Best Sanding Block Review & Buying Guide

The human mind always clings towards perfection. Odd things are never appealing to us. So, we walk in line to make things even, no matter what it is, plastic material or rough-surfaced furniture, or it could be anything, even a pencil or charcoal. What do you think we need to make things smooth and sharper?

Yeah, you guessed right, it is a sanding block. But for your specific need, what could be the best sanding block? Here this article is what you are looking for! Make your art and craft, wood carving, painting materials, or surface perfect and flat with a sanding block.

Best Sanding Block Review & Buying Guide

What Kind of Sanding Block is Better?

Now, you are fully notified of all the products; it’s time to know more relevant things about your sanding block, of course, before you confirm your purchase. There are almost 6 types of sanding blocks available in the market.

So, how will you know which kind of block is better! And better for what or which surface or what type of jobs! Well, if you are ready here, we are to let you know the types first, then you can judge on your basis the better one for you. The three basic types of blocks are-

Rigid Sanding Block

This type of block is good for initial surface shaping, with low grit sandpaper and hard material blocks. Sometimes, power tools are inserted in these blocks for better performance.

Semi-rigid Sanding Block

It is basically for convened shape surfaces. After the initial shaping, you need to perfect the shape using this type of block. Good for smoothing, contouring, and fine shaping

Soft Sanding Block

If you are sanding a sensitive or complex surface and don’t want any type of risk, then soft sanding flexible block is the correct option. It leaves a smooth and satin finish on the surface. The hand sanding block is made of wood or cork and is designed to hold the sandpaper by hand and sand the surface. Most suited for woodworking and painting-off type.

A rubber sanding block is made of rubber and is good for both wet and dry surface sanding. It holds the sandpaper more securely than the hand sander. A contour sanding block is also made of rubber, but fortunately, it doesn’t destroy the surface like the rubber block. And it is ideal for curved, orbital, and grooved surfaces.

A curved sanding block is generally round or curved and is good for sanding hard-to-reach areas. Profile sanding blocks are ideal for all purposes works. Without tiring your hand, it works automatically. Flexible sanding blocks are larger and suited best for furniture, roofs hoods, and curve sanding.

Best Sanding Block Reviews

It is pretty difficult to choose a specific sanding block for your need. Yet, it is not impossible if you properly know each product’s specifications, highlights, and downsides. That’s the reason we are here to introduce you to every hook and crook of each product. Thereby stay with us till the end of the article.

Dura-Block AF44A

Dura-Block AF44ASpecifications:

  • Manufacturer- Dura-Block
  • Color- Black
  • Size – 1-Pack
  • Product dimension- 13 x 2.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Item model no- AF44A
  • Item weight- 4 ounces
  • Price- 55.95$

Dura-block comes in a package of 6 pieces of black sanding block and 2 pieces of free dura scrub soap. And the total weight covers about 4 ounces, which you should know before placing your online order. The price that stands for this six-piece set is 55.95$. And the ASIN is B003978QGQ. Customers are requested to check this information on the package to make sure they are not being cheated.

It is made of EVA foam’s/rubbers’ closed cells. And from a solid component that is CNC machined for durability and perfection. It is suited for dry surface sanding, wet surface sanding with accuracy. Generally, you can get good benefits by using this small block for small jobs. Hence, it can be used for larger tasks and multiple projects too. Small blocks of this can give you a detailed finish on the purpose of repainting or repairing.

Using show cars, classic cars, boats, airplanes, etc. The reviewer claims these products as super pliable in metallic materials. You can use your palm on the top to stick it well, then your fingers on the sidelines, especially the thumb, and keep going. It might get difficult for beginners but quite easy for hard-working bodyworkers.

The round rods are extraordinarily good for finishing complex curves in wood into your desired shape. And about the sandpaper, they are also extremely firm as well as sticky and easily removable. This product is too comfortable to use for customers as it came in handy even in metal sanding. The claiming customer also gave a picture after sanding and said it is half of the tool trucks’ price!

There are some negative reviews on these products too. Sometimes, they are unreliable! This product already got 4.8 stars out of 5. As far as this prediction of longevity, no product can guarantee that. Therefore, judge it on your basis! All the information, negative and positive outcomes all are here for your notice. So, confirm your purchase with full conscience.

Highlighted Features

  • Works well extremely not only on dry surfaces but also on wet surfaces.
  • Comes in 6 different shapes.
  • Free scrub soap.
  • Foam block for sanding purposes.


  • Harmful substances can be threatening for health issues.
  • Mostly used for small jobs.
  • Not much fruitful in restoration jobs.

Preppin’ Weapon Sanding Block

Preppin' Weapon Sanding Block


  • Manufacturer- Time-Shaver Tools, Inc
  • Color- purple
  • Item model no- P10 Purple
  • Product dimension- 7.7 x 2.9 x 2.1 inches
  • ASIN – B07HGK54J2
  • Item weight- 12 ounces
  • Price- 22.81$

Among the piles of sanding blocks, Preppin’ Weapon Sanding Block is the most supreme, for it is inexpensive, plain finished, and less deviant on woods. These smart blocks got invented in the Auto body industry and made in the USA. The structure of this block is made with extremely influenced ABS plastic on top and a hard pad on the bottom, making it too hard to break even when you drop it.

Again the inside is made with stainless steel and the outside with the same steel, polished clips, and livers. The clips are based on a small area to work with a little amount of sandpaper. Again this block is customized to have multiple or single sheets of sandpapers (into small pieces) fit on it to save both your time and money.

Research shows, it minimizes sandpaper waste to 36%, compared to other manufactured rubber blocks. It can work even with 1/4 of sandpaper sheets or 2-3/4″ wide file paper sheets. Well, it adds up to lessen your workload also by its comfortable grips. It will decrease the cause of weariness from long time jobs. And also, it is very easy to change the sheets of sandpaper, as you don’t have to use adhesive anymore.

It can be a non-rusting and non-defaulted project for you if you can handle it that way. Load on it with ample sheets of sandpaper and tear it off when you need the fresh one. If I go on customer review, it is 5 out of 5 rated products with less than zero controversies! It is invaluable among the users. Most of all, the buyers bought all the other 4 colors (green, red, blue, yellow).

Some users think it to be best as a gift option too for their flawless performance. Besides, they are easy to install and tightfisted while holding sandpapers on them. Thereby, it is doubtless to say it to be the number one sanding block.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lessens sandpaper waste
  • Saves money, time, and labor
  • Easy gripping and fast going
  • No rusting stainless steel mechanized


  • Foams rip off (a very rare case)

Tockrop Hand Sanding Block

Tockrop Hand Sanding BlockSpecifications

  • Manufacturer- Tockrop
  • Color- Yellow
  • Size – 5 inches
  • Material – Plastic and soft Rubber
  • Product dimension- 7.6 x 5.31 x 2.17 inches
  • ASIN – B07XXNRJ15
  • Item weight- 5 ounces
  • Price- 13.79$

The tockrop branded handing block is a cozy brand coming up with 2 different shaped hand blocks: round and mouse-shaped. Yes, you get it right! These ergonomic shapes make them comfortable and easy to handle. The supporting plate of the round shape block is organized with PU (Polyurethane). And PU in this block is qualified for flexibility, durability, damping resonation, and decreasing heat transportation.

Also, it is suited for auto body, automotive use, woodworks, dry walls, arts and crafts, etc. It is easy and fast to change the foam pads and prevent their shifting and spinning with a mechanized hook and loop structure. This functioning also allows removing abrasive disks from the blocks easily without losing much strength.

The mouse-shaped block is made of nylon foam (medium-hard and lightweight), ensuring easy pressure and easy gripping on the block. The shells may not be too cozy, yet the bottom is foamy. Again the hook and loop functioning discs are easy to fit too. And the slightly angling sides make it ideal for the users to sand the side of walls or cabinets or any tight spot or grooves with flat or curved surfaces.

These blocks are constructed well with strong, complex, and ductile components. And can be used with any type of whole patterned 5 inches sandpaper available in shops. This way, you can save your budget as well. According to users, the round one is better for flat surfaces, and the mouse shape is good for almost all purposes. The top is medium soft, hence hard enough to sand the wood surface accurately.

Some other reviewers claim the manufacturers to be super honest, as their product is too easy to fit with sandpapers and strongly sticky compared to other rubbery sanding block brands. The reviews will conform to the longevity of this product. So, where are you lost? Just hit the bull’s eye before the seller goes on like this! “Unavailable for now /Out of stock.”

Highlighted Features

  • Reasonable in price.
  • Very easy going (for installation and sanding).
  • Flexible and long-lasting.


  • You may find the adhesives weak.
  • The finger grooves may not fit some user’s grip.

Waterluu Wet and Dry Block Set

Waterluu Wet and Dry Block Set


  • Manufacturer- WaterLuu
  • Brand- WaterLuu
  • Material – Foam, Silicon Carbide, Metal
  • Product dimension- 10.12 x 4.29 x 2.44 inches
  • Part no-WL–0008
  • Item weight- ‎14.8 ounces
  • Price- 14.99$

If you are looking for a budget-friendly product to sand your things without even buying sandpapers, this product can be a good deal for you. WaterLuu offers you a pack of 42 gritted sandpapers (120 to 3000 assorted) with a sanding block.

And it is best for wooded furniture furnishing, glass furnishing, metal furnishing, tiles sanding, water pump descaling, feather edging, primer sanding, auto body polishing, etc. But different grit sandpaper gives different facilities. 60-180, coarse grit sandpapers are good for rough surface sanding, scratch peeling, or rust removal.

220 to 400 grit sandpapers are good for hard surface sanding or drywall or metal works. 1200 to 1500 grit sandpapers are good for sanding within coats. 2000 to 3000 grit sandpapers are good for buffing. The package includes 120g, 150g, 180g, 240g, 320g, 400g, 600g, 800g, 1000g, 1200g, 1500g, 2000g, 2500g and 3000g (14) diversified sheets . Each of the sheets is given thrice, totaling 42.

The body structure is made with silicon carbide and an electro-coating process with shafts and livers. The papers are too lightweight and pliable, which will never get torn or break out. And the waterproof sandpapers don’t even need to be switched from wet to dry!

The gripping is also over comfortable to do prolonged and one-handed sanding jobs. All of this equipments make it longer lasting and well fitted to your job. The packaging is also exquisitely strong to not damage the inner materials in it during shipping.

You can use it with only sandpaper or with the blocks, both ways indeed. This block is also qualified for side or corner working. Best for carpenters as it gives a very professional outcome on woods. Customers found the tool easy to use too. They think it is better than rubbery blocks.

Though it’s made of hard plastic mostly, the clips holding the sandpaper-like clipboards make it easy to clean and adjust without harming the surface that other blocks do. The manufacturers also made the preservation of tools easy by providing ziplock plastic bags. So, choose it on your own accord!

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 42 assorted sandpapers.
  • Good for epoxy and woodworking projects.
  • Can use the sandpaper with or without the blocks.


  • For professionals to use, or you can say beginners may find difficulty handling it.
  • Sandpapers may not last for a long while doing wet surface tasks.

Festool 583129 Pocket StickFix Hand Sanding Block

Festool 583129 Pocket StickFix Hand Sanding Block


  • Manufacturer- Festool
  • Color- Black
  • Product dimension- ‎7.25 x 2.5 x 2 inches
  • Item model no- 583129
  • Item weight- 1.6 ounces
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Price- 19.00$

It is a black-colored, stick fix ( means stick and fix) hand sanding block. It weighs 1.6 ounces only with 3 years warranty. The ASIN no is B003KN3QXC; note and check these numbers on the package. It will save you from getting fraud. The date it was first available was 14 September 2007. The product manufacturers are still on the run without a halt.

So you might already get the hint of this product demand among the users, who gave it 4.6 stars out of 5 till yet. It works with the same hook and loop process for easy sanding and sandpaper installation. The hook connects the clips well with the Velcro back while the loop stores sandpaper in it.

So, you have to stick the sandpaper on the block and fix your thing with a stick fix. At the same time, it’s still able to shape the corner walls or table edges. Keep doing back and forth, and your job is done. The price is not too outrageous as other accessories Festool manufactures. Adding up to this ingenious product, it does not leave a niche behind as other sanders do. It is narrow and tiny to fit any small surface.

It is an under-designed sanding block for some reviewers because the slippery plastic does not provide gripping enough. Well, you can stick duct tape on the top to skip this mess. Some purchasers also find the front bendable part too helpful. And it’s too handy, for you can carry it in your pocket.

They find it good for sanding moldings, and while peeling out paints from the window, they found the papers clogging up. This hollow black block can be carried easily anywhere, and the storing system for pads is good too. So, it can be a great choice for carpenters too to carry it anywhere they need.

Though the fundamentals are almost identical for all the blocks, their core is different with different manufacturers. And weight also makes it typical of other brands. Yet, this product is advisable for its tiny and almost every nook and corner reaching feature.

Highlighted Features

  • Pocket size and easy to carry.
  • Can go to the unreachable corners and surfaces.
  • Easy going, hook and loop structured.
  • For a more detailed and denser job.


  • Slippery top

2 PCS Aouker HS85180 Hand Sander

2 PCS Aouker HS85180 Hand Sander


  • Manufacturer- Aouker
  • Material – Plastic
  • Product dimension- ‎7.99 x 7.24 x 3.35 inches
  • Item model no- H85180
  • ASIN – B08D97QM31
  • Item weight- 12 ounces
  • Price- 11.99$

PCS Aouker hand sander is a plastic made 12 ounces block manufactured by Aouker. The item model no of which is H85180. Make sure to check these specification criteria well to ensure you are not being a fraud. With the only price of 11.99$, it offers you two brand new pieces of hand sander, which is very reasonable in my opinion.

It is made of a sponge handle to the top to hold the block, the middle part with durable clamps to stick sandpaper, and the bottom with a sponge pad. This mild and cozy sponge hand grip is ideal for wood sanding of a flat surface, metal sanding, handmade pieces, and all other fitted small jobs. Hand sanders, most of the time, are vulnerable for palms to hurt worse than the fingers.

And this causes a bad impact on your masterpiece. Here is your needed brand Aouker to solve this problem by dispersing the stress and force averagely while using this product. The soft, comfortable sponge lessens the pressure from your palm and finger; it is made and structured in that way. Just fix the sandpaper to the sponge pad, using the 2 metal clips, and your block is ready to use.

The size of the sponge pad is 9×3.6, perfect with the availability in the market sale. And, it is also helpful for the chores that can’t be managed with machines. But for more serious jobs or bid tasks, it may not be too fruitful. Though with a good intention of the manufacturers, some users found the sponge handle awkward.

And the surface is slightly convexed, not flat as the product claims if you are looking for an edge-to-edge wet sanding, as per the customer, this product may result in futile for a fact. Some old-age people over 70 think their age is at fault and not the product’s default while handling the clamps (but other young people don’t have the same age factor opinion on this).

It was too stiff and slippy for them. So, they faced the insert and release of sandpaper pretty hard. Overall, it sands well for them. Even if with all these accusations, some users found it good for their jobs. So, it’s all about your business and how you can handle it.

Highlighted Features

  • Great design and sponge handle
  • Reasonable in price (comes in 2 pc set)


  • The clamps are too stiff

3M Rubber Sanding Block

3M Rubber Sanding Block


  • Manufacturer- 3M
  • Color- Black
  • ASIN – B00004Z4CY
  • Product dimension- 2.75 x 1.5 x 5 inches
  • Item model no- 9292
  • Item weight- 11.2 ounces
  • Price- 6.47$

I know most of the people enquiring here are looking for the quality of this product! Is it even good for sanding with this low-budget price? Yes, it is! But, as I already explained some factors, so I’ll go now straight through the line. Check the ASIN number as well as the model number not to be cheated by some fake sellers. Its budget-friendliness is also easy to control, and the rubbery effect makes it more comfortable to grip with a smooth finished result.

It is designed for woodworks, auto body, dry and wet sanding, body paint removal and is mechanized with tacks studded to the upper slot to grab the sandpapers. And rubber fits the paper tightly so that it doesn’t come off! And on the matter of grit, I think you can use any grit (120/200) paper as per a user.

On sandpaper, you can purchase it with the block; the manufacturers also sell the fitted sandpapers. Or you can purchase any full sheet of sandpaper and trim matching its size. Or you can use approximately 3-2/3 size sandpapers also.

To some customers, it is not worth the cost! Do you know why? Because the design to him was ingenious but the quality questionable! While sanding 2 pieces of wood attached to 90° angle, they found black marks on the un-sanding part running parallel to the sanded piece.

Another user also claimed a similar problem of the rubber causing the sanding pieces turning to black. But man, don’t you think even the high-rated rubber blocks can also create the same problem? So with the price, the difference is 10 times worth it! The color problem can be removed. But if you go for a weight problem like a few reviewers, there’s nothing to help you out!

They may be tiring, but you see the budget too, right! However, about working quality, there’s no compromise. The weight will give you a lasting effect without crackdown or breakdown. So, just suit your choice and don’t be much confused! You have many more factors to judge.

Highlighted Features

  • Too much budget-friendly
  • Qualified for both wet and dry sanding


  • It smells of rubber, and some may find it irritating.
  • Pretty heavy and can cause black marks for the rubber material.

Mirka MVHB35 Grip Faced Multi-Hole Vacuum Block

Mirka MVHB35 Grip Faced Multi-Hole Vacuum Block


  • Manufacturer- Mirka
  • Color- ‎Yellow
  • Size – ‎2-3/4″ x 5″
  • Product dimension- ‎6.58 x 3.54 x 2.95 inches
  • Item model no- MVHB35
  • Item weight- 7.2 ounces
  • Price- 45.26$

It is a multi-hole vacuumed block where all the sawdust gets entrapped. Well, it’s a hand sanding block that weighs 7.2 ounces. With the unique item model number MVHB35, it offers you a comfortable gripping on it.

It is designed so that the sanding surface can get leveled and contoured. And you can use it for prolonged jobs, for it can prevent your hand strains with its ergonomic structure.

This small product can get better performance if you use it with Mirka’s net sanding vents, suited for small all-purpose tasks and any area that is hardly reachable or for any flat surface.

And this product can be attached to a dust extractor (MV912) with a ¾ inch vacuum hose. At the same time, the suction valve is also applicable to use in the increased or decreased way (to adjust or control the pressure).

Some customers found it similar to the Festool brand. And claim the difference it has is, the Festool is a little larger and comes up with a suction hose adapter, while for Mirka, it is a 25$ (approximately & you can get it in little from Festool!) accessory.

For a neat and clean output, this product is magnificent. Mirka sanding tool is much handy for drywall cleaning without any dust problem, as it is attached to the vacuum.

Anyway, for curious people who are wondering about the hose, let me clarify it. Mirka is also available with a small adapter to attach directly with dust extractor (Fein/Festool) hoses of 27mm.

According to a source of California, this product is health degrading. It can cause you cancer, which is life taking, can cause congenital disability, turn into a genetic problem, and cause reproductive damages.

So, with or without vulgarity and advantages, the products still get 4.7 out of 5 stars according to customers’ reviews. The price is too high for some buyers; well, they can switch to other brands that are negotiable.

Highlighted Features

  • Firm pads for comfortable grip.
  • No dust problem for dust extractor factor.
  • Premium range small block with multi-hole vacuum system.


  • Not much budget-saving, premium in nature.
  • It can cause cancer or congenital disability, or any other reproductive harm.

Why Use a Sanding Block?

There is an existentialism theory, for which we need to keep on working on our shits with perfection. And perfection comes with a cost. Sanding blocks are worth the cost. You can do the sanding job by only using sandpaper, but it is too much time-consuming. Again it won’t give you a plain surface, smooth finish, or the desired result you want from it.

Therefore, using a sanding block is not at all a bad idea! Again it is time-saving, and the output it gives makes it worthy enough to use. For woodworking, we need a sanding block to keep our furniture or uneven wood pieces evenly flat. For drywall sanding before painting, we need a sanding block. You can’t do it with just sandpaper.

Construction workers often use this to make the bricks or other necessary materials even or equal to stick properly and make a plain surface. You will need sanding blocks to restore painting elements, such as stencils or charcoals, or oversized color paintings.

Glassmakers use it for glass making so that shape is perfect and smooth. Peeling any hard material from any surface can also be done with sanding blocks, and so these are dire needs. Sanding blacks has many other functions, too for motorcycles, auto bodies, show cars, etc. Carpenters also carry it.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Sanding Block

Try choosing 2-5 ounces sanding blocks. You know about the products and why you should use them, which block will be better for your kind of job, its time to know about the factors you should consider while choosing any of these products. You already know there are many types of sanding blocks available in the market. What confuses you is which one to buy. If you go through this phase, I can assure you to make you confident about your product.


It is always smart to spend your money on a long-term sanding block until you want to buy it again.


For small surfaces, use small sanding blocks; use larger sanding blocks for larger areas. This way you can save your time, money and work.

Surface Layer

On which surface you are applying, the sanding block is also a necessary concern. Sanding block, which may be fruitful for woodworking, maybe futile for metalworking or drywall sanding.


For long-lasting effect, you may need to spend more money, but if you need the sander for a temporary job, you may buy a budget-friendly tempting product.


That factor will either save you from hand strain or cause you more pain. Extra weight will cause you much pain, while long duration sanding and lightweight will cause you to give extra pressure on the block, resulting from the same issue. So, all you will need is a medium-weight sanding block from 2-5 ounces (like Tockrop or Dura block).


The sanding block which uses or wastes less sandpaper is worth buying. Because wasting too much sandpaper causes more money. So, it is better to buy sets type (WaterLuu sanding block set) sanding block which comes up with suited grits sandpaper, they may be costly, but later you don’t have to spend your money for it.


Buy an easy gripping sanding block that can be made of a padded handle (Aouker hand sander) or ergonomic top. The firmer and more comfortable your grip is, the more it will save your time and health. An all-contoured side top can also be fruitful in this matter.


Uneven (like tockrop) backing sanding blocks are good for perfect shaping. Even and flat back will cause less visuality and clearance. Also, it will be tiring to hold the block in prolonged works.


Make sure you buy an ergonomically fitted designed sanding block. It helps to protect your hand fatigue as well as to reach hardly unreachable areas while sanding.


You will need a sanding block for either wet or dry sanding, or both. But it is wise to buy a sanding block for the specific operation. Sanding blocks work efficiently for specific jobs. That’s the reason you have to consider these factors while choosing your sanding block.

Dust Removal

Many sanding blocks are available in the market with a suction hose to extract dust. Sanding is already a tiring job, and after sanding, cleaning is a must. Therefore, using a dust extracting sanding block (like Mirka multi-hole vacuum sanding block) will also reduce your work and protect your health.


Individual sanding block needs individual surface grits. And so, to buy the perfect grit size, you must first buy the product then order the grit paper, which is much time-consuming. So, you can buy sanding block sets or long sheeted grits to cut them to your need, but the first one is more advisable.


Sanding blocks can be made of rubber, wood, cork, or plastic. But the one with a rubber grip is more suitable for a good and smooth finish without any hand fatigue. Hence, you can buy the rest, too, according to your budget and project.

How To Use A Sanding Block?

With the pile of sandpaper comes a pile of sanding blocks using methods. But the basic part is to attach sandpaper with a block and start sanding, though multiple sanding blocks may function in multiple ways. But we are showing you here the, in the general process that should be followed step by step-

At first, take a sandpaper sheet to place the sanding block on the sandpaper. And draw the length and width so that it goes on perfectly with the block. The next task is to cut the specific portion from it so that it fits the block perfectly. The strip size is maybe 9 inches long.

Thereby position the block on it correctly, or it will be a waste of the paper. Now, insert the sandpaper from one of the openings of the block. And wrap the sandpaper around the block bottom smooth and tightly enough. After that, pull up the block backing part, pull the sandpaper properly, and press the top firmly to make sure it’s usable.

Now hold the sanding block like a mouse, keep going back and forth, and repeat it until you are done sanding it. Sanding blocks are quite easy to control, and small blocks can reach every nook and corner to give you the satin finish you desire. Once you get habituated with the insert and eject part of sandpaper, the whole process will get much easier. Also, it will lessen your time and fatigue of hand and finger.

Final Thoughts

No matter whatever you are going to do, you will always end up using a sanding block. It can be for prior preparation of your painting materials, your spiked or pinching furniture, or your slightly broken glass tables that can be easily perfected.

Thereby, how will you know which is the best sanding block? Here in this guide, we have kept for you all the necessary updates of products, customer reviews, and ideas about a better kind of sanding block. There is no rush; take your time, read our article thoroughly. You will gain enough knowledge about products that will help you spend your money on the best standing block.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Do I Clean a Sanding Block?

Ans. First, blow air into it to remove dust, then soak it into Lukewarm water and clean it with detergents. Afterward, rinse it well in dry water and let it dry in the sunlight.

2.What Should I Do to Remove the Black Mark of the 3m Rubber Sanding Block?

Ans. If it leaves scars on metal, you can wash it with lukewarm soap water. It is a wooden piece, try removing it with a wet sponge or cloth. If it is too stubborn, you can use detergents too.

3.Does Sanding With Blocks Need Any Precaution?

Ans. Yes, it sometimes does. You may wear eye goggles to protect your eye from sawdust, hand gloves to protect your hands from getting cut, and you may also wear masks to protect your health from allergenic issues or respiratory issues.

4.What Type of Sanding Block Should I Use to Remove Rust From My Old Car?

Ans. Prepping’ Weapon Sanding Block is too good for non-rusting projects. It is made of ABS plastic grip and stainless steel liver. These things allow the block to easily use long-term jobs like rusting your old car with easy grip. And the stainless steel peels rusts and assures you long-term safety.

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