12 Ways To Make Microphone Sound

12 Ways to Make Microphone Sound

The microphone has always been a familiar name to everyone because you use or watch to use them while talking to anyone, performing on stage, or recording voice. Anyway, the perfect quality of a microphone’s sound is much needed when recording music or performing on the stage. The total outcome of your recording and the … Read more

How To Soundproof Between Existing Floors

How To Soundproof Between Existing Floors

What is the first thing that comes to your mind after a busy and exhausting day? ‘Yeah, it’s time to hit the hay!’ Getting a sound sleep indeed sounds exhilarating, but what if you have noisy neighbors? What if the kids’ upstairs start having wrestling matches or the teenagers start having a late-night party with … Read more

How To Soundproof A Room Cheaply?

How To Soundproof A Room Cheaply

You’ve finally found your dream home, but the noise from your neighbors is driving you crazy. The problem with soundproofing a room is that it’s expensive and time-consuming to do it right. It can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks or months to get everything done. So, how to soundproof a room cheaply? You … Read more

How To Stop Fridge Rattling Noise

How To Stop Fridge Rattling Noise

Does your brand new fridge make a rattling noise? Or your regular used fridge just started vibrating and getting loud? It is quite a mess. Isn’t it? Probably these noises are the worst part of your day. Several faults or issues can make this happen. Whether it’s your negligence or you had a bad purchase … Read more

Best Microphone Isolation Shield Review & Buying Guide

Best Microphone Isolation Shield

If you’re a DJ or working with music, you are already familiar with the microphone and its attachments well. Do you know what is a microphone isolation shield is and what is the best microphone isolation shield? That is an important part of a mic that makes the music sound better and sometimes protects your … Read more