?

How to Use Brad Point Drill Bits?

Suppose you have bought the best brad point drill bits and your working area is perfectly okay, but what if you don’t know how to use that? If you can’t operate the brad drill bits well, you will commit mistakes in every step.

As a result, you won’t have any advantage of buying premium quality items, and your time will be wasted too. Moreover, the first condition of being a drilling expert is to know the usage and operating system of a drilling tool.

Let’s see what you should keep in mind while using brad point drill bits and the step-by-step guidelines for using the item.

Step 1: Know about the Attachments

The very first step of knowing a tool is to recognize every attachment that a drill machine has so that you can follow the next steps.

You must especially identify the spots where you have to attach the bits and another spot to keep your workpiece near.

Step 2: Determine the Bits Size

Another important step is to select the size of the bit because when you purchase a set of drill bits, you will have a variety of sizes. Therefore, you have to find out which size you will need to make the hole.

Check the drill bit sizes and separate those you want to use; next, you have to match the bits with the bowels according to their sizes.

Step 3: Select the Drivers

You have to select drivers for mainly two reasons; one is to attach the wooden or other workpieces, and the other is to attach the bits.

You have to clamp the working piece to the drill machine after you have pointed out the spot you want to create a hole.

Next, you have to attach the screws to the drivers and prepare the drill machine to start your work.

Step 4: Check the Alignment

After you have attached all the items, you have to check if the alignment is okay or not. This is necessary to ensure that you’re cutting or drilling in the right place and correct the alignment if it’s not.

Step 5: Set the Speed

You will have a speed control system in your drill machine; therefore, you can use that to set a definite pace.

You must know which speed is appropriate for the drill and workpiece before you set that; it is measured in round per meter.

Step 6: Start Your Machine

In this step, you have to start your drill to start making holes; keep the drill bit to the point. If you want, you can mark the area that you want to drill.

Start your machine and keep going until the drill is complete, but don’t pressurize excessively on the surface.

You can see that how easily you can operate a brad point drill; learning and practicing the methods are also easy for even a newbie.

Final Verdict

Now that you know about the best brad point drill bits, you won’t have any problem while choosing, we hope.

Keep the features and drawbacks in your mind besides your purposes. Anyway, you should keep checking the latest journals on tools to stay up to date.

These 7 items are special products, and you can trust them as it’s the best among all e-commerce sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can You Drill Pocket Holes with Brad Drill?

Ans. Yes, you can create pocket holes with brad drill bits; it’s one of their features.

2.Which Brad Drill Bits Are Stronger?

Ans. Cobalt brad point drill bits may be a little expensive, but they are stronger than others.

3.Is Black Oxide or Titanium Stronger?

Ans. Both of the metals are apparently the same if compared according to their strength.

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