Top 6 Best Primer Sealer After Skim Coat Review & Buying Guide

Priming is the mandatory requirement of having an outstanding surface to paint on. When trying to create a masterpiece on your wall, the primer will support your dream to be visualized with a glossy look.

With the help of a primer, you can change the view of the damaged or cracked surface. To do that, you need to apply a skim coat that can hide all the pores and damage to the wall.

But you will get the most satisfying service from the skim coat if you can use a worthy Primer Sealer after Skim Coat.

Best Primer Sealer After Skim Coat

Here, you will get the overview of the best primer sealer after Skim Coat, leading you to choose the suitable one for you.

7 Best Primer Sealer After Skim Coat Reviews

1 Gal Zinsser 02301 Clear Zinsser

1 Gal Zinsser 02301 Clear ZinsserSpecifications

  • Application: Easy
  • Covering area: 459 square feet
  • Type: Odorless
  • Best use: interior

To heal your wounded wall and resist further injury, 1 gal Zinsser 02301 arrives with its brand new exciting features.

You can easily use it on the scratched wall or ceiling. If you want a smooth texture on your wall or make a unique painting, you can try this sealer without any hesitation.

The feature that makes you amused is that the sealer is water-based. It is made with low odor formula only for your convenience. After drying, you will get a canvas of milky-blue or white tint, which gives a fresh new look to your wall.

You don’t want to lose the vibe of the elegance of your house with a cracked house. This sealer is specially made to protect your wall from tearing again.

You can cover 450 sq ft of a wall with a single pot. Its most efficient usability is that it protects the rough and drywall from blistering and cracking.

The sealer can eliminate bubbles that emerge from the diversity of cracking. Wounded and blistered wall annoys you at home or deviates your mind at the office?

This sealer can also be used to rescue the wall from destroying. But you have to maintain the sealer with care so that it can serve you for long.

Highlighted Features

  • The flexibility of using different wall make you use it on a different surface.
  • A long area of 459 square feet is covered by 1 gallon of the sealer
  • The bubble-eliminating formula provides a smooth surface.
  • Easy to apply at home interior, celling, and surface.


  • The maintenance is hazardous for the beginner.
  • A multilayer coat can cause a weave finish to the wall.

KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain

KILZ Premium High-Hide StainSpecifications

  • Paint type: Oil and Gloss paint
  • Best use: Metal, Interior/Exterior
  • Covering area: 300-400 square feet
  • Applicable for: Adult

When you search for a paint that can ensure a uniform, smooth finish on your wall KILZ Premium is here to serve you the best.

It is formulated with a strong stain-blocking and water base mechanism to seal your desired surface.

This sealer makes you relief from all your anxiety of hiding damaged wall paint as it has a great adhesion quality. You can easily apply it to any type of surface of your house.

You don’t need to worry about the imperfection and pores of the surface, as the sealer provides you with the correct consistency for soft finishing.

You might be surprised to know that the primer has mildewcide protection to rescue your wall from mold infection.

It is applicable for many types of walls, whether drywall, plaster, woodwork, ferrous metals, paneling, masonry, or brick.

Most of the time, the selection of primer for high humidity areas seems difficult. This primer is here to reduce your problem as you can use it in the kitchen and washroom.

You can apply the sealer in 300-400 square feet per gallon. But you have to make sure that you have applied the sealer on a mold or dust-free surface to get extended durability.

Highlighted Features

  • Its adhesion quality ensures a unique clear surface
  • Rescue your wall from mold and mildew infection
  • VOC less formula make left no odor on the wall
  • For 300-400 square feet, I gallon is enough


  • Can’t get the desired result from it on an unprepared surface.

INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Stix Acrylic

INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Stix AcrylicSpecifications

  • Paint type: Acrylic
  • Best use: Doors, Walls, Interior/Exterior
  • Covering area: 75-100 square feet per gallon
  • Color: White

All your worries for choosing a color for your doors, windows, and interior wall, INSL-X SXA11009A-04 appears with a vast range of advanced features.

The interior décor, like doors and windows, plays an important role in giving a fresh, welcoming environment to your house.

It is formulated with high-quality acrylic-urethane bonding that is applicable for tough surfaces. The primer is specially prepared for different types of rough, metallic, and glossy surfaces like tile, PVC, vinyl, and plastic.

Moreover, you can apply it on glass, glazed blocks, glossy paint, pre-coated siding, fiberglass, and galvanized metals. You will be amused to learn that the primer can erase gauges or crevices of the surface.

For high definition of adhesion, this primer has no equal substitute. Its coating gives you long-lasting sustainability.

That’s why this primer is chosen by the professionals, as it can give an unparallel finish to the wall. The only thing you have to maintain during applying the primer is to keep it at 35 degrees F to get the best result.

The primer is made of such an amazing formula that its low VOC dries the primer easily without any damage. If needed, you can wash it with a block of soap also. It makes your desired surface prepare for the final design.

Highlighted Features

  • Applicable and provide adhesion in the glossy flat surface
  • Ensure strong adhesion to the surface.
  • It is easy to apply, dry very fast and easy to clean
  • It can provide coverage of to 75-100 square feet per gallon


  • Without proper maintenance, it can be pilled.

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ROMAN Products 16901 PRO-999

ROMAN Products 16901 PRO-999Specifications:

  • Paint type: Matte
  • Best use: Drywall, Wall, Interior/Exterior
  • Size: 128 Fl Oz
  • Color: clear

ROMAN Products 16901 is an innovative primer for your dry and cracked wall. Though it is a water-based primer, it has all the qualities to satisfy your demand. The problematic wall. It will ensure a solid bond in your wall.

Moreover, the most amazing thing that makes you happy is getting a matte finish with unbelievable fine texture.

It will give an elegant fresh, and new vibe to tour wall so that you can paint on it though it takes time. It will help to remove the stress of the previous coat.

The single layer can give only one thin coat. But the thin coat can cover up the old paint on the wall and provide a smooth and clear surface.

The primer provides you a super adhesion and long durability. It is very popular for its easy application and spot removing formula. Again the product is high on demand for skim coating.

The primer is a blessing for amateurs. New DIY enthusiasts can easily use the primer without any hesitation. It requires a very short time for applying and drying.

Highlighted Features

  • Applicable to all sorts of surface
  • Anybody can use it without maintaining any extra caution.
  • Easy drying formula makes it useful for construction project
  • You can manage it in a very shorthand.


  • The primer is not the right choice for multipurpose use.

Zinsser Rust-OLEUM 249933

Zinsser Rust-OLEUM 249933Specifications

  • Paint type: Oil, Watercolor
  • Best use: any surface
  • Size: 32 Fl Oz
  • Color: White

Zinsser Rust-OLEUM 249933 1-2-3 Plus Quart, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), White is an exclusive and quality primer that appears with unbelievable workability. It is a which can work as an oil-based primer.

The primer is made of water-based formula. You can easily apply it on material, surface, or wall. It is such a versatile primer that can be used to remove old stains and marks.

The most amazing feature of the primer is it can dry easily within 1 hour after applying. Though it does not take much time to dry, it will ensure a furnish white color.

Most of the time, it is used in construction projects. Many professionals choose it as their first choice as it reduces wastage of time.

While priming, you must be careful about the fact that whether it is eco-friendly or not. It’s no VOC formula relief you from bad odors. It is such a versatile primer that it is applicable for all sorts of surfaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Appropriate for different surfaces and dry quickly.
  • To block smoke, stain, and shades, a thin coat is enough
  • Provide a smooth and uniform surface to paint.
  • It can cover 350 to 400 square feet per gallon with a super adhesion


  • Not useful using in many places.

Liquid Rubber Concrete Foundation and Basement Sealant

Liquid Rubber Concrete Foundation and Basement SealantSpecifications

  • Material type: Polymer
  • Best use: any surface
  • Size: 9 Pounds
  • Color: Black

If you want to select a primer to paint on the Deck and Fence Posts, Planter Boxes, Metal, Wood, and Concrete, it will be the right selection for you.

Its unique formula makes your painting so sticky that it will rescue your painting from all sorts of scratching.

This sealant is very much flexible and contains 900%of elongation to prevent damage after painting. You can apply 50 sq ft/G per coat in a single coat.

It is a safe and eco-friendly primer that offers you the easiest application. You don’t need to pay extra attention to hazardous to mix the podding. You can use a roller, brush, or anything you want to use during its application.

VOC is the most common feature that will be the common requirement for many. The primer contains no solvents, and it has no bad odor.

If you have a pat in your house, you don’t need to worry about their safety by using this one. Moreover, it will protect you from the UV ray of the sun.

You can apply it without any hesitation on the exterior and in the interior. This is a highly reputed primer, and people choose it for house and office’s exterior or interior design.

Highlighted Features

  • Applicable in commercial and residential surface area
  • Coverage area 50 square feet with each gallon
  • Eco friendly and harmless to animal
  • Easy to apply, ensure sustainability and clean up


  • It takes more time to dry and further application.

Why Should You Prime Before Skim Coating?

The beauty of a house depends on the interior and exterior decoration of the wall. It not only reveals your taste and choice but also reflects the personalities of the dwellers.

A damaged wall can destroy all your design and decoration. You never want to distract the attention of your guest to the worn surface inside the house.

Skim Coating

Skim coating will be the only solution that you can apply to prepare your damaged wall for repaint. In short skim coating is the process of level-five drywall finish.

The single coating helps to cover up the pores and damage, and the multilayer ensures a smooth finish to the wall for further painting.

Importance of Using Prime Before Skim Coating

To get the best result from the skim coating, using the primer before the coating is necessary. It can seal the surface and work as the base coat on the wall.

To have a satisfying seal, priming is essential for drywall paper or mud. The water in the joint compound will be soaked if the damaged wall is in too unrecoverable condition.

So, to rescue the wall from such a hazardous situation, you must prime it before skim coat. Otherwise, you can’t reach the desired space.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Primer Sealer After Skim Coat

A perfect painting requires a suitable smooth surface. After covering the pores and small holes on the surface, you must use an appropriate primer after skim coat.

Using a primer is essential to dissolve many painting-oriented problems like bad odors, new wooden craft, moisture or mold damage, stained wall, etc.

If you can select the top primer sealer after skim coat, it will work as a problem solver. The primer sticks to the coat like glue and uniforms the surface for paint.

There is some common Factor you have to consider while choosing Primer Sealer. These are:

Condition of the Surface

Some paints always leave some marks even after applying several coats on them. in that case. You can use a stain-blocking primer.

The two common types of this primer are alkyd or oil-based and acrylic-latex or water-based versions. Oil-based will reduce the smell and stain of dust, smoke.

To remove block solvent-based stain, you should pick Water-based stain-blocking primers as it has unique features of the Nonvolatile organic compounds formula.

New Drywall or Moisture Damage Wall

Flashing is a very common problem you may face in your new drywall. In that case, you have to use a specially formulated drywall primer-sealer. But try to apply paint within 48 hours after priming.

On the other have you have to use vapor barrier primer after the skim coat on a moisture-oriented area like the kitchen, laundry, and closets.

Previously Painted or Repaired Woodwork

Previously painted surfaces absorbed paint differently. You can use a good-quality drywall primer-sealer on it when your mind paints on mended wooden work; try an oil-based primer to get the desired result.

Medium-Density Fiberboard or Fresh Bare Wood

The thirsty surface like Medium-Density Fiberboard or fresh Bare Wood requires Slower-drying oil-based primers.

It helps to hide the pores and all sorts of imperfections. You can also use oil-based primer for Medium-Density Fiberboard.

Changed Color

Sometimes you may notice that the Color of the paint has changed due to weather and temperature.

If you want to shift the color from light to dark or dark to light, you must apply several coats. But you can reduce the number of coatings by tinting primer gray of a dark shade of that primer.

For Exterior Wood Paint

If you use fresh new wood for exterior design, try to depend on acrylic primer. The pigmented wood or tannins can bleed over stable primer. You can use acrylic primer on all sorts of wood, whether it is old or new.

How Do Your Prime Walls After Skim Coating?

A wall becomes ready to give an eye-soothing masterpiece when it becomes fully prepared. You can get a flat and parallel surface by priming after skim coating.

It will reduce all the shortcomings of the surface, which skim coating can’t hideout. There are some steps of applying primer on walls after skim coating.

Tools and Materials

To prime a skim-coated wall, you have to gather some tools and materials. You can easily manage those things in the local store. The ingredients are:

  • Drywall primer.
  • Paint Roller.
  • Paint Brush.
  • Squeegee knife.
  • Joint compound.
  • Drywall primer.

Step 01: Preparation

First of all, remove the wall decorative fancy things and electric weirs. Wash your desired wall from dust and debris. Use soap, water, and a sponge for it.

With the help of a squeegee, the knife applies the joint compound on the wall. You can use a table fan to dry the coat, and it’s time to select an effective primer for your wall.

Step 02: Application

Fix up the shape and the sizes of the brush for applying the primer. The most common pattern you can use is W or zigzag pattern for the appropriate application.

Try to do the task quickly as some primer dry within 10-30 minutes. After finishing wait, a while and let the primer dry.

Step 03: Sanding

Before applying the second coat, sand the first coat of the primer, pick up good-quality sandpaper, and apply it with a mild force.

Otherwise, it will peel the primer. Don’t avoid it because priming without sanding creates a bubble in the wall during the second coat.

Step 04: Second Coating

When you want to hide the imperfection of the skim coating, single layer primer is not enough all the time.

So, you have to apply a second coating to it. Apply the second layer of primer very carefully. Now let the primer set to fix on the wall.

Now all the descriptions and details are in your hand, which helps you trace out the top primer sealer after skim coat.

To get a more specific direction, you can consider the following criteria. Let’s have a glimpse of those areas.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

When you choose a primer for your wall, examine the type of the wall with great care. There are different types of primer which are specially formulated for some periocular surfaces.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages according to your requirement and surface type. Check the self-leveling power of the primer.

Stop Getting Anxious

You may identify different types of features and quality variations of primer. You just need to choose the right one. There is some basic difference between wooden and home surfaces.

To paint on the wall, you have to select a regulated primer. Just follow the instruction and find out your necessary one without becoming anxious.

Budget and Covering Area

The condition of your pocket is very important while buying primer. The price of the product varies from one to another based on its quality.

Here you will get a clear idea about the size of the coverage area by a single pot. It will help you to determine the most appropriate one for you.


Painting or an art piece can glow for a long time when prepared on a well-made surface. So, try to select such a primer that ensures the safety of the painting for a long time.

Examine the Adhesion Factor, Drying Effect Application, and cleanup method of the primer before purchasing it.

All the above discussion made a clear depiction of the best premier sealer after coating. By considering all these phenomena, you can build a satisfying idea to buy a suitable primer for you.

Frequently Asked Question

There are some frequently asked questions that people often want to know. The answers are given below.

Is Priming Necessary Always Before Painting?

Primer is a problem saluting essence to the painter. An artist never feels comfortable creating a bold painting on a problematic surface.

Though skim coats can cure some imperfections, primer can hide all the unexpected shads and marks from the selected wall or wooden craft.

How to Prepare the Drywall for Painting?

The filthy void and pores distract the flow of art. In the interior and exterior design, you desire to have a flawlessly smooth surface so that the painting can come out with its original Color.

You can apply a joint compound skim coating to hide all imperfections. Try to use multiple coats of a suitable primer to have a worthy texture.

What Is the Right Time for Priming After Skim Coat?

Though primer is an inevitable ingredient for wall painting, you have to wait for the right time to apply it. It should not be used immediately after applying the skim coat.

Generally, it will consume one or two days to set the coat on the surface. Then you need to send it to remove dust so that the wall catches the primer without creating the bubble.

How Many Days Does the Operation Take?

The completion time of the wall painting depends on the size of the wall and the types of painting. For a single wall the whole task, you may need one or two weeks. You have to wait with patience after each application of coating.


Here you have got an overall idea about the best primer sealer after skim coat for your convenience. It’s now your turn to choose the most suitable one for your wall and interior design.

Appropriate application of a primer-sealer after skim coat can make you have a flawless surface for painting.

On the basis of specialty and particular quality, the purchasing price varies from one another. Other than that, these products have some pros and cons too.

Try to maintain careful attention while selecting a primer as the different types of primer are available in accordance with their functionality. Choose the best one for you and create an outstanding picture on the wall.

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