Track Saw vs. Circular Saw – Which Is Better?

When you are involved with wood, you will often be required to cut and shape it according to your requirement.

A perfect saw is needed to get the perfect furniture. There is quite a huge range of saws with similar functions and few differences which can be sued to maximize your work efficiency. So, which is better Track Saw vs. Circular Saw?

Two of the best saws that could meet your demand are the track saw and circular saw. At a glance, both of them might seem the same with a circular blade that can perform both straight and angled cuts.


The two only had a few differences in them. It is these differences that make them perfectly specialized in certain tasks.

Track Saw vs. Circular Saw - Which Is Better?

Track Saw

Track Saw

The track saw consists of two parts- an elongated metal guide and a handheld device. It is the perfect saw for both ripping clothes and cutting pieces of lumber. The metal guide is placed on top of the part that needs to be cut. Then the handheld saw is run over the track.

This function ensures that only necessary parts are cut. No unnecessary movements are made, and the task is done with great efficiency. Track saws have been in use for decades ago. But it has been made popular until recently due to the huge improvements in its system and the DIY movements. It is a handy tool that is highly convenient since it has the functions of a miter saw, table saw, and radial arm saw, all in a single tool.

Key features


The set comes together with a metal track, which is important for providing a stable ground if the saw slips out of hand. It has rubber grips that prevent the saw from moving away from its position by mistake.

Blade Covers

There are plastic blade covers for the handheld saw. These covers prevent rusting and oxide reactions with the air.

They also help in safety since; you will not be required to clean the blades. Otherwise, you might cut your fingers when you clean the blades.

Dust Collection

It comes together with a dust bag, which keeps your workstation clean and virtually dust-free. When you are not using it, you could easily fold it down and store it away safely.

Benefits Of A Track Saw

Highly Accurate

Projects like cabinets and other furniture require a high level of accuracy. Even a small extra cut could destroy the piece.

Track saws are made for long rip cuts to be accurate. They’re great for providing defined cuts that could be used for lavish design. It is great for cutting down tight spots and corners.

It Is multipurpose

A track saw not only serves to cut down large pieces of timber or furniture. It can also cut down a thin piece of board and cloth.

Since you can preset the depths you need, you can carry out your cutting process on any surface, like tables.

Easy To transport

You might want to bring a saw to the site for wood that is too large to carry out. Track saws are perfect for the job in is such cases.

You do not even need to transport the lumber to your workplace. You could bring the saw to the lumber without any hassle.

Make Tapered Cuts

With track saws, control and maneuverability are as easy as making any cuts without any hesitation. It does not matter what type of fancy cut you want to make.

As long as you are skilled enough for these cuts, you can make your preferred cuts with ease.

Pros And Cons Of A Track Saw

What makes track saws ideal for wood cutting is the fact that it does not stray away from their path.

The cut it makes is absolutely consistent with the grain of the wood. It also allows you to preset the depth and cut the materials of your preference.


  • Incredibly flexible as you can choose to change the cutting depths.
  • Can be used to make detailed and smaller cuts.
  • Can be stored anywhere no matter how tight the space is
  • Can be used for a long time without charging
  • A very stable build-in motor
  • Improved safety for users.
  • Moderately priced unless you go for the expensive ones.


  • Has a long installation duration.
  • No extra blades or replacements

Which Track Saw Should You Buy?

The track saw market is mainly dominated by three brands- DEWALT and Shop Fox. After considering the factors mentioned earlier, buy your track saw.

Each of these brands is a pioneer when it comes to tracking saws. They have different functions that excel in places their counterparts don’t.

What’s the Difference Between a Track Saw and a Circular Saw?

What's the Difference Between a Track Saw and a Circular Saw?

When it comes to choosing the right saw for the task at hand, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, track saws are better for cutting large pieces of lumber, while circular saws are better for finer cuts or more delicate work like carving out details on furniture. Second, the edges of the piece cut by these two tools are different in precision. With a track saw, the teeth catch the wood in the blade, while with a circular saw the blade spins and slices through the wood.
Third, both tools have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose which one is right for your needs before starting any projects. For example, a track saw has teeth that catch wood in the blade, while a circular saw does not have teeth and instead uses a spinning blade to cut the wood. Fourth, a track saw is heavier and requires more effort to move around, while a circular saw is easier to move and can cut through more wood at one .

What is a Track Saw?

What is a Track Saw?

When it comes to choosing the perfect saw for the job, it can be tough. That’s where Track Saw vs Circular Saw – Which Is Better? comes in. This comparison website offers several helpful comparisons to help you choose the perfect saw for your needs. For woodworking, a track saw is a versatile machine that is great for larger projects.

It allows for more precise cuts than a circular saw, making it ideal for woodworking and other construction tasks. Additionally, the blade on a track saw is also mounted on an articulated arm, which makes it easier to use and control. So, whether you’re seeing for a saw that is more specialized for the construction industry, a circular saw may be the better option for you.

Are Track Saws Safer than Table Saws?

Are Track Saws Safer than Table Saws

When it comes to track saws vs. table saws, the debate is still raging. So what’s the verdict? Well, the verdict is track saws are safer than table saws. They have a guard that prevents the blade from coming into contact with your hands and a rectilinear path, which means the cutting line is always in one direction. Additionally, track saws are much more accurate than circular saw blades, meaning less mistakes or wastage. So, if you’re looking for a saw that is more precise and safer, go for a track saw!

What is a Circular Saw?

What is a Circular Saw

When it comes to saws, there are a variety of options available to the average person. Choosing the right saw for the job can be a daunting task, but thankfully, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different types of saws available and their benefits and drawbacks. We’ll also compare and contrast track saws and circular saws so that you can make an informed decision about which saw is the best for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How Do I Use a Circular Saw?

How Do I Use a Circular Saw

When it comes to cutting wood, the decision of which saw to choose can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you decide – track saw vs. circular saw. Both saws have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

If you’re cutting larger or more intricate pieces of wood, then a circular saw is the better option. It’s easier to operate and has a wider cutting range, making it better suited for more versatile tasks. If you’re just starting out, a track saw is the perfect option – it’s easy to learn and use. Just make sure to follow the saw’s tracks to make accurate and precise cuts.

DEWALT Flexvolt 60V MAX 6-1/2 Cordless TrackSaw Kit

Cost: $250

The greatest advantage of buying a DEWALT saw is that it is cordless. You can go cordless if you decide to use this saw.

It has a 20V battery which means that you can use it for a very long time without charging. The blades can turn at a maximum of 47 degrees and plunge at any depths.

The speed of the blade could be easily selected between a range of 1,750 and 4,000 RPM.

The bevel action of this model is faulty. If you can ignore this function and have no use for it, this product would make a great addition to your tool room.

Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw

Cost: $300

You may be on a tight budget. If that is the case, this product could be for you potentially. It comes together with a track with metal meshes that make it very durable.

The blades can turn at 45-degree rotations. The power requirement is 9 amps, so the motor is definitely powerful with a rotational speed of 5500 RPM. It also provides great safety.

The greatest problem with this saw track is its very short cord, at just 6 feet long. However, it is still definitely a great choice considering the price you could get it for.

Circular Saw

These saws are sometimes called skill saws. It is a power tool used to cut dense pieces of wood using the rotary spinning motion of an abrasive disc. This tool was invented in the 18th century and has been used since. This is a tool that is always mentioned among carpenters.

Beginners of carpentry tend to learn to cut wood using this. Despite its massive popularity, it is not safe enough. That is why people tend to wear durable gloves to protect themselves in case of accidents.

Key Features


Circular Saws tend to have a very high motor speed, usually between 5,300 and 5,800 revolutions per minute. These motor are run by electricity and needs to be connected to an electric supply using a cord before usage.

Riving Knife

Most of the knives tend to squeeze among themselves. This could result in sparks that burn the wood as they go off. This could happen in any wood cutting situation if the saw is not top-notch. The duty of riving knives is to prevent this from happening.

Blade Guard

This is usually a protection cover used to cover the top half of the blade to restrict any motion when not in use. There are also other variants of this guard that has many other added functions.

Benefits Of A Circular Saw

Rip Cuts

The Circular saw works great with rip cuts. As long as you cut along the grain, you will be able to cut through any type of wood. The cuts are precise and do not take much strength to apply. It is great for almost any type of cut as long as you are skilled enough to produce them.


It does not need to be confined to a place like other huge saws. It only weighs eight pounds which gives it a compact and easy-to-carry shape. You could also choose to go for the cordless options as long as you decide to spend more on these saws. Say goodbye to when you would always trip on your cords.


These saws have extra added features like LED lights that help you use them precisely, even in low light conditions.

Pros And Cons

The circular saw might be a perfect fit for your demands. They can go for any tight spots or corners without any problem.


  • It does not matter what handed you are since it comes in both designs
  • Smaller motor with a manageable noise level
  • Does not use much energy, so it can be used regularly.
  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Does not rust easily
  • Easy to use


  • Not enough accuracy when going for tight corners and curves.
  • Very noisy when it works.
  • More expensive than most other saws.

Which Circular Saw Should You Buy?

If you go to the market, you will find out many brands of circular saws. However, DEWALT and Makita brand plays a monopoly in the circular saw market.

In theory, both of them are great and convenient to use. However, some key features in between them put them apart from each other.

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw (DCS570B)


Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 Inch Plunge Circular Saw Kit

Cost: $219

DEWALT’s circular saw is known for its versatility. The blades can rotate at a range of up to 57 degrees. The motor has no brushes inside it and has a rotational speed of 5500 RPM. It allows you to cut through any dense material. The time taken to complete the task is also reduced due to the high-speed cutting. This product will provide you with an edge to maximize your work efficiency over other saw models.

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 Inch Plunge Circular Saw Kit

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 Inch Plunge Circular Saw Kit

Cost: $429

When it comes to tracking saws with great efficiency and usage, Makita SP6000J1 will make it on any list.

The handle comes together with a dial. The users could choose to adjust the speed according to their preferences. This factor makes Makita a great saw.

The only fault in their model is that the blades are not that sharp enough to cut very dense materials.

What To Consider When Buying A Saw?

When buying saws, you should research properly the factors you need to consider. Whether it is a track saw or circular saw, they will both work for most of the tasks you intend to use it in.

These saws come at various prices with a wide array of extra features. So instead of buying a more expensive saw, whose features you are never going to use, buy one that fits your requirements instead.

The factors below are important if you intend to buy a saw any time soon.

  • Blade Size
  • Speed settings
  • Bevel Capacity
  • Motor Power
  • Cord or Cordless
  • Length of Cord
  • Length of Track
  • Safety Features

Saw Blade

When buying your saw, you could also buy some extra replacements of a specific blade. These blades have different functions and can fit in both circular and track saws. The market has saws that are special in many other properties:

  • Framing Blade
  • Finishing Blade
  • Metal cutting blade
  • Diamond Blade
  • Teflon coated Blade
  • Glue rip Blade
  • Laminate Blade

Differences Between Track And Circular Saw

Differences Between Track And Circular Saw

Track SawCircular Saw
Track saw comes with a rail on which the blade works.They do not have any tracks.
A track saw is lightweight since this is designed to carry on hand with ease. It is easy to store.While cordless, circular saws are light, the ones with cord are more heavier and requires a lot of space to be stored in.
It has blade guards used to cover the blades from outside contact.The guard is merely used for protection
Has a three cut system.Employs a double cut system
Track saws are safer since their blades are not much exposed.The blades are exposed, which could have questionable safety.
It is easy if you want to make cuts through a jagged route.Can only allow straight or diagonal cuts to be made.
Has a good rubber grip so it will not slip out of hand.Doesn’t use any gripping tools, so the handle has a slight chance of slipping.
The built-in dust collector and hooded blades work together to remove any dust created from cutting wood.Circular saws have no such collectors or cleaners. You will be required to remove the dust manually.

 So Which One Is Better?

Both track and circular saws are great tools. So which is the best one? That is a hard question to answer since they both have the specialties that set them apart.

Woodworkers and DIY professionals tend to specialize in only one of the tools instead of both of them. It completely depends on your preference which one you end up with.


Track and Circular saws are very important DIY and wood cutting tools. They are normally used to make changes in pieces of furniture or board. Although many other saw forms exist, none are as convenient and easy to use as the track and circular saw. I hope now you know Track Saw vs. Circular Saw which is better. Although both of them are a little bit expensive, the investment would pay off later on. Because of the efficiency and accompanying functions, these tools are among the most popular saws.

Both the saws mentioned above can use for a variety of cutting jobs. However, if you are looking for something that is specially designed to cut some tough materials like wood or metal, then you might consider investing in a circular saw. For those who don’t want to spend too much money on a high-end tool, then a simple track saw could work just fine. As long as you have the right technique and know what kind of cuts you are going to perform, it should not be difficult at all. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can You Sharpen Your Saw Blades?

Ans. If you are using your saw frequently, it is advised to sharpen the blades regularly. You could use a file to sharpen it yourself. However, if you do it yourself, there is a chance of damaging it. So it would be best if you went to a person who specializes in working with cutting and shaping diamonds, lest you damage the blades.

2.How To Prevent Any Potential Injuries From Track Or Circular Saw?

Ans. Injuries are sometimes unavoidable when using these machines. Although the blades in a track saw are semi-exposed, a sudden slip could still cause some minor injury. You could choose to wear polymer gloves to protect your hand and use external handles to push the saw along the wood so that the blade can never come in contact with your skin.

3.Can Track Saws Be Used Without The Track?

Ans. Yes, track saws can also be used without the track. However, it would be best if you didn’t use it since this could cause inconsistent cuttings. If you are not used to using a saw, you might even ruin your project by mistake.

4.Which Type Of Saw Should Use For Crosscutting Lumber?

Ans. A saw blade with a kerf (width) of 0.335 inch or smaller should use for crosscutting lumber.

5.How Do I Know If A Track Saw Is The Right Tool For The Job?

Ans. The most important factors to consider when selecting a track saw are the size and type of cut you need to make, the saw’s power and speed, and the saw’s dust port.

6.Can A Circular Saw Use To Cut Curves In Wood?

Ans. A circular saw can use to cut curves in wood, but it is not the best tool for the task. A better option would be a jigsaw or a miter saw.

7.What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using A Track Saw Vs. A Circular Saw?

Ans. There are pros and cons to both track saws and circular saws. Track saws are faster than circular saws, but circular saws are more accurate.

8.Which Is Better For Cutting Wood In Straight Lines?

Ans. Saws or miter saws. Sources: “Which is better for cutting wood in straight lines?” saws-vs-miter-saws-290005 and “How to Choose the Right Saw for the Job” how-to/choose-the-right-saw-for-the-job

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