How To Fix Squeaky Hinges On An Oven Door? Complete Guideline

No machine is made for lifelong use. As time passes, the life of each of our devices starts to decrease. No matter how powerful the device is, they may constantly have problems. One such problem is repeated in the oven doors. Many of those who have old ovens at home have faced it. The problem is that there is a kind of squeaky sound when you try to open or close the oven door.

These squeaky sounds are very annoying, and you should know how to fix squeaky hinges on an oven door. There are some specific reasons behind this problem. There are also some solutions. It is tough to discuss all the situations in short. Let’s get into the details.

How To Fix Squeaky Hinges On An Oven Door

Why Does Squeaky Sound Happen On Oven Door?

Why Does Squeaky Sound Happen On Oven Door

There is a simple reason behind the squeaky sound on an oven door: the machine’s age. You don’t find any problem with the mechanism of the oven. Whatever it is three or four years, the oven works perfectly. The problem will occur inside the oven door. The hinges on the oven will damage automatically as time passes. Grease or lubricant is applied separately to the door hinge when each oven is manufactured.

But over time, the lubricant loses its effectiveness. As a result, the protection of the door hinge is reduced. As a result, the door began to rust slowly. Hinge friction occurs when opening or closing any door, not just the oven door. You will notice the sound on any door of your house if the door is too old.

The oven door sounds squeaky while closing or opening because of the loss of proper liquid or lubricant inside the hinge. Application of a lubricant on that old oven door hinge can provide good results.

Suitable Lubricant For Squeaky Door Hinges

Suitable Lubricant For Squeaky Door Hinges

There are some basic ways to remove squeaky sounds from the door hinge. The most common way is to use lubricant or grease on the oven door hinge.

Whatever process you try to remove the sound, you must use lubricant on the door for a primary or secondary purpose.

In that case, it is not easy to find a good lubricant in the market for squeaky sounds on door hinges.

You should ask the service company if you do have not a great knowledge about lubricants. To do the task easier, we have enlisted some lubricants here.

The top picks lubricants name, and short overview is given below –

WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Spray

WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Spray

WD-40 is a popular lubricant spray all over the world. It is one of the plumber’s best choices. It is a silicone spray that can protect door hinges, metal items, plastic, or rubber.

This product is not a regular WD-40 lubricant. WD-40 lubricant has different types. This one is the higher variant of the WD-40 silicone spray series. It is a spray lubricant, water-resistance, and specially designed for metal door hinges.

WD-40 water resistance silicone spray has some unique features that allow you to work smoothly. It comes with a smart straw. How much the surface is tight or deep, you can easily spray the lubricant on any place.

It offers quick-drying formula. After using, it does not take a long time to dry. Some low-quality lubricants take more time to dry. In that case, WD-40 water-resistance spray provides a great advantage.

It is also waterproof. So, there is no chance to occur any water damage. It also provides protection from oxidation and rust.

To keep it properly, you should maintain a restricted temperature limitation. If you can maintain this temperature, the product will last long and can solve more such matters.

3-IN-ONE – 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil

3-IN-ONE - 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil

In many cases, all-in-one products are on the list of the first choice. 3-in-one -10038 multi-purpose oil lubricant can meet your needs if you think of something like this. It is an enigmatic tool, no doubt, and is mostly used by experts.

It is not waterproof, but this won’t affect everyone. Like WD-40, you can also apply it on metal surfaces, plastic, rubber, and especially on door hinges. Not only experts, but it is also recommended for DIYers.

It does not have any straw like WD-40, but it includes a small and fine drop on its mouth. Just apply three or four drops on the squeaky area, and you will get rid of the squeaky sound on the oven door.

This multi-purpose oil won’t eliminate the squeaky sound only; it cleans the door hinge and provides a wide range of protection against the rush. It is not harmful to the atmosphere and does not harm the skin, which is a great advantage.

Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease

Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease

Here we come with a grease lubricant option for you. We have already overviewed spray lubricant and oil lubricant for door hinges. How can we miss grease lubricants?

Many demands spray lubricant at first, but grease lubricant is also in high demand in the market. Grease lubricants are pretty affordable than oil or silicone spray. So many people suggest it for a bit of use.

This is an original lithium grease which is a great tool for both metal and plastic surfaces. Not only this product, but almost every genuine lithium grease is also great to prevent rust. The product will not rust once you use lithium grease.

The formula of white lithium grease of Permatex 80345 is quite aggressive. It lasts for a long time on any product. If you use it once, you don’t need to apply it to the same product twice.

Permatex 80345 Lithium Grease offers some advantages. It is a toxic-free and stainless product and also moisture-prohibitive.

You can apply it on any door hinges, including the oven door. It can protect door locks, hinges, latches, and car door trucks from rust.

The above three products are the best option for you in advance. If you want to consider any other lubricant on the oven’s squeaky door, then no problem. However, you should note that not all types of oils are applied to the door hinge.

The types of lubricant you can apply on a door hinge are given below:

Types Of Lubricant For Oven Door Hinges

We already know that there are a variety of lubricants in the market. Primarily they are four different types: grease, oil, dry and penetrating lubricants. Some of these types also have subtypes.

So, this section will only discuss the types of lubricants that are exactly applicable to squeaky oven door hinges.



This is sure that wherever you use lubricants, WD-40 will be at the top of your list of favorites. No matter what the situation is, you cannot replace or change it from your favorites list. It is the best silicone spray lubricant for any type of lubrication.

WD-40 has different variants. You can try any of them to apply on the door hinge of the oven. You can use it on metal, plastic, and rubber. WD-40 specialist is a great silicone spray lubricant that comes with a straw to make the application more user-friendly.

It dries fast on any surface and provides complete protection on a damaged surface. It is a good solution to fix squeaky hinges.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

You may don’t believe it, but petroleum jelly works as a lubricant. The most highlighted part is that it is common and easily found anywhere. Have you ever tried to use petroleum jelly on a squeaky door hinge? This is not a proper way to use it as a lubricant. Petroleum jelly is only suggested when you are busy or in a hurry. Otherwise, try to avoid using it and buy a genuine lubricant from the market for the oven door.

Petroleum jelly is a short-term lubricant. You won’t get a long-term result from it. Professionals also don’t use it. For a better long-term result, you must go for professional lubricants. Moreover, petroleum jelly melts with a little heat. It is a heat-sensitive item. An oven is a cooking tool. It remains hot inside most of the time. Considering all these aspects, you will not get the expected results from petroleum jelly.

For short-term and quick results, petroleum jelly can be a good option. But for long-term effects, you should try other lubricants.

High-Temperature Grease

High-Temperature Grease

As a cooking item, the oven remains hot all the time. If the lubricant you are using cannot withstand the heat enough, the squeaky sound of the door will not stop. This is especially important when using grease.

A high-temperature grease is a good option for the squeaky hinge. These types of greases do not break down or melt quickly in extreme temperatures.

Moreover, the temperature inside the oven is much higher. Not all types of lubricants last long at high temperatures.

So, especially for squeaky oven doors, high-temperature grease is one of the best solutions. Professionals and experts also say that this lubricant is safe enough. So, if you are thinking of applying grease on the oven door, try high-temperature grease.

White Lithium Grease

White Lithium Grease

The importance of temperature tolerance when it comes to ovens matters. No doubt, lubrication is a great way to fix squeaky sounds on the oven door. Since it is an oven, the lubricant used must have temperature tolerance.

White lithium grease is a good lubrication tool, and it can tolerate high temperatures. It is both user0-friendly and environment friend. It has no toxic elements. So, you can apply it to any kitchen items without any hesitation.

However, in the case of pets or cattle, there is a small risk that is very low. The amount of risk is so small that even if you do not need to consider it.

How To Fix Squeaky Hinges On An Oven Door?

How To Fix Squeaky Hinges On An Oven Door

Here, the actual games start. You have already got much important information about fixing the squeaky door issue of the oven. Now, you will get each procedure to fix squeaky hinges on an oven door.

Step-1:Choose And Buy Lubricant Or Grease

There are a variety of lubricants surrounding the market. You will get some top lubricants and different types of them in the above section. That section will help you to decide on a suitable one for you.

To solve this matter, you need to buy a new lubricant, oil, or grease and replace it with the old one that wore off. You will find different types of lubricants from other brands. So, purchasing a new one won’t be a trouble for you.

Step-2:Switch Off The Oven

Be sure to turn off the oven before applying the lubricant on the door hinge. Not only for electricity, but if the oven is switched on, it generates heat. The presence of heat during application may affect the stability of the lubricant.

If it is warm inside the oven, there is a possibility of getting a rash on your hands. To avoid accidents and ensure safety, you must switch off the oven before lubricant is applied.


Open the oven door and locate the noisy hinge. Now, apply lubricants to the joints of the door hinge. The application method depends on the oven design and the type of lubricant container you use.

Don’t worry if you apply a lot amount of lubricant. If excess lubricant falls off, wipe off excess with a thin cloth.

Step-4:Open And Close Door

After application, you have to close and open the door again and again. Not that the squeaky sound of the door will go off as soon as the lubricant is applied. It will take time.

So, the best way is to open and close the door continuously a few times. This will allow the lubricant to easily enter the door hinge joint and remove the noise.

How To Repair Noisy Door Hinge?

If the hinge of the oven door gets damaged a lot, you will not get any result from using lubricant. In this case, you must repair the oven door. You don’t have a second option.

An oven door hinge can get you in trouble in a variety of ways. Door hinges can become loose. Hinges can be broken too, which prevents the oven door from running smoothly.

If the door hinges become loose, it is possible to repair them. Just take a screwdriver and screw it to tighten. And if they break, you have to fix the door hinge.

We don’t know how much it will cost to repair the damaged oven door hinge. The amount varies from product to product. You will get the correct information when you contact the service provider.

Technicians of the service center will repair the door. But carrying the big oven is quite tricky. Since the problem is with the door hinge, it would be best to remove the door and take it to the service center.

How To Remove Oven Door?

The process of removing the oven door is given below step by step –

Step-1: Detach Hinge Latch

Ans. At first, open the door fully and unlock the latch of the door. Some ovens don’t have any latch. They are easy to open.

Push the door hinge down using your finger. The latches are placed in the middle door hinge.

Step-2: Try To Close The Door

Ans. Now, close the oven door. Don’t push the door hard to close because the hinge won’t allow you to close the door this time.

Step-3: Lift Up The Door

Ans. While pushing the door for closing, keep your hands on both sides of the door. Lift up during pushing. Doing so will unlock the door hinges.

Step-4: Remove The Door

Ans. Ensure that you disengage the door hinge. After ensuring, just remove the entire door from the oven. Now, the door is ready to carry the service center.

Repair Cost Of Oven Door Hinge

Repair Cost Of Oven Door Hinge

We have seen and reviewed some user’s door hinge issues. They have faced this problem in their oven after three to four years of use. We have asked them to try lubricants on the door hinge.

After using lubricant, many problems have been solved, but not all. For those whose issues were not resolved, there was no other option but door repair. For some ovens, it takes more than $250. In some cases, the repair cost is close to $400.

Indeed, the repair cost varies based on repair items and different models. The only way to get rid of this problem is to use lubricants in the oven door hinges every year.

Apply It With The Oven Off

To fix this follow these instructions:

  1.  Lubricate the hinge surfaces with a thin layer of grease. After that, turn the oven door handle to see if it moves more freely now.
  2. If not, repeat the application of lubricant until the hinge is free from noise and movement.

Applying The Substance

A straightforward way to fix squeaky hinges on an oven door is to lubricate them with cooking oil. Firstly, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the hinges using a cotton ball or your fingers. Close the oven door and turn it, so the hinges are in contact with the oil. Leave the oven door closed for an hour, then try opening it.

Final Verdict

How to fix squeaky hinges on an oven door is a common and easy question nowadays. You can solve it easily by applying lubricants. In rear cases, you may need to go for a repair process.

However, with regular maintenance, you can get rid of this problem by using new lubricants. You can apply any lubricants on the regular door. But you have to be tricky during applying lubricant to the oven door.

Use the lubricant that has high-temperature tolerance. This will ensure lone term protection on the oven door hinges.


1.What Are The Symptoms Of A Squeaky Hinge?

Ans. Most people notice that the hinges on their oven door make a loud noise when they open and close them. The hinge may also start to squeak gradually over time.

2.How Do You Lubricate The Hinges On An Oven Door?

Ans. However, the best way to lubricate hinges depends on the type of hinge and the condition of the hinge. However, some methods that may work include using an oil or grease spray, applying a liquid lubricant directly to the hinges, or using an oven door magnet to attract metal filings (which need to rub onto the hinges).

3.Are There Any Other Remedies Besides Lubrication That I Can Use To Fix A Squeaky Hinge?

Ans. A few other remedies may work, depending on the type of hinge and the condition. For example, some people try to squash the hinges with a finger or an object to make them tighter, while others use WD-40 or another lubricant to fix them temporarily.

4.How Do You Know If The Hinge Is The Issue And Not Just Something Else On The Oven Door?

Ans. If the issue is with the hinge, you may be able to try adjusting it or replacing it. However, if the problem is with something else on the oven door (such as a label), then that may not be an effective solution.

5.Can Fixing Squeaky Hinge Damage Your Oven Door Or Cookware?

Ans. It’s possible that fixing the hinge could damage either of these items. Try to be gentle when adjusting or replacing the hinge, and only use appropriate tools for the type of door hinges you have.

6.Which Oven Door Hinges Will Most Likely Make Noise?

Ans. Most oven door hinges that make noise are the ones that open and close slowly. This is because they use a small amount of pressure to hold the door in place, which can cause them to squeak over time.

7.How Do You Disassemble And Fix A Hinge On An Oven Door?

Ans. Oven door hinges are typically easy to disassemble and fix. They need to be loosened and tightened as required.

8.How Can You Fix A Squeaky Hinge?

Ans. However, there are a few different ways to fix a squeaky hinge:

  1. Replace the hinges: If they are broken or worn out, you might have to replace them. However, replacing the hinges will usually solve the issue of the door making noise and starting to squeak over time.
  2. lubricate the hinge: Lubricating your hinges with oil or grease can help alleviate any friction between the door and its mountings, which can contribute to noise and creaking.

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