How To Stop Fridge Rattling Noise

Does your brand new fridge make a rattling noise? Or your regular used fridge just started vibrating and getting loud? It is quite a mess. Isn’t it? Probably these noises are the worst part of your day. Several faults or issues can make this happen. Whether it’s your negligence or you had a bad purchase of electronics. Maybe it’s the evaporating fan. Or the ice maker is faulty. We don’t know the exact reason yet.

You need to determine what’s making all the racket throughout an investigation. Because the solution is always found in the source of the problem, so it’s never too complicated to fix the fridges’ extra noise. You’ll just need a proper guideline. There are some crucial points to let you know how to stop fridge rattling noise, which is useful for those struggling to fix their fridge’s irritating sound. Check out these several worthwhile instructions to solve your problems.

How To Stop Fridge Rattling Noise

What Is Rattling Noise?

Rattling noise is like a fast and unsteady burst of sounds. For example, the quick and shaky noise made by a rattlesnake is utilizing This kind of fast, loud sound made by anything that can be called a rattling noise. Sometimes our refrigerators make disjointed and fast sounds. Inside machines, like a car engine, keep making rattling sounds when they’re faulty or broken.

If your fridge is making a rattling noise, sometimes it could be normal. It may just be simple operations that occurred by the condenser fan or compressor. But, if the noise keeps getting loud and excessive, it becomes irritating. This type of rattling is mostly caused by the condenser fan blades, drain pan or defrost timer.

Why Does Your Fridge Make A Rattling Noise?

Have you brought a new fridge, and it started making creepy noises? And the noise suddenly stops when you open the door gasket. Or does it just keep vibrating and rattling all day?

There can be different types of noise coming from different sources. Lack of maintenance the technical fault may cause the problem. But what causes ‘your fridge’ rattling? Here are some of the reasons for this unwanted noise.

Defective Compressor

Defective Compressor

If you’ve ever heard a strange punchy noise from your fridge. It’s most likely caused by a defective compressor. This small but crucial appliance can cost you a lot if it’s not fixed in a timely manner. There are several ways to fix the problem, but the best one involves some DIY work.

If that’s not an option, try to buy a new refrigerator without knowing if the compressor is defective. The potential repair costs could be high, so it’s important to take preventive measures sooner rather than later. If you’ve determined that your fridge has a defect, make an appointment with a repairman as soon as possible to avoid hefty costs down the line.

When The Condenser Fan Gets Too Dirty

All the refrigerators do not have condenser fans. But if you have a frost-free modern refrigerator, then please check if the condenser is cleaned or not. Now you have to notice whether the rattling sound is coming from the back or not. If so, then it can be caused by the condenser. There is a rear access panel where the condenser fan is usually placed. Since debris and other dirt accumulates on the fan, the blade gets dirty soon. All this dirt obstructs the motor. And your fridge keeps rattling all the time.

Clean Condenser Fan Blades

Clean Condenser Fan Blades


Fridge rattling noise is a common issue that many people suffer from.This is usually caused by dirty fan blades. And you can easily prevent it if you follow some simple tips. Firstly, let the appliance cool down before using it again in order to ensure that the blade has settled back into its rightful place.

Secondly, if you notice that the noise is becoming more frequent, it might be a good idea to clean the condenser fan blades using a household cleaner like ammonia or vinegar. Finally, to ensure that the noise doesn’t occur in the first place, it’s important to clean the fan blades on a regular basis.

When The Drain Pan Is Not Placed Properly

Sometimes there is a mechanical problem due to the misplacing of the drain pan. When the drain pan gets misplaced somehow, it becomes noisy. Sounds coming from the bottom of a fridge are mostly caused by this drain pan. So please have a look if the pan is in the exact position. Or it is not placed properly. Also, check that equipment is placed underneath as support. Their movement may also cause extra noises.

Faulty Defrost Timer Motor

Fridge rattling noise is a common issue that can be difficult to diagnose and fix. If you’re experiencing rattling noise coming from the freezer section, it’s likely that the defrost timer motor has failed. To check this, you’ll need to remove the back panel of your fridge and check for any damage or malfunctioning parts.

If all repairs are unsuccessful, it may be time to replace your entire fridge. In the meantime, try fixing the noise by adjusting the timer settings or turning the fridge off and on again. If that doesn’t work, it might be time to call in a professional.

Faults In The Evaporator Fan Motor

While talking about the rattling noise of the fridge, the evaporator fan plays a major role. Faulty evaporator fans cause excessive noise in many ways. In most evaporator fans, there is a rubber grommet, which is used to reduce the vibration and cause less noise. It also helps isolate the motor. But there is no guarantee how long the rubber will last. In many cases, this rubber gets torn apart or loose. So it fails to control the noise of the motor. And makes an enormously loud noise.

When The Ice Maker Has A Mechanical Problem

When the ice maker has a mechanical problem, it keeps making a humming sound. It mostly happens because the ice maker gets filled with water. When the water lines are turned on, the humming may continue for a while. Also, when there is high water pressure on the ice maker, it makes some noise.

Obstacles To Moving The Fan

Is your fridges’ evaporator fan blocked somehow? Then it is one of the possible causes for a rattling noise. When some small objects get stuck into the evaporator, it creates a block. So the fan can not move easily. Then it makes a creepy noise and also starts vibrating.

Don’t Mix Normal Noises With Rattling Noises

As a lot of plastic parts are used to make a refrigerator, expansion and contraction may occur. A little bit of crackling, popping, or snapping happens in most of the fridges. Especially when it’s new, due to air circulation, some blowing and whistling may also occur. It will just fix easily if you do a little repositioning.

When the water drops on the defroster, some hissing or sizzling sound can be heard. Since refrigerant changes from a gas to liquid and keeps going back, bubbling and goggling are quite normal. So don’t get confused. Just know the difference between normal fridge sound and rattling.

How To Stop Fridge Rattling Noise- A Complete Guideline

When your fridge starts rattling and stops cooling, it becomes your worst nightmare. But it is quite easy to fix your noisy fridges’ problem. To stop fridge rattling noise, you need to follow a step-by-step procedure.

  • First of all, find the source of the noise.
  • The second is to find out the reason for the noise.
  • The third step is on how to Stop Fridge Rattling Noise.


Let’s find where the noise is coming from. Follow these easy steps to determine which part is the culprit.

Step 1

When you open the doors of a fridge, the evaporator fan stops running. So open all the doors of the refrigerator Now listen to the sound carefully. Does the noise suddenly stop while the doors are fully opened?

Step 2

Now close all the doors and notice. If the noise returns, if so, then It’s likely caused by the evaporator fan, which has a motor with mechanical issues.

Step 3

 Now open the doors again. Then close a few minutes later.

Step 4

Check if the refrigerator noise stops now. Then the evaporator fan motor is not the cause. There might be some other issue.

Step 5

In this step, check where the noise is coming from. Is it the bottom part? When it’s coming from the bottom, then it’s likely the drain pan. Maybe the drain pan of your fridge got misplaced and made all these noises.

Step 6

For a final check, please keep an eye on the ice maker. Is it full? Then maybe it is causing the noise. Follow all the steps properly and quickly find out the source.


Why do the evaporator fan motors make a noise? Did it have these problems from the day you purchased it? Or it’s having mechanical issues. Or maybe it’s dirty or some obstacles stuck into it. There can be any reason for a rattling noise. To find that, follow the reasons I’ve mentioned before.

Steps To Fix Fridge Rattling Noise

As the noise can come from different parts, the solutions are also different. Check out these solutions to solve any problem that you face with your rattling fridge –

What If The Fridge Makes A Loud Noise When The Door Is Open?

When your fridge starts rattling noise while the door is open, you need to fix the evaporator fan. Maybe it needs a replacement. The evaporator fan is located on the backside of a fridge. To reach there, you need to move the freezer compartment. And also, remove the inside panel. For this, remove the holding screws.

After removing the inside part, check if the fan moves correctly or not. Are there any obstacles, or is it super dirty? When the compressor makes a rattling noise, it becomes a complex issue. So it will be a smart decision if you let the professional check the compressor, diagnose and fix it.

What If The Fridge Is Just Rattling And Not Cooling

Sometimes you face problems like- fridge keeps rattling and stops cooling. For this, Open the door first. Check if the lights are on. If so, then the refrigerator has power. So move on to the next reason. But when you can’t see any light after you open the doors, maybe it’s not the power cord. And plug this cord firmly. There might be an owner’s manual with your appliance. You can also follow the instructions. If this issue is caused by a malfunctioning compressor, it needs professional intervention.

When The Fridge Makes A Vibrating Noise?

Sometimes the refrigerators make excessive noise and keep vibrating. It is the retainer clip that makes this happen. It stays on top of the posts of the compressor mount. If this noise happens several times a day, push it back into the cabinet space. And wait for a minute. Check if the noise comes again. Is it still vibrating? Then lift the top tab on the posts. If it is held tight, it won’t vibrate again.

When The Rubber Grommet Tore Apart?

Sometimes the rubber grommet tore’s apart and fails to reduce the noise. First, you have to move the rubber. Now replace this faulty grommet with a new hand-made rubber grommet. What size rubber grommet do you need? Find this by measuring the panel. Find out how thick it is. Also, determine the hole size where the rubber will be placed.

After that, put the rubber through the hole from underneath the path. Place the DIY grommet under the panel. And fix it!

Fixing The Ice Maker

When the ice maker does not work properly or if it’s overloaded with water, then it may cause extra noise. To fix this, unplug your fridge first. Now turn off the water supply of the valve. Unhook the water line from your freezer compartment.

Point the water line into a container or a bucket sink. After a few moments, turn on the water supply again. Wait until the water flow is normal. Now put everything back where they were. Hope the ice maker will start working within 24 hours. If it doesn’t work, then you must replace it with a new one.

Final Words

Most of the refrigerators make a bit of noise to some extent. This could be normal. Sometimes it can fade away after a few uses. But, it is more annoying when it keeps rattling all day long. So it’s better to look for how to stop fridge rattling noise and resolve the technical issues in your fridge before it’s too late. You can just follow our instructions to get a worthwhile solution. In case of complexity, hire a licensed technician. Cause the earlier you start resolving, the less it’ll cost you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is A Noisy Fridge Dangerous?

Ans. It depends on the amount of noise. And the source and reason for it. Dripping, clicking, whooshing, whirring is common sounds of any refrigerator. Most of the fridges make a little amount of noise while running. They create a variety of humming. Even it is normal at different points. But in a few cases, it can be dangerous. But if your fridge makes a loud noise and gets warmer radically, then it might be a capacitor failure. This can cause your fridge to catch fire and also can explode if there is a leakage of gas.

2.How To Fix The Fridge Rattling?

Ans. After you find the culprit of the noise and the reason behind it, you can easily fix the basic problems. If the problems are like- dirty evaporator fan, broken fan blade, obstacles in the compressor, overflowing ice maker, torn rubber grommet, humming, and dripping sounds, etc., you can solve this on your own. The troubleshooting manual can help you while doing this. If the problem is beyond your capability, then look for a professional mechanic.

3.Why Does My Fridge Keep Vibrating?

Ans. The most common reason for a fridge vibrate is misplacing. When your fridge is not correctly positioned, it makes sounds with different parts. Especially plastic parts. Also, if your fridge is sitting on an uneven platform, then it starts vibrating.

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