Best Sealer For Flagstone Review & Every Important Thing

Imagine you are expecting some guests in your lodge for an exciting party. And someone drops the whine bottle on your walkway, which was meant for gifting. What will you do?

Clean the mess that already got into the pores of the stone, or let’s take a few steps back and seal the flagstone before it gets damaged. The decision is up to you! But to me, precaution is always the smartest choice.

So, we will suggest the user seal it after they stick it anywhere in the house. And get a long-lasting privilege from it with less maintenance and money.

But to do that, the user must know what the best sealer for flagstone is. And here we are, smart people; we won’t take you long on the ride, hopefully!

Best Sealer For Flagstone Review & Every Important Thing

Best Sealer For Flagstone Reviews

When it comes to sealing flagstone, there are a few options that are considered to be the best. The right sealer for your flagstone will depend on factors such as the type of stone, the desired finish, and the level of protection needed.

One popular choice is a penetrating sealer, which absorbs into the stone and provides protection without changing its appearance. This type of sealer is great for preserving the natural look of your flagstone while still providing a barrier against stains and moisture. Another option is an enhancing sealer, which not only protects but also enhances the color and texture of the stone.

This can be a good choice if you want to highlight the natural beauty of your flagstone. Ultimately, it’s important to do your research and choose a sealer that is specifically designed for use on flagstone to ensure optimal results.

Siloxa-Tek 8500, Masonry and Concrete Sealer Specifications:

Siloxa-Tek 8500, Masonry and Concrete Sealer Specifications

  • Brand – Ghostshield
  • Product Material – Siloxane/ Silane
  • Model number – 8500
  • Product dimension – 10×8×5 inches
  • Product manufacturer – Kretetek Industries, Inc.
  • Product weight – 98 pounds
  • Usage – Concrete/ Masonry
  • Coverage – 250 sq. ft. per gallon per coat
  • Size – 1 Gallon
  • Color – Clear
  • Grade- Industrial
  • Warranty: 100years

Among all of the products, Siloxa-Tek 8500 is the best performing nanotechnology sealer for its hydrophobic like water, moisture, salt, and thaw resisting feature. The nanoparticles of this provide extra surface protection by deep penetration.

Hence, if you leave your flagstones bare, they will easily attract water, moisture, chlorine from the air before you even notice.

So, to prevent it, you should always seal your flagstones, as it is an expert in deflecting harmful compounds from the surface of the concrete, forming a protective barrier.

These types of sealers repel almost all kinds of dust, snow, stain, rubbings, and chloride ions; prevents pitting, cracking, and spalling from pressure. The deep intruding system helps it to freeze things and detrimental materials for the stone.

This sealer is a ready-to-use sealer, so you can apply it instantly using a roller (3-4 inches) or, sprayer (low-pressure), or a brush.

Add 1st coat of Siloxa-Tek onto the dry surface. Let it dry, then use the second coat and let it stay on it until it dries invisibly and fits fully to the pores.

This sealer gives a waterproof, natural, and matte finish. It is UV stable and color guaranteed. Use of this doesn’t make the surface discolored or pale. It can be applied to polished, smooth, and cured concrete surfaces.

It is mostly used in paving sealing, celling sealing, and flooring sealing. It is approved by the DOT (Department of transportation) to use on highways and over-bridges. It is a long-lasting and money-saving sealing process.

It weighs 8.98 pounds per gallon, which covers an area of 250 square feet per coat. It is an Alkane group organic sealer. Therefore, if you can afford it, it can give you the best out of your problems.

Highlighted Features:

  • Natural and invisible matt finish.
  • Water resisting performance.
  • Freezes thaws.
  • Lessens the problems of dust, mold, and mildews.
  • Needs less maintenance.
  • It will never get peeled, cracked, or bubbled.


  • Do not repel oily or greasy stains.

Armor AR350, Pavement And Concrete Sealer With Low Gloss Finish

Armor AR350, Pavement And Concrete Sealer With Low Gloss Finish


  • Brand – Foundation Armor
  • Product Material – Solvent-based
  • Model number – 350
  • Product dimension – 6×7.8×7.7 inches
  • Product manufacturer – Foundation Armor
  • Product weight – 96 pounds
  • Usage – Concrete/ Masonry
  • Coverage – 100 sq. ft. per gallon 2 coats
  • Size – 1 Gallon
  • Grade – Professional

Armor AR350 is a solvent-based transparent finish sealer manufactured by Foundation Armor. Besides, it is a professional-grade penetrating sealer, which enables it with a superior quality of performance.

It is made of unrecycled US manufactured resins in the form of breathable solutions. Alongside, it is also reluctant to UV rays and sunlight.

Likewise, the first one is also water, chemical compounds, salt and snow damage, stain and grease preventive.

It is even good for dull flagstones, as it adds a glossy effect to it. This dark and wet-looking sealer is generally designed for sealing indoor-outdoor or increasing protection from molds or stains.

But the color or effectiveness depends on the age, method, condition, and amount of the material. So, it is better to use it on a test area first for proper knowledge. Do not apply it on red clay brick or any other natural stone or flagstone.

It can be applied to any surface previously coated with acrylic sealers or uncoated layers. If being used properly, it can last for even 3-5 years.

It has a deep penetrating formula that can easily make bonds with the chemicals of concretes and ensures an everlasting effect. The most amazing fact is that it is completely odorless, breathable, and easy to use.

Apply it to a clean surface for better intrusion. Then, let the first coat stay for 24 hours to dry. Check properly and use the second coat on that dry-coated layer again for further protection.

You can use a roller or sprayer for the job, making sure it is not going to absorb water. After 48 hours of break, your basement or kitchen, or walkway is ready to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gives a glossy and wet look even in dull flagstones.
  • Water and stain reluctant.
  • Very durable and long-lasting


  • Quite laborious and takes much time

ENDURASEAL, 5 Gallon Semi-Gloss 100%


  • Product Material – Solvent-based
  • Model number – 7747509
  • Product manufacturer- EnduraCoat
  • Usage – Concrete
  • Coverage – 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Size – 5 Gallon
  • Grade – Professional

Enduraseal is an imported material from the USA, which is made of 100% pure acrylic solution. It is generally used for flagstone protection and beautification. The semi-gloss drench looks make it classier as a decoration piece.

It was manufactured by Endura Coat for use in concretes. It covers 150 to 300 square feet per gallon with only 2 thin coats, which depends on the flagstone lifetime, its surface situation as well as the quantity applied in the stone.

For its non-yellowing effect, it gives a better reaction on painted, colored, or stained materials. It is quite slippery for the fact of glossiness.

The liquid solvent makes it tile-like glossy, at the same hand works as water blockage and stain repellent, unless it is too much to endure for it.

It gets easily hazy white after one year of use, and after 2 years, it looks bad. Due to sunlight and UV ray, the acrylic solvent gets pretty bad, according to some reviews of Amazon.

Therefore, it is best suited for styling than a sealer. If you think you need a positive and classy appearance in your home or kitchen or paving or anyway, it is your perfect choice.

But I will not recommend it to concerned budget users because it needs frequent maintenance and labor. Hence, posh people show off their rich taste by using these over costly sealers for flagstones.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can seal and beautify all types of stained, discolored, and greasy concretes.
  • Gives a semi-glossy rich effect.
  • Suits well in indoor things.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • 100% water-based Acrylic.


  • May turn white after one or one and half years and not much durable

DOMINATOR SEALER, Stain Finish, Wet Look, Clay Brick, and Stone Sealer


  • Model number – PSG01G
  • Product dimension – 83×7.48×4.53 inches
  • Product manufacturer – Black Diamond Coatings, Inc.
  • Product weight – 56 pounds
  • Usage – Sealing
  • Coverage – 200-800 sq. ft. per gallon per coat
  • Size – 1 Gallon
  • Color – Milky white
  • Grade – Professional

It is a gifted sealer with so many advantages. For instance, it is semi/low glossy, can look matt or wet also, durable, improves discoloration, and can sustain oil stains as well. Along with all these features, it has UV rejection quality too.

It is odor-free and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) tested, so you free to breathe without hesitation. It also saves money through a huge coverage area from 200-800 square feet. And it is the highest covering flagstone sealer.

For using it, you have to typically wait for one day. And to me, it is worth waiting for. It is also water and moisture reluctant.

Easily spray it on the stone and wait for 24 hours. You may mix some additives (Diamond Grit) with it too on more slippery areas.

But don’t forget to ensure the current state of the surface area for the quantity of sealer will vary depending on it. The more porous or denser it is, the more it will absorb the fluid.

So, at first, you have to figure out the surface status. To do it, you have to drop a small amount of water on the surface and wait to see how long it takes to absorb the water.

If it takes 0-3 seconds, it is highly porous (will soak the water in an instant), and you have to add 2 coats of the sealer on it to seal your flagstone wholly.

If it takes 6-8 seconds, it is dense (will take time to soak it), and you have to add 1 coat of sealer on it to seal your flagstone wholly.

Note- Don’t overdo it and does it patiently with correct info.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Dries quickly
  • Lasts for 4-8 years
  • Made with low VOC and no strong smelly odor
  • Has UV protection quality
  • Money-saving for less maintenance and longevity


  • Needs conformity before use, and without proper info, it can destroy the beauty.

Concrete Driveway SEALER, 1 Gallon Masonry Defender

Concrete Driveway SEALER, 1 Gallon Masonry Defender


  • Brand – Ghost shield
  • Product Material – Siloxane/ Silane
  • Model number – 300550
  • Product dimension – 01×7.36×3.82 inches
  • Product manufacturer – SaverSystems
  • Product weight – 23 pounds
  • Usage – Concrete/ Masonry
  • Coverage – 90-150 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Size – 1 Gallon
  • Grade – Architectural

This sealer is a waterproof, non-glossy, deep penetrating, deicing salt protecting, siloxane-based liquid sealer. It offers a 3-5 years warranty from cracking, scrapping, pollen, garden hose, etc.

It enables you less labor, maintenance, and cleaning. The invisible layer of coating creates a surface without leaving any residue in it. And this eco-friendly Alkane group affects less to the color part and sometimes doesn’t affect at all.

Silane works as a rain-guard by making bonds with concrete minerals. This way, it doesn’t block the water but makes an undisturbed waterproof layer. It is a strong sealer that can hold pressure and break down.

Before applying it, testing, drying, and cleaning is a must. The user may use Masonry Defender All-Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner.

It will help to activate the sealer properly without any interference. It might darken the surface sometimes.

Now, it is time to apply the sealer. But wait and control the air of the place from 40 degrees to 100-degree Fahrenheit for straight 3 hours.

Then, apply a thin layer with the help of a sprayer (Low-Pressure Pump-up Garden Sprayer). It will distribute the sealer evenly on the surface.

Further, let the remaining stay for 2-3 minutes. Then, broom or spread it with a mop or brush so that it intrudes deeply into the pores. It may take 4-6 hours to dry but don’t use before 24 hours for better feedback.

It is another best sealer proclaimed by the reviewer till now. For them, it worked like a miracle, even for old furniture backup. As it is durable, it will save your earning, labor, and time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Very strong sealer
  • Warranted protection
  • Waterproof
  • Non-glossy
  • Breathable


  • Covers little area

MICRO-SEAL, Silane and Siloxane Repellent Water Based Concrete Sealer

MICRO-SEAL, Silane and Siloxane Repellent Water Based Concrete Sealer


  • Brand – RAIN GUARD PRO
  • Product Material – Siloxane Silane Blend, Micro-lok,
  • Model number – CR-0356
  • Product dimension – 7×4.75×11.5 inches
  • Product manufacturer – Rainguard International
  • Product weight – 33 pounds
  • Usage – Concrete
  • Size – 1 Gallon
  • Color – Clear Invisible
  • Grade – Professional

Micro-seal is one of the best silane siloxane-based water repellent sealers. It has 10 years warranty for the Micro-lok system.

Yet, it offers some more benefits, too such as, extending Masonry or Concretes life through hyper quality hydrophobic protection layer.

It does not get affected by Ultra Violate rays or melted salts and snow or heavy rain. This Micro sealer is a strong sealing compound for flagstone, which has remained uninterrupted for more than 8 years.

While binding with the elements of concrete, it leaves no residue or films because of the non-yellowing criteria. But do you know how to seal it using this product?

To seal it, at first, you have to clear the surface area perfectly with a spray or anything. Next, add the sealer to the clean surface, spread it evenly, and wait. After an hour, it is ready to use. To be more clear-

  • Clean the surface area and point out cracked or spitted points to make sure the moisture is 25% lesser.
  • Test it by applying the sealer on a smaller surface of the flagstone and conform its fitness for the flagstone.
  • Pour the application on it.
  • Let it dry and set on the stone perfectly.
  • Now test it from the smaller surface, and see if it is ready to move.

This using process varies according to the size of the surface area. On a smaller surface, a brush is enough to apply properly. But on medium surfaces, you will need a pump sprayer.

And when it’s about a large surface, you will need an air sprayer. Make sure the sprayer has a spray tip, the size of which will be 0.035mm to 0.051mm approximately.

This sealer is not glossy and unnatural finished darkened material. It is odorless and easily breathable, which makes it appropriate to use in any place in North America. It contains zero VOCs with no carcinogens and non-toxicity.

Highlighted Features:

  • VOC subjacent
  • Lasts for a long period
  • Protects from UV and other detrimental materials
  • Best performs at 40° F
  • Works both horizontally and vertically


  • Needs proper environment, tools, and maintenance

Glaze `N` Seal, Extra Strength, Water Based

Glaze `N` Seal, Extra Strength, Water Based


  • Product Material – Water base
  • Model number – 010734211832
  • Product dimension – 05×7.99×7.2 inches
  • Product manufacturer – Glaze `N` Seal Products
  • Product weight – 56 pounds
  • Usage – Concrete/ Masonry
  • Coverage – 75 to 150 sq. ft. Per Gallon
  • Size – 1 Gallon

It is too an acrylic water-based, water and stain-repellent glazy sealer (as we see it from the name). Likewise, it obliterates mildews, molds, stains, grease, and fluids from it by locking the sand and pores with flagstones joints.

This easy-to-use sealer works with the blockage hand in hand and sustains oil, prevents rusts, weeds and removes efflorescence. Besides, it is also re-applicable, which will save your money from frequent maintenance.

The long-lasting sealer can work for 8 years with a sufficient cleaning process. To add up, the dealers also offer replacements if showed proof of defectiveness.

With the investigation of whose fault it is, they will determine the loss as well as the cause. Now before jumping to the point of the application process, you must be aware of the prior steps of this application.

  • The overall temperature should be 45° Fahrenheit to 90° Fahrenheit
  • Air and surface temperature will be more than 450° Fahrenheit
  • And it should be continued 24 hours before and after the application.

As of now, let’s move towards the sealing process. You can use two types (garden type & airless low pressure) of sprayer or brushes (nature bristle) or rollers for the sealing. Apply one coat of it and mix it very well providing that no corners remain empty.

Make sure to spread it whole through the joints so that the sand gets flooded and pores blocked with the solution.

Remove the excessive compounds and let them cure. You can also apply another coat if need overprotection and prevention from being slippery.

Ensure safety before using it. This sealer can cause skin and eye irritation. Wash hands with soap or cleanser after application. If it still gets to the eye and skin, wash thoroughly. If it doesn’t help, take medical service.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Nonflammable
  • No vapor and odor
  • Long-lasting (guaranteed)
  • Removes and blocks all types of unnecessary materials


  • Can’t be used in a polished surface, porcelain, granite, or marble tile and need proper temperature while using

Does Sealing Flagstone Keep It from Flaking?

It is a diplomatic question, which comes with the dual answer, No and sometimes Yes.

According to users’ reviews and experts’ suggestions Sealing does not keep flagstones from flaking for it traps the moisture in. But before we dig in, let’s beware about flagstone first!

Flagstones are basically flat stones, cut in several shapes for home or outside decor. For instance, it can be square, rectangular, or even unshaped sometimes. And it is generally used as walkways, flooring, ceiling, memorials, headstones, etc.

It is generally a type of Alluvial rock or you can say sandstone blended with quartz and feldspars (Aluminum and Potassium) which bonded with silica, iron oxide, and calcite which give it cementing colors such as buff, blue and Red.

Flagstone flaking is a natural deterioration of sand layers. Well, it is not the only reason; it may be caused by chemicals or water entrapment sometimes. Other times, it occurs for less maintenance, cleaning, and removing of stains.

As of now, the sealer claims to protect it from dust, stain, water, and other things. But it can hardly stop popping out of stones.

Again without sealers, your flagstone will be fruitless already. So, I would better suggest users use hard flagstones rather the soft ones.

And when it is about sealing, take any professional help. They will testify your stone and then suggest you the correct sealer, which will give you long-lasting effect.

If you want to use your money wisely, take advice from experts. As we all between every action and reaction, precaution is the best one to choose.

Though sealers claim to be waterproof and water repellent, for a long duration of time, it goes off to the opposite. Again, in further cases, users use it incorrectly without proper knowledge.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Sealer For Flagstone

Factors To Consider While Choosing Sealer For Flagstone

Divers sorts (Acrylics, Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Penetrating sealers, etc.) of sealers are available in the market. However, you can’t use them all without proper knowledge.

You have to justify it and then satisfy your need. So, you need to consider some obvious factors while sealing Flagstones. To elaborate, they might be,


Due to the long run of stress and weighty pressure, the sealer might get hazardous sometimes. There you need to resupply it to the pores of flagstone.

Again it is also necessary for the flagstones’ natural lifespan. Re-coating gives it a fresh look again with a healthy finish.

Can Endure UV Rays and Sunlight

As the sealer is the top layer, it has to go through sunlight and UV rays. Be sure to use the resisting one, which will not leave any yellowing effect.

It also confirms the longevity of the sealer on the flagstone. Sometimes for sunlight and UV rays, the flagstone gets darkened, and it is not acceptable at all. It makes the flagstone look very ugly.


Reconsider the flagstone’s natural look issues while protecting your decorative flagstone. It is better to choose a breathable sealer.

Because most of the time for this quality, air, vapor, and moisture get entrapped and causes deterioration, reviews say it is safe to use penetrating sealers for the best feedback.


The sealer must fit well with the flagstone in the context of compatibility. As the sealer is the sacrificing layer, it must endure the daily misuse with protection and without much maintenance.

It will also reduce the chances of flaking, cracking and popping out, etc. Compatibility is what decides the lifetime of both the flagstone and the sealer.

Stain & Water Resistant

If the sealer doesn’t provide these two benefits, it’s useless to even seal your flagstone. The sealing surface must go through the dirt, filths, and sticky stains.

According to experts, it is better and safe to use lower-level VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and water-based sealers than solvent-based. Solvent-based sealers are biodegradable.


Users always seek fewer maintenance sealers, for it is money-saving and less laborious features. Therefore, you must consider it before sealing your flagstone.

Again, it also saves the flagstones’ natural look. Over maintenance can cause overpressure, which may harm the look sometimes.

Is Not Slippery

It is totally unsafe to use a slippery surface for flagstone as a sealer. It can cause many types of accidents. So, you should avoid it unless this sealer is being used for roofing.


Matte-finished sealers are more reliable than glossy ones. A glossy sealer can entrap moisture and water into the pores if there’s heavy rain or snowfall.

So, the matte-finished sealers keep the underlying flagstones natural and less composed.

Cleaning Process

Use a more cozy sealer, easy to clean dirt and grimes. This will make you less tired after work. We all have to maintain hygiene, and so cleaning is also a major part of sealing. Daily cleaning can cause the sealer less maintenance.

Applying Process

Easy to applications are easy to peel off after years. Most of the user almost destroys their flagstones while peeling off, for hard applying process.

Moreover, hard applying processes sometimes cause failure due to a lack of the right information too. So overall, it will be a smarter decision to choose the easy-going processes.

How Do You Apply Flagstone Sealer?

How Do You Apply Flagstone Sealer?

Without sealing, the flagstones cause water impregnation, discoloration, cracking, chipping, etc. Again, mold, mildews, grimes, stains, extra exposing UV rays, sunlight, calcium deposition, etc., works like a threat for it.

It does not need any elaboration that to keep flagstones’ natural look and lifespan. You need to seal it for a must. Through proper cleaning and maintenance can also be fruitful. It’s safe to take prior cautious.

There are some simple processes to apply sealer on flagstones. They are given below.

Step 1

Before using any sealer, clean your flagstone surface first. For that, you will need a broom (soft-bristled) or mopper, dust-keeper pan, brush or a vacuum cleaner, or a power washer and detergents or soap water.

Step 2

Use a broom and dustpan for dry filths to carry out of the flagstone and mopper for liquid stains. You can also use detergents and soap water for stubborn oily stains.

Some may use a vacuum cleaner or pressure washer to clean the surface layer or brush on obstinate grimes.

Step 3

The next part is to cover the joints of flagstone with sands. You can use any type of sand and yard broom to fill up sand equally to the joints. But keep the level a little bit low, as sealing with rollers will fill them to the top with excessive sands.

Step 4

After the previous process is completely done, go for the coating process. With plenty of sealing products comes plenty of ways to seal the flagstones.

For this, you may need a paintbrush or roller or an industrial sprayer. And follow the instructions of the product bottle. We have already discussed it earlier.

Step 5

Finally, apply the next level of coat to ensure full protection. But don’t use a brush; it may destroy the first level of coating.

Make sure it’s a holiday and your family is out of home, so nobody can halt the process. Again, it is needed for better sealing.

Over mess and crowd will allow less scope and give facility to dry or get destroyed the sealing surface, for it needs time for both cleaning and drying process.

How Often Does Flagstone Need To Be Sealed?

How Often Does Flagstone Need To Be Sealed?

Well, this question again depends on the fact of product quality, warranty as well as the flagstones compatibility with it.

Each product is unique on the basis of its working performance. And they will offer and fulfill your different demands.

Beauty comes with care and protection. Flagstones are marvelous unless you take proper care. And without resealing, take it for a suggestion that you have to lose your money futilely.

Therefore, with your enriched taste, beautify and take the necessary steps to maintain the fine quality.

Most of the time, flagstones need to be sealed, often after 3/4 years. Though it mostly depends on the product and flagstone consistency, it would be remarkable if flagstones remain intake with sealers.

In European countries, snowfall is a common issue. There. There you have to reseal the flagstones more frequently.

Again, if you are using flagstone in patios or roofing instead of indoor furnishing, you need more attention on it. Indoor furnishing needs less observance.

In African countries, the scorching sun lights and UV rays make the flagstones yellowish and darker sometimes.

So, to prevent it, you must keep it maintaining and resealing. You can clean it with water then soak it in the sun or dry it every day, for better and cheaper protection.

The Asian country is full of seasons, but rain is a commonly noticed weather here. So, people need waterproof sealers here.

And more maintenance coz water gets clogged in the holes. So, the user must reseal it more frequently. Snow and water are threat-full for flagstones.

Thus in all ways, it is necessary to keep the active observance of flagstones. And frequent sealing,, or you can say the healing process,, can really make it worth lasting for a long duration of time.


With all of my complete survey, I think the products I mentioned in this article are the best sealer for flagstones. The rest is upon the users, who will use it in real life.

Before choosing any of these reviewed products, consider some factors, which are necessary to keep your flagstone steady for a long time.

Make a list of your demands and see if any of these products fits them. After choosing the part, know how to apply it. Don’t rush; you have plenty of time to do this. Select the best and reasonable product for you and make comparisons.

After sealing, take better care of your flagstones as they enhance your abode beauty. Maintain it instructively and reseal it more often when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might be bothered with some questions on your mind. This section is only to make you feel relief from those most frequently asked questions that you want to know the answers to. So, let’s get our things started.

1.What Is The Best Product For Sealing Flagstones?

Ans. Silane Siloxane based sealers are the best. As you can see, they have less downside, even more concerns are raised.

They are water resisters, which makes them breathable and has no entrapment of moisture. It saves the flagstone for a long run of time. And the stains, you can clean it easily, don’t you?

2.What Is The Cheapest Product For Sealing Flagstone?

Ans. Rain guard Micro sealers are the cheapest. If you are out of budget but you still need to afford sealers, I will suggest you go for the micro sealers. At best, they can give you more comfort on a cheap budget.

3.What Is The Most Long-lasting Product For Sealing Flagstones?

Ans. Rain guard micro sealer is the most long-lasting and cheapest product giving you the warranty for 10 years. And the next one is Glaze N Seal giving you a warranty for 8 years. So suit yourself with what you need.

4.From What Should I Protect The Flagstones?

Ans. You should protect the flagstones from rain, snow, dust, and stains. Molds and mildews are also threatening flagstones’ beauty. Again UV rays and sunlight can also harm the surface texture.

5.What Should I Do To Protect Flagstones?

Ans. Clean it daily. Keep it stain and dirt-free. Don’t let the molds or grimes grow on it. Seal it if you can afford it. Reseal it when necessary, after some years.

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