Dremel Vs. Rotozip – Which Is Better?

We all want to keep a multi-functional tool in our house that can solve most of our problems. What kind of problem? Problems we face most often include cutting tools, cleaning or polishing stuff, or even grinding. But the problem is we don’t know which tool will be best for that job. Dremel and Rotozip are giant tool producers who are great in this field. Today we will compare these two great brands and show you which one is great.

We will give you an overview of the product, show you some features, attachments and finally the result. So, if you are confused about Dremel vs. Rotozip and do not know which one you should buy, read this guide. The additional tips and suggestions will give you some extra idea about the product characteristics. Hope it will solve your problem. Let’s begin!

Dremel Vs. Rotozip – Which Is Better?

Dremel vs. Rotozip Overview

Dremel vs. Rotozip Overview

Dremel vs. Rotozip is a very popular topic for discussion in the power tool industry. Yes, these thighs are different kinds of hardware, multiple purposes, power tools used for different motives. The name Dremel is the main company that produces multifunction power products for homes and workshops.

Unbelievably, the company started almost 120 years ago in Wisconsin, USA. Dremel produces different kinds of rotary tools. And these power machines then go to different metal and wood shops as their main work tools.

Rotozip is also a mechanical power tool producing company in the USA. Rotozip is also a famous old company, and the company started it in the early 1970s. Other than mechanical tools, they also produce accessories and attachments.

Rotozip is famous for its power saw, and these power saws are being used to cut wood. Plywood, normal wood, or even solid materials can be cut perfectly by this tool. As these two companies are doing business in the same field and making quality products, they are rivals in this industry. People love to fight over this topic, who is best: Dremel or Rotozip!

Rotary vs. Oscillating Tool

Rotary vs. Oscillating Tool
Wait for a second; we talked about Dremel vs. Rotozip, but where did this ‘Rotary vs. Oscillating’ come from? No, we are not making mistakes. Rotary and Oscillating tools are also important things for Dremel and Rotozip. Dremel’s are producing both Oscillating and Rotary tolls. On the other hand, Rotozip tools fall into the rotary tools section only. We know you are pretty confused. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Oscillating Tools

Oscillating tools
What is an Oscillating Tool? Oscillating tools are electric machines that can cut, sanding or even grind. For different purposes, it has to be prepared with its different width blade. Some blades are round, and some are square or triangle shapes.

Why do we call it oscillating? We call it this name because it can develop high oscillation speed. How fast is the oscillating tool? If we talk about oscillations per minute (OPM) meter, you will not believe that it can rotate five thousand per minute.

We talked about a normal oscillating machine, but if we talk about the larger one, this type can rotate 20,000 to 25,000 oscillations per minute. What can you do with oscillating tools? You wouldn’t believe how many things are possible with these oscillating tools. Let’s take a look.

  • Grinding different materials.
  • Sanding things like wood.
  • Remove solid pargeting
  • Drive the nuts and screws
  • Cutting all wood, materials, and plastic-related stuff.
  • clear drywall

Rotary Tools

Rotary tools are a different kind of motion. The rotary tools use bits rather than blades. With the bits, it works like a drill. For your convenience, you can switch the bits with a different one. However, it’s spinning in a single axis motion. The best example can be the fan. The Rotary tool is exactly moving like a fan. We mean the mechanism is almost the same.

People consider rotary tools more aggressive than Oscillating tools in terms of power. The oscillating tool produces 20 to 25 thousand OPM so that the rotary tool can produce more than that. It can spin at the speed of 35 to 40 thousand Revolution per minute (RPM)

Apart from that, you are going to get almost all the necessary tools with the box. You are also allowed to buy extra necessary tools and attachments if you want. What can things be done by this tool? People use this for multiple purposes. Here are some common uses.

  • Polishing wood and solid material kinds of stuff.
  • Grinding materials
  • Sanding woods or rough stuff.
  • Honing material
  • Sharpening metal things
  • Drilling holes in the wall
  • Polishing glass

Dremel Vs. Rotozip Key Difference

Dremel vs. Rotozip key differenc
Honestly, both tools have tons of differences. Every key point is important. You might understand that the Dremel run-like saw mechanism, on the other hand, Rotozip acts like spinning or drilling. Frankly, that is the main difference between them. But check out others also.

Size and Shape

Dremel comes in a very regular size. The average dimension of the product is something like this 3.15 x 1.69 x 0.98 inches. But it doesn’t indicate all the products will be similar to this dimension; it was just an example. Apart from that, the weight of the product will be 1 to 2 pounds. Another important piece of information is voltage. The tools will run in a 120-volt connection.

The average Rotozip size and weight are way too higher than the Dremel product. You may find some products that are similar to Dremel, but as a whole, Rotozip is bigger and heavier. The average Rotozip product dimension would be 10 x 5 x 4 inches. And the weight would be more or less 5 to 7 pounds. But the size and shape do not create any major impact on the main work. Both the tools are great in fixing, polishing, cutting, and grinding.


We need to take a specific product from each side to show the main comparison for this section. So from the Dremel site, we can pick Dremel 4000, and from the Rotozip site, we can select Rotozip S5355-20. Both products use AMP motors. Dremel 5000 has the 1.7 motor AMP, whereas the Rotozip S%355-20 uses the 6 AMP motor.

Why does Rotozip use a higher power motor? It’s because it needs to generate more power to run such a bigger machine. Using the Rotozip, you can easily do any heavy job, but as a Dremel using less power so it would be hard to work with a longer project with Dremel.


Handling always gives a great comfortable experience of the product. The Dremel is quite small and lowers in weight; it’s very comfy to conduct or use. When you hold a regular Dremel product, it will seem like you are holding a stick in your hand. Handling Dremel is fun.

But there is a problem. When your product is lighter and super handy, it will not give you the best-detailed performance. That’s why it’s used for rough work. And mature and beginner use this. Aliso professionals use this, but the ratio is quite less.

On the other hand, Rotozip will not give you comfort like Dremel. But you will get a signature performance from the Rotozip. Rotozip is mainly used by professionals or those people who need a clear, detailed finish of their work.


You may know that both tools can cut things normally. For light cutting, Dremel is best as it is handy. It is also great for the tool or cutter machine can barely reach, so it also cuts very finely and is well oriented. And he experiences so cutting is even better as it is super easy to conduct.

Rotozip can cut bigger objects. Rotozip has some bigger options to cut things. Not only wood, but it can also cut plywood, tiles, hard-plastics, meatal, and so on. Rotozip is kind of dangerous in pitch; any giant object or bigger things in your hand get the Rotozip.

Grinding & Sanding

Grinding & Sanding

Sanding, grinding, Buffing, shaping, or polishing, nobody can beat Dremel. This handy tool is made for this job. It is not going to make everything perfect, but it will fix the issues anyway.

A Dremel can be the ultimate solution to any related problem in your home, kitchen, or even office. So you can keep this tool to your all necessary place.

What about the Rotozip? Unfortunately, Rotozip can’t win in this segment. However, Rotozip is also a multi-tasking tool but is still good at cutting rather than other work. So for grinding, polishing, or sanding, bring the Dremel.


Dremel and Rotozip both have their type and style attachments. If you try to Dremel attachments on Rotozip, it will not work. Even if it works, it will not give a proper performance. Whatever, that’s not our topic. Here we will know about the attachment of both tools. So basically, Dremel and Rotozip have a variety of attachments or upgrades for different purposes.

Dremel Attachments

  • Cutter bit (this is common for both the tools)
  • Polisher
  • Rubbing
  • Lapidary

Besides all those common kits, Dremel also has great attachments that can be used for multiple jobs.

My most favorite one is called the rotary tool. What rotary tool does? Well, it’s not like others, where other tools can do only one job, rotary tools can do multiple jobs. It’s like one in ten.

The Rotary tool is mostly used for grinding and sanding; This tool comes with the package. But if you need the perfect and strong one you can purchase from the market.

But please remember, do not to use Dremel attachments and kits on the Rotozip tool. Firstly it will not work; secondly, this is not good for the tools.

Rotozip Attachments

Rotozip Attachments

  • Dirt vault
  • Round cutting bits
  • Dive bits
  • Stab bits

Besides these common tools, you can find some special attachments like a kit for grout clear. What do grout removal kits do? Well, it’s clear the space between tiles. Did you notice that your kitchen or bathroom tile is dirty, especially the better two tiles? Using this kit, you can easily clear that dirt.

Apart from tile dirt, you can also clear window corner dirt, stone dirt, vinyl flooring dirt, special wall dirt. This kit is really useful compared to all others. Besides this kit, there is another important kit on the Rotozip side. And that is called Straight dive attachment.

What does this kit do? It’s a cutter tool, but it’s not the regular one. This tool is a member of the angle crusher. It means this can easily cut the plumbing and electronic stuff. The blade is half covered and half-open, so you can easily use it to cut things.


In the durability section, Dremel is doing well. Dremel tools bodies are heavy, and they can work for longer periods; they can take high power electricity. Besides, a Dremel tool can provide service for more than then years in regular gentle use.

But according to the customer review, Rotozip’s body is not as strong as Dremel’s. The performance is superb, but the overall built quality is not the finest. Besides the attachment, it will not last for long. People said that it consistently breaks while using the tool. So in this segment, Dremel is the winner. But durability is not the only point here. Consider all of them.

Can You Interchange the Attachments Between Dremel and Rotozip?

Can You Interchange the Attachments Between Dremel and Rotozip

Honestly, that would be a bad idea. Why? Well, the tools, either the Dremel or Rotozip, have been designed for very specific attachments. The motion, power, regulation, and mechanism of everything are different in these two products. So, when you use one attachment to another tool, that might ruin your tool.

If you see that your tool doesn’t ruin, don’t be happy because the attachment itself will not work. Even if it’s work, then you will not get the best performance. Besides, there will be a chance of breaking the bits or attachments. So why would you do that?

Our suggestion would be to use the right attachment to the right tools. If you do not have the right tool, then buy one. But still, do not use attachments from other machines.

Which One Is Best, Dremel or Rotozip?

Which one is best, Dremel or Rot
Frankly, both the tools are good. But one tool is better in something where the other one is not. Well, if your targeted object is smaller in size and you want around a handy tool, then Dremel is the winner. Dremel is a great grinder; it’s tough, you can attach a lot of attachments and use it for so much work. So considering these works, Dremel can easily beat Rotozip.

But the scenario will be different if we talk about bigger projects where we need to cut bigger objects or big sand things. Rotozip is better at this kind of work. In addition, it has been shown great performance to cut plywood, tiles, plastics, or even hardwood. So the decision is yours.

Rotary Tools Vs. Oscillating Tools:

Rotary Tools Vs. Oscillating Tools

Rotary tools are better for precision, while Oscillating tools are better for general use. Because they have a flatter blade that’s easier to control. This makes them ideal for tasks like cutting and shaping materials. On the other hand, oscillating tools are better for general use because they have a spinning blade that provides a more even cut across the entire width of the device.

Size and Handling:

Dremel vs. Rotozip:

Regarding size and handling, the Dremel is on the smaller side, while the Rotozip is a bit larger. However, both of these tools are relatively easy to use and manage. The Dremel also has a more versatile toolset than the Rotozip, including various rotary cutting and grinding attachments.

The Rotozip is good for basic woodworking tasks, but it may not have the versatility of the Dremel. The Dremel is likely a better choice if you’re looking for a smaller option that can still handle some more challenging jobs.

Added Upgrades For The Rotozip:

Added Upgrades For The Rotozip

Dremel vs. Rotozip:

Regarding rotary tools, the Dremel is probably the most popular option on the market. It’s a versatile and affordable tool that can be use for various purposes, including sanding, cutting, and scraping. The Rotozip is another popular rotary tool that features added upgrades over the Dremel.

These upgrades include a more powerful motor and dust extraction system, making it better suited for woodworking and other sanding and scraping tasks. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you’re specifically looking for in a rotary tool. The Dremel may be a better option if you’re mainly concerned with price and affordability. However, if you’re looking for features that will make your work easier and faster, then the Rotozip should be your top pick.

Are Dremel Bits Compatible With The Rotozip?:

Are Dremel Bits Compatible With The Rotozip

The Rotozip is a robust rotary tool that can remove material, such as stones and concrete, from surfaces. It is available in both cordless and corded versions, and it has some different bits that can be use to get the job done.

Dremel bits are also available in both cordless and corded versions, but they are most commonly use for shaping or cutting materials. They come with various tips that can be used for multiple tasks, such as sanding, cutting, routing, engraving, and more.

It’s important to note that Dremel bits are incompatible with the Rotozip. This is because the Rotozip’s bits are made of hardened steel, while the Dremel bits are made of soft metal. If you attempt to use them together, you will likely damage your Rotozip and your Dremel bit.

Final Word

We are pretty sure that your problem has been solved after reading this Dremel vs. Rotozip article. Here we cover everything about Dremel and Rotozip. We talk about the quality, mechanism, function, attachment, and how it works.

We also provide important tips and suggestions. In addition, we discuss their work in-depth. Comprehensively, we show which attachment is for which reason. So, we believe that now you can make your decision about the tools. Since you are aware of their advantages and weaknesses, you know which one will complete your work. So do your homework, do some research, and order what you prefer. Hope you will not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Question

1.What Product Is Best to Cut Hardwood? Should I Buy Dremel or Rotozip?

Ans. For cutting, Dremel showed a great performance earlier. You can buy any of them as they are perfectly fine for any job, but we encourage you to get the Dremel because Dremels attachments are hard and capable of heavy work.

Well, for cutting hardwood, you can purchase Dremel 561 or Dremel 565. They are mostly used for cutting wood. In addition, many experts give positive reviews about this product. Besides cutting hardwood, it also can cut softwood, hard plastics, fiber wood, drywall, and many more. Dremel 565 is expensive, but it is a versatile tool.

2.Which Tools Attachment Is Best? Rotozip or Dremel?

Ans. According to customer reviews, we can say the Dremel is quite tougher than the Rotozip. They said it often breaks while using. But this is not the fault of the company. The user is also not aware of how to use this. So because of their unconsciousness, the attachment breaks.

Keep in mind

  • Do not put too much pressure on the kits.
  • When you are cutting something, follow a clockwise direction
  • Use the right attachment for the right work

3.What Direction Should I Follow for Cutting With Rotozip?

Ans. That’s an important question. Most people don’t care about this and result in attachment break regularly. So what should you do? First of all, set the attachment in the right direction. When you use the attachment, it will rotate clockwise, so you have to set the attachment counterclockwise.

If you set the attachment perfectly now, you will cut or grind the clockwise direction. Remember one thing when you cut something round in shape, move your tool clockwise. That will be useful.

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