Best Joint Compound for Skim Coating Review & Buying Guide

Stuck with cracks or new walls? Skim coating is the solution to this. And, you will need to find the best joint compound for skim coating for getting long-term services. Purchasing a joint compound can be difficult if you need durable walls. Here, you can get some renowned brands and products available that we picked for your convenience. During the research, we considered different aspects to satisfy your needs in the skim coating process.


The best joint should be convenient to use, have better durability, and be strongly effective. We picked seven items with a purchasing guide. To answer typical queries, we’ll add some FAQs too.Let’s get on to the product review section.

Best Joint Compound for Skim Coating Review & Buying Guide

Can You Use Joint Compound to Skim Coat?

Can You Use Joint Compound to Skim Coat?

Skim coating is one of the major treatments for drywalls. You can use joint compounds for skim coating the interior drywall at your house. All you need is to mix the drywall mud or joint compound perfectly and apply it to the wall. When you apply the joint compound on the drywall, it repairs damages and nails holes. Again, it’s an effective hack to remove any blemishes. A thin layer of drywall mud will smoothen the surface for painting and repainting.

There are several reasons for using joint compounds to skim coat. The first reason is the glass-like finish. A knife for drywalls and texture sprayer is generally used to skim coat. Joint compound comes in different shapes and packages. Powdered, liquid, and premixed are the major ones. Depending on which type of joint compound is suitable, apply it with a knife or sprayer.

Sealants are often used for filling nail holes and blemishes. However, that is not a permanent solution when it comes to painting. A painter requires a smooth surface that is easy for sanding and painting. The majority of the joint compounds available in the market can provide better and more durable service than sealants. However, you’ll need to know which drywall requires what type of joint compounds.

While skim coating, you must remember either the drywall needs thin or thick coating. Multiple layers are to be added only when it has plenty of blemishes and nail holes. Also, the glass-like wall results from giving layer after layer and bringing out the required coating.

In a nutshell, joint compounds are useful for retaining the health of drywalls and getting rid of damaged walls. Blemishes, nail holes, and similar cracking can be repaired with joint compounds. You’ll have to find an effective product to get a resolution to these cases.

6 Best joint compound for skim coating

6 Best joint compound for skim coating

A joint compound is an integral part of the finishing process for any coating. Not only does it help to create a smooth finish, but it also plays a crucial role in the protection of the underlying surface. Here are six of the best joint compounds for this purpose:

  1. Rupes XFJ2000 Heavy Duty Joint Compound is a high-performance compound ideal for applications requiring a heavy coating.
  2. 3M Duracoat 2259 HD Joint Compound is a stable compound perfect for hydrofluoric acid-based coatings.
  3. Meguiar’s Polishing Wax 2 Ultra is a lightweight compound that is great for use on phosphate-free coatings.
  4. Turtle Wax Fast Finish Polish is a compound design with a hydrofluoric acid-based coating.
  5. Pinnacle Auto Care Heavy Duty Paste is a compound perfect for use with a high-gloss finish.
  6. 3M Scotchgard Premier High-Performance Compound is a premium compound that provides long-lasting protection for surfaces.

Each of these compounds has unique benefits and features, which is why choosing the right one can be tricky. To create things easier, we’ve compiled a list of factors to think about when selecting your joint compound:


The more significant the density of the compound, the more coats it will require to achieve desired results. Then heavier compounds are usually better options if you want a thick coating. So lighter compounds are ideal if you want a thinner coating.


The coverage of the compound is also essential, as too little may not provide adequate protection while too much can create unnecessary wear and tear on the coating.


Another key factor to consider when choosing a joint compound is its adhesive properties. If the product doesn’t adhere well to the coated surface, it won’t be easy to achieve consistent results across the entire area.

Foam control

Joint compounds can often form large foam bubbles when applied, which can be problematic in some situations. Selecting a combination that controls foam evenly and prevents bubbles from forming is essential.


Some compounds, especially those with high densities, can produce an unpleasant smell when applied. It’s important to think about this when choosing a product.

Prices vary widely across the different products, so research is essential to find the best price and quality combination for your needs.

Pre-Mixed All-Purpose Joint Compound Beadex 385278

Pre-Mixed All-Purpose Joint Compound Beadex 385278

When it comes to joint compounds, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. That’s why you need Beadex 385278 – a pre-mixed joint compound perfect for skimming.The odorless formula makes your home smell wonderful, and the compound can use on wood and non-wood surfaces.

Plus, the application process is easy – apply it every two weeks for optimal results. Homeowners should expect to apply the product every two weeks for the best results.

Dap 10102 Wallboard Joint Compound

Dap 10102 Wallboard Joint Compound


  • Quantity: 12lbs
  • Fitment: Interior
  • Sanding property: Easy to Sand
  • Durability: Increases durability for 3-5 years
  • Mixture: Premixed

Drywall mud must keep your wall from shrinking. The joint compound helps in resolving the shrinking issue with its effective formulas. This product from DAPs gives optimal results. The joint compound is effective with minimal shrinkage. It’s an extremely strong and durable joint compound that makes it remain on the top of the list.

DAP brought this product only for interior applications. Therefore, if you’re going to renovate the interior and treat shrunk walls, the joint compound will be highly effective. Unlike most drywall muds, you can apply it as soon as you open the package. Multiple coatings increase durability. But, you’ll have to take a break while applying layers. The dual coating is sufficient for a durable and beautiful wall.

The joint compound seems perfect for skim coating for the easiness of application, cost-efficiency, and long-term support. Its suitability for interior should get priority from your end. Mixing with water is not necessary, as we said earlier. However, a little bit of water will help thin the layer if you need multiple layers on the wall.

Experts recommended leaving the first coating to dry for one day. This helps to strengthen the joint compound. Also, it’ll keep recovering from the damages. The amount reserved in the package is sufficient for an ideal home. Moreover, adding some water will increase the amount. Such a privilege makes it usable for large construction sites too.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy application without water makes it a user-friendly item. Even if you don’t have a painter or construction worker, you can apply the joint compound on your own.
  • The drywall mud assures long-term support for interior walls. Once you apply the joint compound, let it dry and enjoy the wall for a long time.
  • Spreads faster than most of the joint compounds in the market.
  • 12lbs is an ideal amount for using at home.


  • Only applicable on the interior can be an issue for a lot of users.

DAP Wallboard Joint Compound 3lb

DAP Wallboard Joint Compound 3lb


  • Quantity: 3lbs
  • Fitment: Interior
  • Sanding property: Convenient to sand
  • Durability: 3-5 years
  • Mixture: Premixed

Another product from DAP will not disappoint you a bit! The joint compound is a 3lbs package. The amount may seem low, but it’s enough for filling all the nail holes of your house. The drywall mud is effective for interior walls. One of the major reasons for recommending this and placing the product on the second list is its hassle-free application.

No water, no mixture, nothing. All you need is to open the box and apply right away. This joint compound comes premixed. Because of the quantity, we’ll not suggest it for the large construction sites. Rather, filling nail holes and wall gaps with the mud can be the best use of the joint compound. In terms of durability, it works perfectly on drywalls and is less useful on plastered walls.

A little amount of mud will support for a long time. Gypsum wallboards are easy to go for the drywall mud. Moreover, you can expect a clean and smooth finish even after a few years. While renovating the house, if you need to fill nail holes, don’t forget to purchase this product. It’s cost-effective, provides long-term support, and is highly useful for different purposes.

Highlighted Features

  • Convenient application on drywalls without premixing with water
  • Spreads fast
  • Fills nail holes and gives a smooth finish
  • Safe ingredients in the drywall muds make it safe for health
  • It suits gypsum wallboards the most, and it’s a key reason for choosing the product for renovation purpose


  • It takes a long time to dry
  • The layer is thin, and it requires multiple skim coating most of the times

U S GYPSUM 385140 385140004 All-Purpose Joint Compound

U S GYPSUM 385140 385140004 All-Purpose Joint Compound


  • Quantity: 3.5 Qt
  • Fitment: Indoor and outdoor
  • Sanding property: Easy to sand
  • Durability: Durable for 5-7 years
  • Mixture: Water

When fixing the wall is a real deal, you must find a joint compound capable of a handy and sturdy wall recovering job. We picked this particular product as a winner of this section. It’s gypsum-based and fits perfectly on any wall. As it claims all-purpose skim coating, the joint compound works exactly in that direction. Whether a plastered wall or drywall, you can apply the joint compound without facing any hassle.

Professionals choose the drywall mud because of the support, guaranteed recovery, and long-term support. Once you apply U S Gypsum’s joint compound, it’ll not require further repairing for a long time. Not only indoors but also for outdoor usage, the joint compound is compatible. You’ll not need to worry a little regarding the weatherproof features.

Gypsum increases the sturdiness of cement. Thereby, filling holes with a gypsum-based joint compound or treating a damaged wall with the compound can work perfectly. These are the major factors impacting on selecting this drywall mud. For painters, the gypsum-based joint compound for skim coating is bliss. Sanding is easy, the surface remains smooth, and it’ll remain the same for quite a long time. Who else wanna miss such a feature!

Being a product for professionals, you can use it without being professional too. The easy application and convenient way to mix with different solvents increase the usability and performance of the product. Finally, you should choose the product for performance, durability, and all-purpose features. These make the product a fit for any work on the wallboards, interior, and exterior.

Highlighted Features

  • Gypsum joint compound is applicable on multiple wallboards and plastered walls.
  • The texture suits perfectly for painting purposes.
  • Works effectively as a sealant as the product is waterproof, dustproof, and smooth.
  • To sand the wall for a smooth and effective finish, the gypsum-based joint compound is highly recommended.
  • Skim coating should be cost-efficient, and this product gives multiple layers with such a feature.
  • The compound is highly recommended before painting walls as it gives a smooth surface for painting, and sanding is easy with the joint compound.


  • The odor may disturb users for a while.
  • It takes time to dry. Compared to other joint compounds, you’ll have to wait a little longer for drying.

United States Gypsum USG-380051 Joint Compound

United States Gypsum USG-380051 Joint Compound

If you’re looking to apply the skim coating, United States Gypsum USG-380051 Joint Compound is a great choice. It’s versatile and can be used on wood, metal, and plastics, making it the perfect compound for the job.

Plus, it has a low odor and doesn’t cause irritation or dryness such as other joint compounds. If you’re looking to buy this compound, be sure to read our full review first. We’ll guide you through the different features and explain why it’s the best joint compound for skim coating on the market today.

U S GYPSUM 380270072 U S Gypsum 380270 Quart Joint Compound

U S GYPSUM 380270072 U S Gypsum 380270 Quart Joint Compound


  • Quantity: 3lbs
  • Fitment: Indoor
  • Sanding property: Easy to sand
  • Durability: 4-5 years
  • Mixture: Water or none

Another joint compound from the U S Gypsum ensures the quality of the product and brand. The manufacturer always keeps a close eye on delivering the right product fits for users. This one is ready to use. If you’re worried about a complex system for filling nail holes or skim coating, the joint compound frees you from such worries.

It’s gypsum-based as well as ready-to-use. Thereby, all you need is to cut the lid and apply it without any further tension. The first benefit of using the joint compound is its smooth finish. Being gypsum-based, skim coating is really easy with the product. Once you apply it, the texture will get smooth. Further sanding will make the wall new again!

Users use it mostly for renovation purposes. When you’re renovating the house and you have less time for premixing and drying, this is the right product to go. The product comes at affordable pricing. Drywall muds with affordable pricing are quite rare in the market. You can’t ignore saving some money from using a joint compound for skim coating with less price. Also, multiple coating in a short time is a major fact behind choosing the product.

When the damaged wall is bothering you, it’s recommended to go for a joint compound that has admirable effects on shrinkage issues. You’ll get a perfect mixture when you apply water with the joint compound. Even though it’s ready to use, the water gives it a perfect layer.

For saving some money and getting a smooth finish, the joint compound is largely compatible. Construction workers prefer to use this both interior and exterior. Its weatherproof feature and waterproof factors provide long-term support.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s an all-purpose joint compound to be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • The durability is guaranteed, and it can support for years.
  • A smooth surface is assured from applying the joint compound on the wallboard.
  • By measuring the performance and previous customer reviews, the product is applicable on various surfaces.


  • Without multiple layers, the skim coating may not be durable enough to support a long time.

USG Series 381110060 25Lb Bag Durabond 45 Min Joint Compound Powder

USG Series 381110060 25Lb Bag Durabond 45 Min Joint Compound Powder


  • Quantity: 25lbs
  • Fitment: Exterior and interior
  • Sanding property: Easy to sand
  • Durability: 5-7 years
  • Mixture: Water

Joint compound for skim coating increases durability, strength, and effectiveness of a wall. Either renovate a home or build a new home, you cannot ignore the necessity of a joint compound. USG launched it as powder. And, the powdered pack of 25lb is more than enough for a construction site. The amount is the first thing that makes it through the list of the seven best joint compounds.

The drying time is another factor for which we recommend picking the product. It takes 45 minutes to dry and further coat. Water is a must for mixing the powder properly. The right proportion of water to mix the powder will help in getting the best result.

Moisture is an enemy to the wall. If you cannot fight moisture, it’ll be just a matter of time to get a shrink wall. We suggest using this joint compound for filling nail holes and anything that appears as an enemy to the wall. Where other joint compounds fail in moisture or humid weather, there this compound works perfectly. About spreading, the joint compound is highly useful and largely effective on any wall.

One of the major benefits of using the joint compound and recommending it as compatible is its compatibility with interior and exterior walls. The joint gives a perfect finish to both interior and exterior. It is weatherproof, waterproof, and moisture-proof.

Once applied to walls, it can serve for a long period. Also, for new homes, it increases durability. By measuring both performance and durability, this should be on your choice list while renovating the home. The price and its usability by mixing with water are also benefiting factors. Compared with ready-to-use or premixed joint compounds, this product can be used more effectively and efficiently.

In a nutshell, the powdered joint compound gives long support, better durability, maximum protection against shrinkage, and cost-efficient outcomes. It’ll be hard to ignore such a package.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides long-term support against outdoor conditions such as rain, dust, and humidity.
  • Enough powder for completing an entire household renovation
  • A perfect mixture gives a better chance to carry on the performance
  • Highly useful for construction sites
  • Cost-effective and increased profitability


  • It’s a professional-grade joint compound. Therefore, an expert hand will require for mixing and using the compound at home.

Dap 12278 Elastomeric Patch and Caulking Compound, 1-Quart Tub

Dap 12278 Elastomeric Patch and Caulking Compound, 1-Quart Tub


  • Quantity: 1Qt
  • Fitment: Indoor
  • Sanding property: Difficult
  • Durability: 3-5 years
  • Mixture: Water or none

There’re plenty of multipurpose joint compounds in the market. But, this one is special because of its huge level of support. DAP manufactured the item, and it’s a key reason to include all the best features in it. For skim coating, it’s always important to find a joint compound product that is flexible for users. From beginner to professional, the joint or caulking compound is largely benefitting.

The product works as an adhesive or sealant too. To be a sealant, it has a waterproofness feature. It means that the joint compound is applicable on outdoor walls too. Performance of the product wins in different areas. Painters choose the sealant or joint compound before sanding.

Easy sanding helps get a smooth and consistent surface for painting purposes. All-purpose or multipurpose uses are also assured with the sealant. If you need to fill the nail holes before painting, this is the product for you. An important fact of the product is its permanency. The outcome from a single application will remain for long.

When you have a renovation, choose a product that requires less time to dry, and multiple coatings can increase durability. A long-lasting lifespan is all you need in this regard. Flashing during the paint is a problem for many caulking or joint compounds. Also, some joint compounds can hamper the quality of the painting.

It’s always best practice to find a proper sealant or joint compound that easily goes with the painting job. In many cases, professional construction workers struggle to get the expected result. It may happen due to the ineffective ingredients used in the sealant or joint compounds. Compared to them, this product comes with ingredients or elements having water-resistant features. As for the conclusion, the product is good to go only when you’re up for a flexible and easy skim coating.

Highlighted Features

  • Applicable on both indoor and outdoor walls without facing the challenge of damaged walls.
  • Easy to prepare, mix, apply on walls.
  • Usable as a sealant to repair any wall or floor.
  • Different surfaces are usable with the joint compound
  • Spreads fast and dries quickly.


  • It cannot be sanded properly.

USG 381466 Lightweight All-Purpose Joint Compound

USG 381466 Lightweight All-Purpose Joint Compound


  • Quantity: 4.5 gallons
  • Fitment: Interior
  • Sanding property: Easy to sand
  • Durability: 5-7 years
  • Mixture: Water

As drywall mud, this one is recommended for various categories. USG brought another all-purpose joint compound. This joint compound is recommended and suggested to get long-term support, better spread, and smooth surfaces before painting.

Indoor walls are the suitable ones for applying the joint compound. It’s lightweight as well as durable. Skim coating should be smooth and useful in the long run. Without having the right amount of application, indoor walls cannot be treated properly.

The joint compound treats walls and gives increased longevity. As a filler of nail holes, the joint compound works perfectly. Also, it’ll be a crime, not to mention the lightweight feature. Thin drywall mud gives a beautiful look.

To resist damage and shrinkage, we recommend using the compound. Often, you may find some products in the market with absolutely low performance. Those pricey yet ineffective and low-performance joint compounds cannot support for long.

Our choice indicates towards an effective as well as water-resistant and crack-resistant drywall mud having guaranteed support. Apply once in a year or two, leave the wall for further maintenance. The aftermath will increase your likeness of this joint compound from USG.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy procedure for applying on drywalls
  • The lightweight feature makes it a user-friendly product for walls
  • Enjoy the durability that the product offers
  • It resists water, humidity, and crack on the wallboards.


  • The product takes a lot of time to dry.
  • It provides a thin coating for walls.

What Type of Joint Compound to Use for Skim Coating?

What Type of Joint Compound to Use for Skim Coating?

In the market, various brands of joint compounds are available. You’ll have to go through research and options for choosing from one of them. The right joint compound will provide the right result and optimal support in shrinkage.

All-purpose or Multipurpose Compounds

The first type of compound for skim coating is used for various purposes. These are known as all-purpose joint compounds. A few of the joint compounds on the list have the feature of multipurpose functionality. Plastered walls, drywalls, and even metal surfaces can be skim-coated with these all-purpose or multipurpose joint compounds. The mud is generally premixed, and you’ll not have to add many elements to get a proper coating.

Drywall Mud as a Topping

It generally comes as a powder. You’ll have to mix water with the powdered joint compound. Once done, apply it to the wall. The only difference is the time of application. You can apply it to the coated walls as a topping. The drywall mud strengthens the upper portion of the wall and further adds longevity.

Drywall Mud to Tape

If there’s cracking and blemishes, it is necessary to repair it with appropriate coating. You can find several joint compounds in the market for taping purposes. These are effective and useful for joining multiple layers and fixing layers. Taping is also useful for painters. When you have drywall to paint on, it’s strongly recommended to use mud to smoothen the surface.

The smooth surface saves the painter’s effort. Also, sanding is more useful and durable if the surface is coated with joint compounds.

Fast Dry

The last type of joint compound is the fast dry drywall muds. Where other compounds take a day or a few hours for drying, their fast dry muds can dry within an hour or two. These are generally manufactured in powdered form. By mixing with water and applying drywall, it’s possible to regain the glossy look of the wall.

Sheetrock Joint Compound 384025

Sheetrock Joint Compound 384025

Sheetrock joint compound is a product used to coat sheetrock and other surfaces. It’s an essential part of the drywall repair process and can help to avoid water damage and air infiltration. Make sure you use it correctly by following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. A joint compound can apply with a brush, spray gun, or roller. Read the directions thoroughly before starting, so you don’t have any problems.

Considerable Factors While Choosing Joint Compound for Skim Coating

Considerable Factors While Choosing Joint Compound for Skim Coating

Skim coating is convenient and easy when you have the right joint compound in stock. At the same time, it can be difficult and somewhat impossible if you’re messed up with the joint compound. Thereby, picking the joint compound should be perfect.

Here, we’re about to present some factors affecting the choice of joint compound for skim coating. Take a look and match them before buying the product from the list.


Evenly spreading is a must factor for a good quality of joint compound. Smoothness assured from the product is the first thing that you should consider. An unsmooth surface or drywall cannot be painted. When you find drywall mud that spreads fast and quickly, it’ll surely meet your needs. Choose the joint compound that offers even spreading and smoothness.


The texture is another factor while considering purchasing a joint compound. What texture are you looking for? There are white, grey, and multicolored textures. Most of the joint compounds offer white texture. This should match your requirements.

Also, you’ll have to ensure that the texture goes with the painting. In many cases, the drywall cannot meet the requirements for the texture. Avoid any sort of multicolored textures if you’re planning to paint afterward.

Drying Duration

Drying duration often hampers the construction or renovation process. If the joint compound takes a lot of time to dry before the next skim coating, it will hamper your time, money, and quality of the skim coating.

Depending on what is your expected period, choose a particular joint compound that dries as your expectation. If you are short on time, go for hot, dry mud. These dry fast, and you can apply another coating within a short time.

Also, drying duration varies according to the material and ingredients used in joint compounds. If premixed joint compound for skim coating is used, this requires less time to dry. However, the price is very high.

On the other hand, powdered joint compounds dry slowly. But they’re cost-efficient. Before you purchase, make sure that the time required for drying justifies your needs.

Lightweight and Heavyweight

If you’re a beginner in this job and don’t know about skim coating, a lightweight joint compound is a safe choice. It gives better coverage and evenly surfaces. Lightweight compounds also mix easily.

Heavyweight, on the other hand, is convenient for professionals. You can purchase them for renovators for large repairing purposes. However, it is recommended only when you need total renovation.

Coverage Rates

It determines the cost and its effectiveness for drywalls in the long run. When you can cover the majority portion of the drywall, it saves money. An evenly, smooth, and large coverage will offer better efficiency and effectiveness to your walls. Such a renovation will also create an impact directly on the cost.

When you’re going out of budget, you must keep it subtle. The right coverage from the joint compound will bring the optimal result in this respect.

Interior or Exterior

The last factor is deciding whether you’re going to apply the joint compound to recover the interior or exterior walls. The If you’re looking for exterior damage control, it should be weatherproof as well as waterproof. When it comes to the interior, the glass-like finish will matter the most. It’s essential to manage the coverage of cracking, nail holes, and blemishes within the approach.


The last but not least factor to consider is price. For personal DIY projects, less pricey ones are preferred. If you’re up for a large repairing concept, we suggest getting an expensive one. This will improve the outcome several times.

How to Mix Joint Compound for Skim Coat?

How to Mix Joint Compound for Skim Coat?

You’ll need a few things for starting to mix joint compounds for skim coats.

1st Step: Fill a Bucket of Water

At first, prepare a bucket of water. If there’s any debris, remove it to get the best result. Water is always an important factor for effective skim coating.

2nd Step: Ready the Joint Compound

The next step is to identify any instruction given with the joint compound. In some cases, you’ll find instructions for mixing the coating with water. The proportion is devised accordingly.

3rd Step: Mix Both Water and Joint Compound Proportionately

Take the necessary amount of joint compound to a pot. Now, you have to add water slowly. It’s always the best practice to add less water than the joint compound. When you add less water, it will produce a thick layer for better results.

Keep the proportion as a reference to the issue. Keeping the proportion properly and effectively will be easier and more convenient to approach for further steps.

4th Step: Stir

This is where the actual mixture takes place. If you follow the previous steps carefully, it’ll be an easy task. Stirring should be gentle yet subtle to produce a thick and heavy compound.

Use the mixture as soon as possible. The prompt application of the mixture of joint compounds for skim coating will ensure the best result. Again, look closely for any instruction given on the packaging. It’s to ensure the best outcome.

How to Thin-Joint Compound for Skim Coat?

How to Thin-Joint Compound for Skim Coat?

You’ll have to put a little effort into a thin joint compound. For the best result from the skim coating, you have to add water, right? Here, the water does the trick while thinning the joint compound for skim coating.

Step 1: Joint Compound

The first step is to add a joint compound to a pot. The pot has to be perfect for stirring. You can use your bucket or an old bottle of joint compound for this purpose. This requires having enough space.

Also, the bucket or pot should have a small opening so that it does not spill easily. It’s always best to get the best skim coating with the right amount of joint compound. Therefore, take the joint compound into the pot and keep the lid open.

Step 2: Water

The second step is to add water. However, the step may be similar to the general mixture practice. The amount of water makes the difference. You’ll have to keep water unless you get the required thinness. Pouring water slowly will help you out in the process of thinning the mixture.

Step 3: Thinning With Water and Joint Compound

Now, you’ll have to add water and keep stirring. When the thickness starts to dissolve, this will drive further thinness. A thinned layer of the joint compound can bring optimal results.

Often, beginners cannot make a thin mixture of joint compounds for skim coating because of rapid water addition.

Slow addition of water ensures the highest and maximum effectiveness. You’ll have to bear the fact and draw a proper conclusion to this. When done, apply the drywall mud with a knife or roller. It’ll work just fine.


Renovation can be a hard job, and you may have to deal with plenty of factors. In the meantime, never forget to buy the best joint compound for the skim coating to apply on the wall. The best result comes from choosing and applying the best product. This is why we recommend going through the checklist of considerable factors for the joint compound to skim coat.

When every factor meets the expectation, you’re good to go. Apply multiple layers and enjoy the durable drywall. I hope now you know about the best joint compound for skim coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get plenty of questions every day regarding the use of joint compounds for skim coating. You might have similar questions too. Find these answers from the following list of FAQs.

1.What Type of Joint Compound Is Best for Skim Coats?

Ans. The answer depends on your skill of skim coating. If you’re new in this field, drywall mud for all purposes is the best for skim coating. They take less time to dry. Also, the spreading is evenly and fast.

2.Can You Skim Coat Plaster With the Joint Compound?

Ans. Only a few brands of joint compounds offer skim coating on plastered walls. You can find them easily on our list or in the market. Gypsum-based joint compounds are the ideal ones in this respect.

3.Do I Need to Skim the Coat After Removing Wallpaper?

Ans. Yes, it will increase the durability of the wall. Skim coating after removing wallpaper relieves the wall from cracking and blemishes. Not only these damages but also the painting job will be recovered.

4.How Do You Skim a Wall for Beginners?

Ans. You can find some multipurpose or all-purpose drywall muds in the market. Some of them are premixed, and some require water. Before applying it to the wall, prepare it. Simply use a knife or roller to apply the skim coating on the wall. It’s the recommended approach for beginners.

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