Get A Glass Like Finish On Wood – How To Do It?

Giving your chair or wood materials a clean look? Or trying to make something new? However, to give the wood a complete look, one needs to finish it smoothly.

Smooth like butter or a glass. That’s the only way to make the material look eye-catching. Wood is not glass. It is rough too, which makes the surface look hard. So, how can you get a glass like finish on wood?


One can still need to smoothen the wood before making new equipment or products. A perfect finish is required for better quality. A shiny look is a must as no one wants the products to look dull.

Now the question stands: how to give the wood mirror-like finish? Well, that’s not tough if you know the procedure. In this guide, we are going to share the necessary guidance to give the wood a mirror-like look. Follow the guidance and benefit yourself.

Get A Glass Like Finish On Wood - How To Do It?

Get A Glass Like Finish On Wood – A Definite Guide

Get A Glass Like Finish On Wood - A Definite Guide

Time – 1 to more hours.

Tools and Materials –

  • Brush
  • Orbital sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Polyurethane
  • Rubbing pad
  • Water ( if needed)
  • Lacquer

How To Get A Glass Like Finish On Wood

How To Get A Glass Like Finish On Wood

Wood might not be glass but still can shine and reflect like glass. That can happen because of the smooth finish on the wood.

The smooth finish would not only give a shiny look to the wood but also will maintain the quality of the wood.

To get the wood a perfect finish needs proper steps and materials. Let’s go through the steps and apply the wood according to the want.

Step 1- Spray Water

Step 1- Spray Water

Well, one may find it absurd. Why use water? Is using water effectively? Won’t it damage the wood?

Take a break if you have got the same questions to ask. First, do not use water on bare wood. One needs to use water only when the wood has already been polished several times. As the wood already has a coating on it, it will not affect the wood.

But if it is bare wood that has never been polished before or worked on, better not uses water. It might be the safest way. Instead, wipe the wood roughly. Or one can also use water-based urethane on the wood.

Apply three to four coatings of water-based urethane. That would make the sanding easier. In addition to that, guarantee you of the durability of the product.

Step 2- Use Sandpaper

Step 2- Use Sandpaper

Sanding is an effective way to smoothen wood and the surface. It would remove the roughness, bumps from the wood, and even the surface. To give the wood a finish like glass, first, you can sand the wood with sandpaper or higher grit.

Higher grit sandpaper smoothens out the wood. After sanding with the lower grit sandpaper, higher grit sandpaper is used to give a smooth look for a woodblock. The higher the grit, the softer the wood would become. Choose grit according to your taste.

As usual, 80 grit sandpaper is the most effective to use first. But if the sandpaper can not find bumps, you may need to move to slightly higher grit sandpaper.

Move little by little because moving directly to the higher grit sandpaper may not help you in any way. Lastly, use 1200- 2000 grit sandpaper to give the wood a smooth finish.

You can feel the smoothness immediately when you touch the surface. Sand till you find the proper smoothness all over, and do not miss any edge.

Do not use sandpaper with bare hands. Instead, wrap it on the foam so that you can quickly grab it without any harm. After using sandpaper, clean the wood. More likely to wipe the dust. Then, move to the next step.

Step 3- Use A Rubbing Pad

Use A Rubbing Pad

After running sandpaper on the wood, you may need to smoothen the wood more. This time, use rubbing paper. The rubbing paper would clear all the rough edges and parts from the wood. It results in the wood reflection light.

One needs to use a sander for that. Take an orbital sander for better benefit. Put the rubbing pad on the bottom of the sander and run it over the wood.

After running it all over, you will soon see your desired finish. That’s a way to get a glassy finish on the wood.

It will put a shiny look on the surface. Rubbing pads are used to polish wood. That’s a way of polishing wood.

Remember not to stand in the same place for too long without noticing the change. Otherwise, the wood can give more uneven parts. Be careful while sanding.

Step 4- Clean The Surface

Clean The Surface

Finally, it is all done. Now wipe the residue dust and clean it. You will see the smooth finish. Clean the residues to complete the finishing.

Lastly, a simple thing you can do is to apply oil to the wood surface. And dry it off. Oil would bring out the shiny look and reflection that one needs.

Step 5- Apply Polyurethane

Apply Polyurethane

After finishing sanding and cleaning, it is time to secure its shine. The shiny cover of wood is easy to provide by only applying polyurethane. Sanding may remove all the worn parts; meanwhile, polyurethane gives a coating to hide off dullness.

Now take a brush. Also, take a bucket of polyurethane. Now dip the brush on the polyurethane and wipe the wood with the brush.

Make sure to apply the polyurethane on the whole wood, not missing any part. Run the brush on every part. Also, apply on the edges.

Apply the coating 2-3 times after every single coating one needs to sand a little bit. It would help for the durability of the wood.

Do give a finish to the coating. Run the brush from only one side to the other side. Do not make a criss-cross on a finishing touch. A shiny look is on the way. Let it dry.

How To Get A High Gloss Finish On Wood

How To Get A High Gloss Finish On Wood

You may find some wood products too shiny while others are dull and rough. Appearance may differ because of the wood quality, but giving it a glossy finish is the maker’s choice.

Wood products like chairs may not need a glossy look if you are using them for casual use. But the shiny look would beautify the chair, even the appearance of a desk or wardrobe.

A smooth finish with a glossy appearance is necessary for a wood material to ensure its vintage look.

Especially in the case of decorating your house, the shiny appearance of the wood product would add a vintage look to the home.

For making the product glossy, one just needs to do certain things. Let us sum up some steps here.

Firstly, one needs to clean the wood material. Well, if it’s an old wood material, it may have coatings or scratches all over. On the other hand, if the wood is a new one, it would have more roughness.

In old wood material, you just need to go for sanding. However, on the new wood material, one may need to put some coating too. In either case, sanding is a must. Sanding with both high and low grit sandpaper is required here.

For starting, take sandpaper with lower grit to remove all the bumps and lumps on the wood surface. Next, use sandpaper with higher grit to even all the surfaces and also the edges.

Starting with 80 grit sandpaper is usually the best one. It would remove all the roughness and even the texture of the wood.

Next, while using the upper grit sandpaper, use a one with 1200 or 2000 grit. The higher the grit, the softer and smoother the wood surface would be.

That will even the texture and remove all dullness over the wood. For a new wood material, you may need to sand it more cautiously, leaving no cracks or swirling marks. If you want to use a sander, it will save you time and effort.

At the same time, it may leave some swirl marks if you are not doing sanding properly. After that, use a more delicate grit pad, which will give the wood a soft and smooth finish. Lastly, you can put on it or any chemical substance to secure its shine.

Most of the time, people use wax, polyurethane, or water-based paint or else pore filler. Sometimes people may use lacquer too. Depends on your choice. Whatever you apply, apply it correctly on the edges too. And let it dry.

One may need to apply several coatings. Do not forget to use a sander in between every layer. That’s how you can get a guaranteed look of wood.

You can also go for polishing. For that, you may need to apply a primer coat on top. Overall, it will ensure a shiny finish.

How Can I Seal Wood Quickly?

How Can I Seal Wood Quickly.JPEG

After finishing wood materials and smoothening the whole up, it is time to seal the wood. Well, you can seal the wood before assembling the parts of a product or even after. In any way, it will not affect the product.

Instead, this will give the wood a smooth finish. After sanding and ensuring that the material is ready to seal, one needs to go smooth the wood. For sealing, lacquer is mainly used. Here we will inform you about the sealing process in steps.

Step 1- Clean The Wood

Clean The Wood

You might be done with working on wood or even making designs. Now clean the surface with a piece of cloth or wipe it loosely. It is done to remove the dust so that moving to the next step becomes easy.

Step 2- Place It

Well, it is time to place the wood in a certain way so that one can spray lacquer on both surfaces of the wood simultaneously. You may doubt why to put it when you can only apply on one part and, after drying it up, apply to another.

Drying up lacquer takes time and needs sanding between every coating. That’s why it is better to place the wood and then work on it. And also, apply the lacquer on the edges too.

Step 3- Spray Lacquer

Spray Lacquer

Spraying lacquer on the wood would save your time. One may get lacquer spray from the market or buy a spray bottle and put the lacquer in it.

Spraying is easier as you just need to spray it on the wood, and the particles will diffuse everywhere in a second.

Spray the lacquer on the edges too. Make sure not to miss any part. That’s how one can apply one coat of lacquer on the wood. After spraying, dry it. When it dries off, you can move to the next step.

Step 4- Sanding


After drying off the lacquer, one needs to sand the wood a little bit. Use higher grit sandpaper here. Wipe the surface and edges with sandpaper. You can put your hand on it to see if there are still any bumps present or not.

Do not need to put much pressure as it is a simple wiping of dust.

Step 5- Repeat

After applying the first coating of lacquer, you need to sand it. Remove the dust from the wood and spray lacquer again and sand it as before. One needs to do it 3-4 times.

Lastly, spray the lacquer and dry it. Keep it like that for the next 24 hours or more to give it a finish.

That’s how one can give a quick seal to the wood without any trouble.

What Will You Need To Make Wood Shiny, Glossy, And Smooth?:

What Will You Need To Make Wood Shiny, Glossy, And Smooth

If you want a glass-like finish on wood, you’ll need to use a wood polish. Some different types of wood polishes are available on the market, but the most popular ones are those that use waxes and oils.

Wood polish is applied by simply rubbing it into the surface of the wood, then leaving it to sit for a few minutes. This will start to remove any dirt, dust, and grease built up over time, and Erector he the one and glossiness of your wood. You can also use it to clean any scratches or other blemishes on your wood.

Overall, using a wood polish is an effective way to achieve a glass-like finish on your wooden items. Just be sure to apply it correctly for it to work its best.

Safety Precautions:

Safety Precautions

When it comes to woodworking, there are a few things that you need to be extremely careful with. One of these is the use of glass-like finishes on wood.

Glass-like finishes are often used on furniture and wood furniture to give them a glossy look. They’re usually applied using a spray gun and can be very difficult to remove without removing the underlying wood. The finish contains chemicals that resist water and oil, meaning it’s nearly impossible to remove without damaging the surrounding wood.

If you’re ever planning on applying a glass finish to any wooden surface, take safety precautions first! First, test the finish in an inconspicuous area before applying it to your entire project. Second, wear protective equipment when working with this type of finish – gloves, a face mask, and goggles. And finally, never attempt to remove the finish yourself – call in a professional instead!

Dry the Surface Completely Before Proceeding:

Glass Like Finish On Wood

Before applying any wood finish, it’s essential to dry the surface completely. This will help prevent any water or moisture from getting onto the wood and causing it to rot.

You can spray the surface with a water repellant, then cover it with a tarp or other cover. Ensure the tarp is secure so it doesn’t move around and cause wrinkles in the finish. Let the surface dry for at least 72 hours before beginning your project.

How To Get A High Gloss Finish On Wood: Step By Step:

How To Get A High Gloss Finish On Wood Step By Step

If you’re looking to get a high gloss finish on your wood, then you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Saturate the wood with a water-based solution, such as paint or varnish. Make sure to use a quality product that will not damage the wood.
  2. Let the solution dry completely.
  3. Apply a second coat of solution if necessary. Be sure to let the solution dry completely between coats.
  4. Once the finish has thoroughly dried, polish it with a buffing cloth or sandpaper to achieve the desired look and feel.

Pros Of Glossy Wood Finish?:

Pros Of Glossy Wood Finish Pros Of Glossy Wood Finish

There are a few benefits to choosing a glossy wood finish. First and foremost, it looks great! Polished finishes give your wood a beautiful, glass-like appearance that will turn heads. This is especially true if you’re using wood in a high-traffic area like a door or window.

Another significant benefit of glossies is that they protect your wood from weathering and staining. The oil and dirt on our hands easily seep into the surface of the wood when we touch it, and over time these oils can cause scratches and other blemishes. A glossy finish stops this by creating a protective barrier between the skin and the wood.

Finally, glossies are easy to keep clean. Soap up with water as needed and wipe down with a dry cloth to clean up any spills or messes.

 Step-By-Step Procedure:

If you’re looking to get a glass-like finish on wood, here’s a step-by-step procedure to help you achieve the desired results.

  1. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius).
  2. Mix one cup of linseed oil with two cups of water in a large bowl.
  3. Pour the mixture into a baking dish and place the wood slices inside it.
  4. Bake for three hours or until the wood is fully coated with the linseed oil mixture.
  5. Let the wood slices cool down before removing them from the dish, and then apply a final coat of linseed oil to ensure that they have a glass-like finish.

 How to Buff Polyurethane Finishes:

 How to Buff Polyurethane Finishes

There are a few ways to buff polyurethane finishes to have a glass-like finish.

One method is to use a clean cloth and mild liquid soap to wash the finish with water and soap. Then, use a soft, dry cloth to buff the finish until it’s shining. You can also use furniture polish or wax to achieve this same effect.

Another method is to apply a clear coating of polyurethane varnish using a spray gun. To do this, first, make sure the surface is immaculate and free of any dust or dirt. Next, mist the varnish onto the surface in an even layer using an atomizer or pump-action sprayer. Allow it to dry completely before applying your desired finish.

Both methods will give you a glass-like finish on your polyurethane finishes, but they may take different amounts of time and effort to achieve. It’s best to experiment until you find one technique that works best for you.

Final Remarks

Making a chair, table, desk or any wood-made product is not complete without a smooth polish. The polish will ensure the soft texture and the glossy look on the wood that anyone would desire.

A glossy finish gives the wood product a beautiful look which increases the beauty thousand more. Who doesn’t like the color of wood? Instead of putting artificial color on wood, preserving its own color is the best option. One can easily right the texture anytime they want.

Even polishing and varnishing would bring back the smooth look of the wood material. It is said that wood products can last for years and years without getting damaged. That also relies on the quality of the wood.

Overall, a beautiful finish to the wood product would not just beautify its look but also would give it longevity. Try doing varnishing and applying sand so that the product can preserve its own color for years. I hope now you know how can you get a glass like finish on wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What To Put On Wood To Make It Shiny?

Ans. To make the wood look shiny, one can put polyurethane on it. Everyone wants their wood material to look smooth and shiny all around. For that, after sanding the wood, apply polyurethane.

Polyurethane would put a coating on the surface of the wood. 3-4 layers of polyurethane are enough to make the wood shiny enough. Other than that, you can also put in some oil and let it dry to get a polished finish.

2.What Would Happen If You Didn’t Sand Between Two Coatings Of Polyurethane?

Ans. Well, polyurethane gives a shiny look on wood material. Applying coatings of polyurethane also secures the durability of the wood in the future. Sanding after every single layer is not necessary as the coatings are thick enough to hold.

Sanding between coatings would still increase the durability and remove the dullness of the wood on its full.

3.How Can You Get A Glass-Like Finish On Wood?

Ans. You can get a glass-like finish on wood by using a sealer. A sealer will protect the surface of the wood from moisture and damage, resulting in a glossy finish.

4.What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Achieve This?

Ans. One way to achieve this is to use a sealer that contains lacquer. Other popular sealers include polyurethane and varnish.

5.What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Using These Methods?

Ans. The possible side effects of using these methods include damaging the wood and leaving it looking fragile, the sealer becoming brittle over time, and chipping away at the wood.

6.Are There Other Benefits To Getting A Glass-Like Finish On Wood?

Ans. Apart from looking great, a glass-like finish can also protect the wood from moisture and damage, prolonging its life.

7.What Tips Ensure That Your Results Are Consistent And Lasting?

Ans. To ensure consistent and lasting results, it is essential to adhere to the following tips:

  • Start with a clean and dry surface
  • Preparation is key – use proper preparation methods before applying sealer
  • Ensure you are using the right sealer for your needs
  • Let the sealer dry completely before wood finishing

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