How To Fix My Nail Gun Shooting Blanks – The Ultimate Guideline

Weekend is the perfect day to start fixing your things. Doesn’t matter if you want to explore new things too. You have enough time to remake your tables or chairs with a nail gun. You can wisely spend your time while doing this fun procedure. Well, every fun gets ruined when something doesn’t work properly. Here may be the nail gun shooting blanks.

No worry if you are facing the same problem. There are a few possible solutions to fix this problem. So, how to fix my nail gun shooting blanks? In this guide, we are going to highlight the possible solutions regarding nail gun shooting problems. Read from beginning to end to find your solution. Look out for extra tips too.

How to Fix my Nail Gun Shooting Blanks

How To Fix Nail Gun Shooting Blanks – A Definite Guide

How To Fix Nail Gun Shooting Blanks – A Definite Guide

If your nail gun is shooting blanks, there are a few potential causes and solutions to consider. First, check the air pressure of your nail gun. If the pressure is too low, it may not be able to drive the nails properly. Adjust the air pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally, make sure that you are using the correct type and size of nails for your nail gun.

Using nails that are too long or too short can cause misfires. Finally, check for any jams or obstructions in the nail gun’s magazine or firing mechanism. Clear any debris or jammed nails and test the gun again. If these troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to consult a professional or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

Time required: 10-20 minutes.
Why are my nail gun shooting blanks?

When you are working with your nail gun, and suddenly it shoots blank. It is the most annoying thing that can ever happen. If you don’t know how to fix it, it will double your efforts. Well, there are few possible reasons why nail gun shoots blanks. Most of the time, the reason is the jamming of nails that prevents nails from shooting.

Other than that, not cleaning the nail gun might be a reason too. Cleaning before working may get you rid out of this blank shooting problem. Screws fitted loosely may also cause blank shoot. Better tighten them before starting off your work. Apart from this, nail guns may not shoot properly because of the proper size of the nails.

Enough of all, let’s stop talking about the problems and move forward to the solution.

Materials and tools required:

  • Battery ( if required).
  • Screwdriver (vary).

Steps On Fixing Nail Gun Shooting Blanks

Steps On Fixing Nail Gun Shooting Blanks

Blank shooting may be caused by different reasons. Well, whatever the problem is, you can fix it by following proper procedure. You may find your solution by trying the first one or may not. In case of that, do not lose patience and try out other solutions calmly. Solving nail jamming

Nail jamming is a common reason for the blank shooting. Sometimes, nails get clogged inside instead of firing out, which causes a jam. It’s not a big of a problem. Following the steps below, you may get your problem solved easily.

Step 1:Following Safety Precautions

The first and the utmost thing to do is to maintain safety. A nail gun is a heavyweight piece of equipment that can easily cause injury. It is capable of hurting someone severely.

To prevent disasters, you should wear gloves while working and also eyeglasses in case of need. Make sure to place the equipment on the inner side of the table. If you show carelessness, it may fall right up on your feet. Overall, Do not injure yourself. Protect yourself by maintaining precautions.

Step 2:Removal Of The Plug

Removal Of The Plug

Unplugging any electrical equipment is a must before fixing it. Some nail gun runs with electric power, and it is obvious that it may remain plugged. That’s why unplug before fixing unless you want to experience a shock. If your nail gun has batteries, remove the batteries first. You don’t want your equipment to go on while fixing it, right? It can be a deadly adventure if it remains on while fixing.

Step 3:Clearing Jam

Before starting to clear the nail jam, you have to go through some small steps. Do not miss any of these out. First, notice if your striker is in the right position or not. When the nail gun gets jammed, the striker gets moved from its position. Coming forth from the position is a sign that your nail gun is jammed.

After you find the striker coming front, it is confirmed that the nail gun is jammed. Here, pull the front plate off and unscrew it. Before, make sure no nail is present on the nailer.

The next thing you need to do is checking if any nail is stuck there, especially on the narrow path. If you find nails there, you may remove the stuck nail. You may need a big sharp pin to do that. That’s how you can easily remove the jam from the nail gun. If still your problem doesn’t get solved, do not panic. Move to the next step, then.

Correct Nail Size

If step 1 is not the reason for your nail gun blank shooting problem, you may try the 2nd one. Some nails may look the same in size but might not be compatible with your nail gun. Put the nails of the correct size in the nailer.

Otherwise, it will remain shooting blanks. Find compatible nails for your gun. Guns may have recommended the size of the nails written on the manual. You may need to cut the nails according to the size you may need.

  1. First, find the correct size of the nail.
  2. Secondly, put it on the manager, and this will solve half of your problems.

Try to use the correct nail size, as using an incorrect one can cause blank shooting. Other than blank shooting, it can also cause a jam.

Enough Charging

A nail gun may not shoot properly because of the lacking of power. Gun needs enough charge to put pressure and shoot nails. If you are using charging equipment, make sure it is fully charged.

Along with this, the pressure range should be perfect. If pressure is not provided enough, a nail gun would probably not fire nails. Put the equipment in charge of that.

If your nail gun uses a battery, then replace the batteries. From time to time, one should check on the batteries to see if they are still worth using.

Check The Backplate

If the above steps don’t work out for you, the last option is to check the backplate. The backplate comes with O-ring, and that’s what is the one you should check.

First, unscrew the backplate or loosen the backplate.

When you unscrew the backplate, you will find O-ring. Look at it carefully if it is damaged or good. There is a chance that the O-ring might be damaged. If it is damaged, you don’t have any other option than to change it. You need to spend some fortune on it.

What If The O-Ring Is Doing Completely Fine?

If the O-ring is unaffected, check through the cylinder. Sometimes nails get jammed in the cylinder. Remove the nail, and you will find your nail gun working smoothly.

It is much better as you don’t have to spend money on buying a new O-ring. That’s why to keep the O-ring always in check and lubricate it to prevent further problems.

Lastly, check your nail gun before using it. Finally, you must have found your desired solution.

If none of the above is your possible solution, then you may need to replace your nail gun. It’s quite expensive too. That’s why taking proper care of a nail gun is like saving your money.

How To Clean The Nail Gun?

How To Clean The Nail Gun?

Cleaning equipment after use is a must. Cleaning can help to prevent dust from getting on the gun and further deterioration. After using the gun, remove the air filter with a soft piece of cloth.

Clean the gun with an appropriate cleaner. Some gun has recommended cleaner for them. Make sure there are no nails stuck in the gun as it can cause a clog. Always remove the extra nails after finishing the work and clean the manager. Also, check the O-ring and striker frequently.

Most importantly, remember to use the gun quite often. Most of the equipment gets damaged if it is not used or left behind for a long time. That’s the main reason behind every piece of electrical equipment getting damaged.

Also, make sure the screws are tight enough, or else the equipment won’t work properly. The nail gun is quite sensitive equipment. A single trace of dust can cause the dysfunctionality of the gun.

Lastly, not only after using it but also every now and then, you should clean the nail gun to see it’s functioning properly or not.

How To Lubricate The Nail Gun?

How To Lubricate The Nail Gun?

Lubricating the gun is important to ensure that the nail gun is running fine. It would help the nail gun to function smoothly and also prevent the O-ring from getting damaged.

Lubricating also prevents the parts from getting deported.
For lubricating, you need to put 3-4 drops of pneumatic oil on the air fitting the lubricating process. Do this 2 times at least a week.

This will help the nail gun to last long without damaging any part of the gun. Also, look after the nailer and cylinder to not get dust on them.

Do not leave the gun unused for a long time. And if you do, then lubricating properly. Lubricating can guarantee its longevity.

How to Get Rid of Air Leak of Nail Gun?

How to Get Rid of Air Leak of Nail Gun?

Often when you fire the nail gun, you may only find air leaking out of it. But no nail is firing at all. You only get a booming sound and nothing in result.

While triggering the gun, it only leaks air. Sometimes it may fire nails too with leaking air.

This happens because of the O-ring not being properly sealed. When the O-ring is not being sealed, the air passes through the cylinder with a great sound. The O-ring is the problem here.

Well, that doesn’t mean you have to change the O-ring. This problem can be fixed easily by properly placing the O-ring.

Lubricate the O-ring with oil so that it can not dry out and seal immediately. Make sure to lubricate it from time to time. Otherwise, O-ring may get damaged too. As a result, you may need to buy a new O-ring.

Lubricating will also ensure that the O-ring lasts long without creating problems. If the O-ring is already damaged, you may need to replace it with a new one. That’s why taking care of the O-ring is necessary for the functionality of the nail gun.

In case the air leaks through the trigger, you need to fix the trigger then. Air leak may be caused by either malfunctioning of trigger or O-ring.

Nail Jam

Nail Jam

If you have nails that are too long, try clipping them shorter. Some people also use nail files to shape their nails into a neat point. Finally, apply a coat of acetone or polish remover to your fingertips and let it soak in for about five minutes. This will remove any excess nail polish and make your nails much easier to manage.

If you have a nail jam, you can try clearing it using either a needle or your fingers. Use the blunt end of the hand to push gently against the sides of the nail and wiggle it until it pops out. Then use your fingers to pull out any remaining nails from around the jam. If that doesn’t work, you can remove the entire blockage utilizing a putty knife or Suction Cup Removal Tool (available at most hardware stores).

Gas-fuel Cell

If the nail gun does not fire nails, it is most likely because of an issue with the gas-fuel cell. This component can malfunction and cause the device to stop working altogether. In order to troubleshoot this problem, you will need to inspect the fuel cell for signs of damage or wear and tear, check for clogs or other obstructions in its flow, and replace any necessary components.

Wrong Fuel

Make sure the nail gun is using the correct type of fuel. Different fuels produce different results.

Faulty Gun: If your nail gun is not firing nails correctly, it may be due to a defective mechanism. In this case, try to repair or have a replacement in order to fix this issue.

Dirty Gun: It will not work if the gun is dirty. Keep your nail gun clean using a cleaning cloth and a mild soap.

You will need to inspect the engine and mechanics to troubleshoot a nail gun that is not shooting nails. This may include checking for clogged ports, misaligned screws, or broken parts. Also don’t neglect to clean the gun’s components with a cleaning solution and a soft brush. If the problem persists, you may be required to take your nail gun in for repair or replacement. If the nail gun is not shooting nails, it may be because of drained fuel. Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank to shoot nails.

Put Wrong Nails

If you are using the wrong type of nails, or if your nail gun is not maintained correctly, it may not be able to shoot nails. Check that you use the correct nail gun pins and sharpen the tip correctly. If either of these items is not working properly, you will need to take it in for repair or replacement.

Needs Cleaning

You may need to clean the nail gun in order to shoot nails. You can do this using a cleaning rod and some solvent or a duster with compressed air. Other, you must ensure that the area around the tip of the nail gun where the nails are supposed to shoot is free of any debris or oil so that the pins will travel smoothly down into the wood.

There are possibilities of the nail gun’s magazine being empty. In order to check this, remove the magazine and look inside to see if there are any nails still in it. If you find nails, then you will need to replace the magazine with a new one. It is also possible that something is preventing the nails from firing (such as a bent or damaged nail), in which case you will need to take apart the nail gun and clean it properly before trying again.


You can shoot nails when the gun fires. If there is a ring on the pin, it can interfere with how well the gun shoots nails. To fix this problem, you can remove or bypass the ring.

Final Remarks

Working with a nail gun is quite dangerous as it requires high power. Not just that, heavy equipment may give you discomfort to hold it. By chance, if it falls on someone, the injury will be severe. A person without having a single knowledge about nail guns should stay away from them.

Curiously playing with a nail gun is not suggested. Handle it with proper care and consciousness and keep it away from children. Otherwise, you may bring your own doom. Be careful while you use it. I hope now you know how to fix my nail gun shooting blanks.


1.What happens when you put the wrong nail?

Ans. Every nail gun supports nails of a certain size and diameter. If you put the wrong nail on the nail gun, it may not even fire out. Instead, the nails will cause an inner jam, and you’ve to fix it every now and then. That’s why put the correct nail on the nail gun.

2.Does my nail gun need oil?

Ans. Well, a nail gun needs oil or lubricants. To ensure the proper function of equipment, you may need to lubricate it. Lubricating with oil will smoothen the function of the nail gun. Also, it will ensure that your equipment doesn’t get jammed or deteriorate.

3.Why does my nail gun keep getting jammed?

Ans. Well, nail guns always get jammed doesn’t matter how good the quality of the nail gun is. It may occur because of the lack of lubricant or misplacing the nails in the manager. That’s why properly oiling the nail gun is necessary. Look out for these things while working with nail guns.

4.Can you use a nail gun without an air compressor?

Ans. Of course. The Air compressor is the most important part of a nail gun that compresses air to fire nails and creates enough air range. There are plenty of nail guns present in the marketplace which work without an air compressor. They may require changing for working and weigh less. The charging gives the equipment enough power to compress air.

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