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You can not make your life smooth in a day. But you can work on the rough edges of woods to smoothen it out, and it’s also in a day. Often rough parts of woods are like stains on a perfect structure. One may not want to ignore it as it can lead to danger too. Sanding rough parts and curved ones would beautify more. So, how to sand spindle?

Sanding the spindle is as easy as you may think. But also difficult at the same time. Working carelessly will not do any good. From precautions to proper guidance, everything is required before stepping on the way of sanding. Here in this guide, we will discuss the information on sand spindles.

How To Sand Spindle

How to Sand Spindle – A Definite Guide

How to Sand Spindle - A Definite Guide

When smoothing plaster walls before painting, it is important to properly sand the surface to ensure a smooth and even finish. One technique that can be used is sanding with a spindle sander. A spindle sander is a power tool that has a rotating drum or spindle covered in sandpaper.

To sand a spindle, start by attaching the appropriate grit of sandpaper to the drum. Then, turn on the spindle sander and hold the spindle against the wall, moving it in a back-and-forth or circular motion. Be sure to apply even pressure and avoid pressing too hard, as this can damage the plaster.

Continue sanding until the surface feels smooth to the touch. Once you have finished sanding with the spindle sander, be sure to clean up any dust or debris before proceeding with painting.

Can you sand a spindle

Sanding a spindle is not easy nor tough. There are different options available for sanding. But on a spindle, using a machine for sanding would be a little bit dangerous. Rather do sanding on the spindle manually. It may take a lot of time, and one needs to be careful. Sanding can be done with sandpapers. If you have seen sandpaper before, you may know sandpaper can easily cut your skin.

Sandpapers are quite rough, and mishandling it can cause harm. If one has delicate skin, one should rather be careful. You can sand a spindle in a few hours and get your desired result. At the same time, sanding roughly may cause you damage.

Materials and Tools –

  • Spindle
  • Sandpaper

What Is Spindle Sander?

If you’re looking for a way to smooth out wood surfaces, consider using a spindle sander. Spindle sanders are a type of sander that use rotating disks to smooth wood surfaces. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Be sure to keep track of the sandpaper’s usage by counting how many passes it takes to get the desired results. Once you have it set up, attach it to your workbench and turn it on. Give it a go and see the results for yourself!

When Using The Sanding Spindle, Be Sure To Follow These Tips:

  1. Always wear safety goggles, ear protection, and an apron when working with the sanding spindle.
  2. Be careful not to include any sharp edges in your project; this can cause injury if you’re not careful.
  3. Position your workpiece so that it sits squarely on the sanding spindle.
  4. Make sure that you keep your grip tight on the sanding spindle, and use even pressure when flicking the switch to start the spin.

How to Sand Spindle

The sanding spindle needs total concentration. Otherwise, you may damage the spindle. Using a machine will not be a good choice here, rather use sandpaper. There are different types of sandpaper that are used for different purposes too. You may not know what type of sandpaper you need. Here we will also give you an idea regarding that.

Follow the Below Steps and Start Stepping in.

Step 1.Safety Precautions

Sanding requires precautions. Sandpaper is quite harmful as it may easily cut your skin. If you play with it or put too much pressure, it will cut your skin instead. That’s why one should not work with bare hands.

Wear gloves before starting. Otherwise, you may injure yourself with that rough paper. Do not take sandpapers lightly. Once you touch it, you will understand how rough it can be. Other than that, put on glasses. Well, when you may be working, dust from the residues may get into your eyes. To prevent damage, better put it on.

Step 2.Choose Sandpaper.

Choose Sandpaper

Well, there are available sandpapers you can find on the marketplace. But every sandpaper is not suitable for sanding everything. The sandpapers are measured by grits. Like you need to know the grit you want to use.You need to get the right sandpaper for sanding. For the spindle, you need both rough and soft sandpapers. First, use the rough one to get the structure. Then use the soft one to finish it off smoothly.

You may need to use 80 grit and 180 or more grit. It usually depends on the spindle. But you can use one grit and use it with a little bit more pressure to get the benefits of other grits. Well, the lower grit sandpapers are rougher than, the higher grit sandpapers. First, you need to use the sandpaper of lower grit and finish it off with higher grit to get a smooth finishing.

Lower grit sandpapers are used on rough woods, furniture, and all. The main use of it is to even the surface and edges. After equalizing the surface, one needs to make the surface smoother. Otherwise, once you put your hands on the material, it would feel like putting hands on thrones. To smoothen it, one should use sandpaper of higher grit. The higher the grit, the higher chance to make the material smooth like butter.

Step 3.Use Sandpaper.

Use Sandpaper

As you have already chosen the sandpaper to use, you may start working. Before starting, fold the sandpaper. You can do threefold maximum and work with it. Sometimes, while working on spindle folding, the sandpaper might not help. It can create unintentional curved sides. That can make the spindle rougher with uneven edges. To prevent that, surround the spindle with the sandpaper fully. There might be edges left, and you can work on them later too. Or just cover the spindle properly.

Step 4.Sand the Spindle

Sand the Spindle

Finally, it is time to sand the spindle with sandpaper. After surrounding the spindle with sandpaper, move the sandpaper back and forth. It will create dust and cut off unnecessary portions.
While moving, also focus on the edges. Do not leave the edges behind. After using the rough grit, apply the softened one.
Proceed in the same way. This time the grit is used to provide smooth finishing. Move it forward and backward and also on the edges. Lastly, give it a smooth finishing.
While rubbing, do it from one side to prevent further damage.

Step 5.Cleaning


Finally, it is time to pack it up. The last thing you need to do after sanding, clean the spindle. There would be so much dust all around. You don’t want to keep it that way, right?

Clean the surface with a piece of dry cloth. See if it still needs work, or any part was not smooth enough. Cleaning would give you a proper view so that you can notice the missed parts. It is better to clean it after using the first grit then move on to the second one. After cleaning, you can glare at the spindle to see your own art. Take a moment to appreciate yourself.

Sanding Chair Spindles

Sanding Chair Spindles

There’s nothing like a freshly sanded piece of furniture to brighten up a room. And, if you’re like most people, you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself. That’s where sanding chair spindles come in! Spindle sanding is a great way to remove scratches, dings, and other surface imperfections from wood furniture.

Then, press the button to fine-grit sandpaper and keep on sanding until you get your desired finish. Be sure to use caution while working on delicate surfaces – accidents can happen easily! Now that you know how to sand chair spindles don’t wait – start sanding today and make your furniture look brand new!

How do you Sand Spindles on a Chair?

You are most probably faded up by looking at your old chair. Now, you may want to change it to get a better one. Why not sand it instead? You can also paint it after sanding. That will give it a new look. Saving your money at the same time. It is a win-win situation indeed.

But how to do that, especially when you are not a professional? Well, you can sand spindles on a chair with sandpaper or a machine. Machines may also provide you with a great finish. But why spend so much money when you can get it at a lower cost? Exactly, that’s why we are going to explain how to sand with sandpaper.

First, take sandpaper of 80 grit. Well, 80 grit removes paint and varnishes easily. It is the rough one that can give a curve to wood. But, here, you do not need it. Use the sandpaper on the surface and move it along the way from top to down until it is properly smoothed.

Then, use sandpaper of 240 grit to give the wood finish. You might miss some parts too. Especially where the chair connects at a 90-degree angle. There you may wrap the paper and move it from side to side. This will help to get the part. Remember to sand till you get the perfect surface. Don’t be too rough on the wood. Otherwise, you may not get the desired one and spoil the structure. Lastly, clean the surface.

You can also paint it after sanding. Paint after sanding to get a bright look. If you only want to remove old paint or varnish, apply new paint instead. Sanding is to make the surface smoother. It might help to paint too. Still, to prevent the loss, it is better to paint it. In case your chair has rough surfaces all over, try doing sanding.

How do you Sand Down a Banister?

How do you Sand Down a Banister?

Well, for sanding a banister for stairs, do use a sander machine. Of course, you will not be a fool to use sandpaper for the banister. Probably, the banister is large and long and will take a long time if you sand it with sandpaper manually. Instead, use a machine for sanding. It will save your time and also your efforts. Running a machine is easy here. You just need to put foam and plug the machine, then run it.

For sanding the banister, first, you need to clean the surface. You can also wipe it off with a dry cloth. Then offset a ½” foam of medium grit on the machine. It is the standard size. You can also take larger sizes depending on the banister. Putting a smaller foam may take a long time. But, if you want to be cautious, use it.

Afterward, run on the machine over the banister till you get a perfect finish. It will take less time and effort. You should also run it through the edges and inner parts. Do not miss any. You may miss the inner edges. Keep it in mind. Lastly, clean the residues and the surface. Observe it to see if sanding is done properly or not It would be good to paint it. After sanding, painting it with oil paint would give it a shiny look. That would make your home brighter and cheerful in the daylight.

How do you Sand and Decorate Wood?

How do you Sand and Decorate Wood?

Woods need sanding for a perfect finish. No one wants the perfect structure to get ruined because of the rough surface and edges. That’s why, before painting or assembling any wood materials, one needs to sand them. For sanding, you can use sandpaper or a machine. The Sander machine might be easier to use and will cut you some slack. While using sandpaper, first use sandpaper of lower grit and rub the surface of the wood to straighten.

After making all the rough parts equal, use sandpaper of higher grit to smoothen the surface. Thus, you will get a smooth finishing. Do not forget to clean it after finishing sanding. While using sandpaper, make sure to use it from one side. Like, if you are rubbing it from left to right, do it for every edge. Do not go right to left then. Otherwise, it will give an uneven surface.

You can also use a sander machine by attaching foam to it. You need to run over the machine from one side to another. It’s an easy method to apply. You can sand as you want. Even the designs can be sanded if you put the machine a little bit down on the side of the design. Thus you will be able to sand the designed part without any worry. You can also make shapes by using a sander machine. Or also put a design on the wood material. That would give the wood an attractive look.

Do not put too much pressure or run over the machine at a place for a longer time. If you keep on holding the machine at a place for a long time, it will create an uneven surface, almost like an unwanted design. That’s why they do not hold the machine for long. Clean immediately after sanding. Putting oil paint on it would be better. That’s how you can get the feeling of new wood items without even spending money.

Final Remark

Sanding is a task that would also help you to enjoy your leisure. You can make curved items and give beautiful designs to the wood. From a decorative perspective, it would look so cool. The cherry on the top, you will also get praised. But putting in too much effort may ruin all your effort. You may get an undesired curvy structure or high and low surfaces. Overall, too much effort can turn the wood into a disaster.

The same goes for spindles. You may want it to look perfect without any staining present. But if you do sanding too much, it will ruin the spindle. The necessity of using the right grit is undeniable. Be sure to pick the best one and do the best while sanding. Either use a sander machine or do sand manually. In either case, know what you exactly want. I hope now you know how to sand spindle.


1.Is there an easy way to sand spindles?
Ans. Using sandpaper is the easiest way to sand spindles. Some may find using machines would be better. By using sandpaper, you can save money and get the most. One can easily use it without being professional. Also, the easiest equipment you can find though sanding may need physical effort.

2.What happens if you don’t sand before painting?

Ans. Most of the woods remain rough on the surface before sanding. Sanding gives a proper texture and smooth surface, making no place for rough surfaces. Sanding is required before painting so that the paint sets off properly. Otherwise, the rough surface would make the paint look horrible, and it would be like a bunch of colored thrones placed on the surface.

3.Is it better to sand or strip furniture?

Ans. Always better to strip than sand. Stripping will need chemicals. Stripping does well with stains. Even though after stripping, one may need to sand too. But only in the woods. Stripping would prevent the furniture surface from being high and low, leaving no stains and paint. That’s why stripping is better.

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